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Full text of "The shipbuilder"

^ Faculty 3 

underclass 9 ^ 


S?R1IV§ 1M7 

^^FALt 161^ 

• Winter 177 

# CLUBS 191 

■ 1^ 


Mr. Devine, Ms. Keating, Mr. Keegan 

Administration Secretaries 

Ms. Feldstein, Ms. Gratto, Ms. Holland, 
Ms. Hannigan, Ms. Leary 

Guidance Librarian 

Ms. Greene, Ms. Arnold, Dr. Gerety, Mr. Schelvan 

Ms. Kelliher 

English Social Studies 

Ms. Gilmore, Ms. Browne, Ms. Criss, Mr. Willis, Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Gor\iatis, Ms. Keating, 

Ms. Whiting, Mr. Belmore, Ms. Atkinson, Mr. Mr. Lacy, Mr. DiTomaso, Ms. Fox 



Mr. Kitchen, Mr. Ward, Mr. Nycz, Mr. Browne, 
Mr. Bradshaw, Ms. Provenzano, Ms. Lozan 

World Languages Mathematics 

Mr. Whelton, Ms. Sharpe, Ms. Gilabert, Ms. Cortright, Mr. Swartz, Ms. Plassman, 

Ms. Aliberti, Ms. Ward, Ms. Doyle Ms. Doherty, Mr. Souther, Ms. Connor 



Ms. Noiseux, Mr. Papadonis 

Ms. Cortright, Mr. O'Briant 

Physical Education Athletic Director 

Mr. Lantier 

Mr. Paine 

Technology Media /Technology 

Mr. Kowalski, Mr. Herman Ms. Jackson, Ms. Chase, Mr. Cotti 

Food Services 

Mr. Loring, Ms. Maree, Ms. Bannister-Dwyer, Ms. 
DeCouto, Ms. Kaczmasz, Ms. Cleary 


Support Services 

Ms. Mclnnis 

Ms. Rheault, Ms. Boyer, Ms. Ingeme, Ms. Schad, 
Ms. Lutchman, Ms. Field, Ms. Scott 

Custodial Services 

Mr. Shea 

Mr. Ash, Mr. Nault, Mr. Jones, Mr. Frasier 

Freshmen * 



^ Class OF 2011 

Michael Buckler 

Cara Capaldo 

Brendan Byrnes 

Zachary Cadman 

Evan Cannata 

Robert Carey 

Shane Carey 

Nicholas Cannone 

Rachel Carrillo 

Wilton Childs 

Elizabeth Cipriano 




Chelsea Constantino 

Averie Cox 

Molly Cox 

Christian Cunniff 

Nicholas Dalev 

Jacquelyn Daniel 

Alexa Daniels 

Michael Day 

Brian Del.ugan 

Alexandra DeMarco 





Abigail Flynn 

John Finnigan 

Corbin Foucart 

Morgan Gallagher 

Emily Fitzgerald 

Samantha Geary 

Evan Gray 

Arianne Guertin 

Myssa Gun\'illc fel 


Class OF 2011 

Rachel Hearn 

Zachary Heger 

Georgia Hegner 

Alexander Henning Christopher Henning 

Patrick Hill 

Drew Himbere 

Marykate Hines Connor Houde Kelly Hudgins Elizabeth Hurley Robert Hynes 



Alexa Kourafas 

Kelly Kramer 

Eric Kuehn 

Nicholctte Lamparelli 

Anita I lua^on 


Class OF 2011 

Peter Leavitt 

Michael Locke 

Molly Lodigiani 

Shannon Mahoney 

Michael Logue 

Devin Lotterhand 

Rachel Lynch 

Colin Macauley 


' r 1 

Kathryn Malloy 

Amanda Marchetti 

David Marinelli 

Joseph Mazzeo 



Hannah McKitrick Jonathan McNamee 

Kitt Miller 

Grace Moore 

Brandon Morrison 

Theresa Morrison 

Benton McTigue 

Emily Mullen 

Micll.il .1 \ ; I' 

Alexander Nigro 

Evan O'Meara 

Sheamus O'Sullivan 

Mikayla Pagnini 

Kaitlyn Petit Marshall Petty 

Alexandria Psota Emma Ray 

Melissa Riley John Robbie 

Chapman Scheller Tyler Sheedy 

Tyler Price Bradford Prouty 

David Regan Paige Richards 


fPESHMEM * >^ I * 

K).ui V.iuglKin Grace Wallace Jacob Webber Kelsey Wheeler Rachael Wolfson 



Tobi Adebanjo 

Peter Bailey 

Trevor Brake 

Keegan Allahyarian 

Marie Antonellis 

Zachary Arena 

Matthew Argiro 

Evan Barger 

Alexis Bates 

Paul Bohan 

Timothy Breen 

Molly Broderick 

Crystal Brooks 

Jeremy Buckley 


Nicholas Caira 

Daniel Caldwell 



Erin Callahan 

Jacob Campbell 

Kaleigh Cara-Donna 

Shiandra Cardosa 

Joseph Carroll 

Cory Conley 

Christopher Cubellis 

Marina Cubellis 

Bradford Cunio 

Amanda Curley 

Derek Cyr 

Lily Cyr 

Laura Dargon 


^"^^^^ Class Of 2010 

Ashley Donlan Shane Donlan Adam Donoghue Paul Donovan Kathleen Doyle 


CLASS or 2010 

Shane Hager 

McKenzie Hagney 

Monica Hanley 

Ashley Hanlon 

Christopher Haskins Rebecca Hathaway 

Rachel Hayes 

Timothy Healy 

Ashly Holland 



Julianne Holland 

Conor Kane 

Douglas Kauff 

Nathaniel Keefe 

Katherine Kellavvay 

Leah Kelly 

Matt Kwasnik 

Katherine Lewis 

Jane Liffers 


^-^T" ^^^^^ 2010 

Kathleen MacDonald 

Emily Mandigo 

Chase Marr 

F. Alexi Martel 

Anthony Mastrorilli 

Jessica McCarron 

Martin McGarrigle 

Blair McGreenery 

Charles McKitrick 

Laura McPherson 

Parker Merritt 

Brian Moore 



Sean Murphy 

Julia Napolitano 

Jillian Naughton 

Lucas Nigro 

Kara O'Connell 

Sarah Palmer 

Natalie Parys 

Claire I'rcble 

Shayne Pyle 

Kevin Quinn Jr. 

Charles Raymond 

Daniel Ready 


^^-^^^ Class o. 2010 

Kristine Roberts Kaleb Rogers Justin Sarno Alexandra Saunders Eric Scott 

Harrison Scott Robert Senatore Camryn Shaw Maeve Shea Jillian Sheeran 



Jonathan Shontz 

Matthew Smith 

Hannah Sparks 

Nicole Spratt 

James Stack 

Maria Tsekeris 

Kara Umbro 

James Vafiades 


^^^^^ Class or 2010 

Chadwick Whitcher Hilary Wiggins Aisling Williams John Wilson Donninic Wooten 

James Wrick Jayme Yen Zachary Zanengo Ahmed Ziad 



Connell Ainslie 

John Anderson 

Kelsey Arnold 

Alexandra Barlow Nathaniel Bates 

Elizabeth Bellavia I.eandro Benzaquin Brittany Bergquist 

Robert Bigger 


Class of 


Jennifer Brunjes 

Daniel Burke 

Edward Butler 

Patrick Byrnes 

Michael Campbell 

Francis Cannone 

Leigh Cappello 

Kathleen Capuzzo 

Kevin Cyr Timothy Dalferro AdamUcu ncIl Forrest Detwiler Miciielle Deviliy 

Class of 



Andrew Devine David Dolabany Michael Driscoll 

Garrett Duffy 

William Ecclestone 

Emma Erickson 

Anthony Ferzoco 

Michael Fiore 

Leah Flynne 

rianna Geary 



Serena Gregor 

Mason Hanson 

Marshall Haskins 

Megan Healy 

Elizabeth Guerra 

Brenda Halloran 

Michelene Hearn 

Alexander Hebert 

Tracy Hill 

Joshua Himberg 



Class or 2009 

Sean Lahiff Boyce Leavitt Michael Lodigiani Nicholas Lyle Colin MacGillivray 


Class or 



Drew Morrison 

Amanda Mehtala Amanda Mendonca 

Ryan Mullen 

Clare Murphy 

Elisabeth Murphy 

Rachael Moore 

Garrett Murphy 

Jennifer O'Brien 

Ryan O'Donnell 



Adrienne O'Leary 

Jon O'Leary 

Domcnic Palmariello 

Alvcen Palmer 

Elise Pelletier 

Peter Prans 

'aul Kilfv 


Bridgette Shea 

Class of 


Kayla Shirtz 

Kyla Silk 

Alexandra Smith 

Thomas Smith 

Stephanie Sousa 

Caroline Spillane 

Rachel Stanton 

Justine Sullivan 

Madison Sweeney 

Leanne Tajima 

Tyler Tamburo 

Katherine Tavares 



Kayla Toomey 

Kyle Tracey 

Paul Tribuna 

Daniel Van Leuvan 

Michael Verrochi 

Trevor Waitekaitis 

James Waters 

Nicole Weiler 

Jared Wright 


Sending you off... 


We are so proud of you. Stay 
true to yourself. Reach high. 
Make new friends. Explore the 
world and always remember 
how much you are loved at 


Dad, Mom, & Erin 


As you journey ahead, alway 
remember life is what you mak 
it. You have SO many wondei* 
ful qualities and talents- us| 
them all and happiness wii 
follow. You are so very muc 
loved. We are with you alway; 
by your side. Love, 
Dad, Mom, Meaghan, Kevi 
and Liam XXX 








That's my Heather. We love 
you pooh! 

Dear Joanna, 

"Pray to God, but keep on 
rowing to shore." -Russian 

Always loving you, JNN!! 

Mom, Dad, David & 

Where in the world will we 

find you, Kato? 

Wherever there is work to be 


Wherever there are friends to 
be made; 

Wherever there is laughter to 

be heard. 

We love you. 

Dad, Mom, Liz, and Pete 

Wow, how time has flown by. 
We have watched you grow 
from a happy, carefree boy into 
a responsible, caring, amazing 
young man. If you keep on 
working hard, all your dreams 
will come true. We are so proud 
to have you as our son. Con- 

Mom, Dad, Jake and Jesse 

"Dare to live the life you hdM 
dreamed for yourself. Go 
forward and make you dream; j 
come true." -Ralph Waldo 

Fill your future with happiness, 
and success! Never forget yoi 
are loved and supported b) 
those around you. 


"Spread love everywhere you 
go. Let no one ever come to you 
without leaving happier." 

-Mother Theresa 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Grace, and Aidan 

...to take on the world! 

ear David, 

)u have overcome so many 
)stacles in your young life, 
ith a great attitude, class, and 
y'le! I'm sure mom is watching 
id is as proud of you as the 
st of us. 

)ve. Dad 


Know I continue to say "I love 
you" everyday. No longer 
housemates, lives separate 
and distant, know how accom- 
plished and hardworking you 
are. Chelle, you are my remark- 
able, compassionate Gift. 



We are so proud of you! You 
have accomplished so much, 
and throughout it all, you are 
sweet, caring, always happy 
and can make us laugh. Hold 
onto your dreams sweetheart, 
we hope they all come true! 

We love you! 

Dad, Mom, Rob, Tom & Julia 


Since the day you were born 
you have been a special gift of 
love and laughter. You have 
accomplished many dreams. 
You made good choices and 
good friends. Never give up 
on your dreams. 

God Bless, love 
Mom, Dad and Megan 

ingratulations Jonathan! 

)u are the last of the Aprea's 
walk the halls of Norwell 
igh and you have made us 

very proud! We've loved m 
atching you grow into a|| 
Dnderful young man and be- 
g a part of your life has been 
treasured part of our lives, 
ijoy every moment and be 
fe! Love, Mom, Dad, Holly, 
y, and Matt 



Congratulations to our sweet, 
funny, curious and smart boy. 
As you find your way in the 
world, remember that we love 
you and believe in you. 


Mom, Dad and Courtney 


You no longer wear little pink 
tutus, but you still love frogs 
and snakes. We are so proud of 
the exceptional young woman 
you've become and of the 
choices you have made! 

It's hard to imagine our baby 
is graduating. We'll miss your 
"small" gatherings at home when 
you're at college! Now our food 
bill will finally be normal again! 
You're the light of our lives. Enjoy 
and be happy. 

Love you, 

Mom, Dad, Kristy, Billy & Riley 

Sending you off... 

Dear Kristin, 

When you set your sights on 
something to be, do, or have- 
you make it happen! It's who 
you are! 

May all your dreams come 

You deserve it! 

Mom, Dad, Jayme, Permy and 
the whole family 


I know you know how proud ' 
are of you. Your family will alwa^ 
be behind you. Your multipli 
talents and your ability to worl 
through adversity will only helj 
you in the future. We all look for 
ward to celebrating your man' 

Mom, Dad, Dominic, Zachary ani 
Brianna i 

That smile! Rose, you bring 

us great joy. Your future is so 

bright! Enjoy every moment. 

"Live well, laugh often, love 


We love you! 

Your biggest fans. 
Mom, Dad, the girls, 



You have been such a bright star in our 
life. You have the nicest way about you 
and always amazed us with your kind 
spirit. You have a wonderful ability to 
always see the bright side of life. As 
you already know, we couldn't be any 
prouder of you as we are today. You 
have been the best son, brother and 
friend anyone could ever have. Always 
remember, we are here for you! 
Lots of love. Mom, Dad, and Patrick 


Well Wacky, here you are a 
senior! We are so proud of you. 
Please continue to be the best 
you can be, and always believe 
in yourself. Remember we are 
always here for you. 


Mom, Dad and Jeruia 

Mike, I 

Congratulations! You have earnei 
this wonderful moment! Take tim 
to find YOUR passion(s) in life. 1 
will be well worth the search! 
are so very proud of you. May ai 
your dreams for the future com| 


Dad, Mom, Caitlin, Brian am 

Words cannot describe the love 
we both have for you. You are 
a very caring, respectful, fun, 
smart and hardworking man 
and we are very proud to call 
you our son. I hope that some 
day, God will bless you with 
a son just like you. Anytime 
you need anything, we will 
always do our best to be there 
for you. 

Love, Mom and Dad 


We are so proud of you! Your 
love of life, endless energy, 
contagious smile, sensitivity 
and compassion will always 
be with you. Continue to listen 
to your heart and be grateful. 
Thanks for being a wonderful 
son and brother! 
We love you. 
Mom, Dad, and Rachel 

...to take on the world! 


3u have brought us joy from 
le time you were bom. You are 
great son, brother, and friend, 
'e couldn't be prouder, and 
ok forward to seeing your 
iture successes. 


lorn. Dad and Monica 

Dear Taylor, 

You bring so much laughter 
and joy into our hearts. I know 
you will be very successful in 
your musical career. You make 
me so proud to be your mom! 

Lots of love. 

Dad, Mom & Noah 


We truly admire your spirit 
and style, your passion and 
drive! You bring such dimen- 
sion and joy to our lives. We 
wish you happiness and con- 
tinued success always. 


Mom, Dad, Michael and Stew 


Congratulations! We are, and 
always have been, so proud of 
you. Now the fun really begins! 
Keep your adventurous spirit 
because anything is possible! 


Mom and Dad 


3U are a wonderful person with 
big heart and many talents. Trea- 
ire your friends and family.. .we 
e always here for you. Cherish 
le memories and be ready to make 
w ones... you have much to look 
rward to. And remember, when 
fe gives you cheese, make a cheese 
ndwich! We are so proud of you 
id love you very much! 

[om. Dad, Sara and Sammy 

To Our Tiny Beauty- 
Love you- have a good day. 

Luve yuu- iicive a guc 

See you when you get 
We'll miss you 


Never say anything unless you 
have to!!! 


You are really special. We are 
blessed to have such a wonder- 
ful son and brother. You make 
us proud. 


Mom and Dad 

Kate, Lindsay and James 

Dearest Lizzy, 

Congratulations! From the moment 
you were born and looked at me with 
thosebig beautiful brown eyes, life has 
been a joy. You are an amazing young 
woman and Dad and I are so proud 
of you. We love you just the way you 
are- our Lizzy! We hope you are able to 
follow yovir dreams (dream big!) and 
follow your heart. Look out world, 
Lizzy's graduating! 
"Hitch your wagon to a star." -Ralph 
Waldo Emerson 

Love always, Mom, Dad, Joe, Jason 
& Dakota 

Sending you off... 

1^ iiria. 

Our hero, both on and off the 

our lives with pride, laughter, 
and excitement! 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Jenni and Jaci 

Congratulations Marissa! 

You have worked so hard to 
achieve and you overcame 
many obstacles along the 

We are so proud of you and 
excited for your future. 
We love you pumpkin 

Congratulations! We are extremely 
proud of your efforts over the past 
four years. Your humor, friendship 
and all that you have done for us and 
the family will be sorely missed. You 
have been an amazing role model for 
your siblings and an inspiration to 
your parents. We want you to dream 
big for you will accomplish whatever 
you set your sights on. Good luck on 
the next phase of your journey and we 
love you very much. 

Dad, Jen, Callahan, Kenzie, Parker, 
Addison, and Bailey 


Congratulations! You're on 
your way to big things and far 
places. Listen to your heart and 
your choices will be wise. We 
are proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, and Aidan 



We saved the BEST for last! 
Good luck! 


Your Family 


To our angel. Thank you for 
your smile, your laughter, your 
joy, and your compassion. We 
are so very proud of you. May 
all your dreams come true. We 
will carry your heart in our 
hearts always. 


Mom, Dad, Shamus and Lily 


You mean the world to us 
and we are so proud of 

Mom, Dad, Alyssa and 


You are still so cool!! Keep it 
up. Lead with your heart and 
follow with your mind. We 
can't wait to see what happens 
next. Go get 'em Ki. 

Love oxox 

Dad, Mom, Brian, and Adam 

...to take on the world! 


You have already accom- 
plished so much in your life 
and we couldn't be prouder. 
Always remember that half of 
doing anything is believing 
that you can. 


Mom, Dad, Drew, Sarah and 


We are and always will be so 
proud of you. Continue to be 
respectful of yourself and oth- 
ers. Congratulations and good 
luck as you move on. 


Mom, Dad, Mike, and Nikki 

To our little athlete 

Keep playing, fight for every 
goal, win and love with 
character and have fun. We 
love you. Thanks for all the 

Mom and Dad 

Emily, Our dream come true! 

Your unique spirit has filled 
us with laughter and taught 
us so much about life. With 
great pride we acknowledge 
your talent, hard work, and 
determination. Thanks for 
sharing it all! 

Mazultov and love always. 
Mom and Dad 


Congratulations honey! You 
are the most loving and caring 
person we know. You always 
have a smile on your face and 
a song in your heart. We are so 
proud of you and we wish you 
all the best from the bottom of 
our hearts. 
We love you 
Mom, Dad, & Erin 


Your strength, determination, 
courage and style have shone 
from the day you were born. 
Use your God given gifts to 
change the world, you make 
us proud. 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Cara, Matt, and 


Family, Love, Happiness al- 
ways in your life. We are so 
proud of you. Congratula- 
tions- well done. 


Drew, Josh, Dad and Mom 

Life is complicated with its if 's 
and and's and but's. It's alright 
to be crazy, just don't let it drive 
you nuts. 

From 21 inches long, 9.5 lbs to 
6 ft 2 in and 288 lbs! You will 
always be our little boy! We 
couldn't be prouder of you! 

Love, Mum and Dad, Alex, 
Abby, and Harry 

Sending you off... 


To be yourself in a world that is 
constantly trying to make you 
something else is the greatest 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

You are truly exceptional. We 
are so very proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Ross 


You bring love and happines 
to everyone around you. Yo' 
know how to make us smilt 
You have taught us what i 
important in life. You are th 
heart and soul of our family, ou 
mentor and our inspiration. 

Mom, Dad, Sarah, Bridget i 


From you r first day of school, when 
you were two hours early, to now, 
when rushing out the door with 
two minutes to spare is the norm, 
we have been behind you. 
As you move on in pursuit of your 
dreams, we remain behind you. 
You bring great pride and joy to 
our lives. 

Mom, Dad and Katelyn 

Congratulations, Melissa! 

We're so proud of you. Your 
positive outlook, sense of hu- 
mor and determination will 
make you successful. Thanks 
for all the happiness you've 
given us. We'll always be here 
for you. 


Mom & Dad 


We are so proud of you. 
Thank you for bringing so 
much joy into our lives. May 
the years ahead be as special 
as you are. 
We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Erin and Elmo 

We heard your laugh and w 
knew the world would neve 
be the same. 

With love and pride. 
Mom & Dad 


Our "Wee" one. How proud 
we are of the young man you 
have become. During some 
tough times, you were so 
strong. Follow your dreams. 
You can do anything! We love 
you always. 

Mom, Dad, Sean & Mike 


From a very young age you always 
knew what you wanted out of life. 
Your strong will and determination 
has gotten you far in pursuing your 
dreams and will continue to do so. 
Don't ever forget what it is that you 
want to achieve in your life and go 
after it. Weare very proud of the young 
woman, wonderful daughter and sister 
you have become. 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad & Alex 

1 ' 

•Uto take on the world! 


- 'ou have had a smile and a laugh that 

vere both contagious. You went from 
1^ rawling right to running, and made 

IS all run just to keep up with you. 
'ou' ve brought us great joy and happi- 
less throughout the years, which have 

1 iL )assed so quickly. We are so proud of 

ou and of your accomplishments. As 
he future unfolds just set your goals- 

nd run towards them. 

^11 our love, 

Aom, Dad, BUI & Tim 


You have given us so many reasons to 
be proud of you. ..your great strength 
of character, your kindness and sen- 
sitivity. We have admired how you 
made good choices, and shown such 
enthusiasm for things you believe in. 
With your confidence we know you 
will accomplish your dreams. You have 
given us so much joy and happiness, 
and we wish all this and more for you. 
Love you Seanny! 

Mom and Dad 


Be true to yourself and patient with 
others. You have extreme drive and 
potential. Choose wisely in life, 
be honest with others and your 
path wUl be an easy one. We are so 
proud of whom you have become. 
Keep God in your life and you will 
always be happy. 

We love you always. 
Mom and Dad 


From day one, we knew how cre- 
ative, determined and sensitive 
you would be and let's not forget 
your curious personality. You 
have become an extremely special 
person, whose loyalty and integ- 
rity will pave your way. We are 
so proud of you, let God be your 
friend and the future is yours. 
We love you always. 
Mom and Dad 

enny Boo, 

A^e wereblessed with our little 
ed head, who has made us so 
/ery proud. As you go on in 
ife always carry your great 
determination, work ethic, and 
jense of humor. 

\Ne love you very much, 
Vlom, Dad, Christina, and 


You have brought such joy to 
us over these past seventeen 
years. Every day has been a 
gift. Congratulations on all 
your accomplishments. We are 
very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad & Nathan 


We are proud of you and your 
accomplishments. Wherever 
life takes you, our hearts will 
follow. Remember, when you 
get the chance to sit it out or 
dance, we hope you dance. 


Mom and Dad 


This is only the beginning. 

We love you so much! 

Mom & Dad 
Ryan & Kathryn 

Sending you off... 

vvi' arc i.o proud of vour accom- 
lishments but we are even more 
proud of the wonderful young 
woman you have become. Wish- 
ing you much love, luck, success 
and most of all happiness- you 
deserve it all! 
Mom & Dad 

P.S.- Good luck in college! love, 

"A successful life doesn't 
require that we've done the 
best, but that we've done our 
best." H. Jackson Brown 


Congratulations and may all 
of your dreams come true. 


Leola & Pam 


You are a gem! 
Thanks for being you. 


We have watched you grow 
into a kind, talented, and 
beautiful young woman. We 
love you and are so very proud 
of you! We know you have a 
wonderful future that we look 
forward to sharing with you. 
Congratulations, "Punk"! 
Love always. 
Mom, Dad, Meg & Maura 


To Sarah, 

Our beautiful daughter, cor 
gratulations on a job well dom 
Always remember how mucli 
you are loved and how prou« 
we are of you. 

Love always. 

Dad, Mom, Matt & Abby 


Never lose your sense of ad 
venture, sense of humor anc 
desire for having fun. Thost 
qualities are what makes yoi 
the special person that you are 
We all love you! 

Always maintain your posi- 
tive outlook on life and enjoy 
all that it has to offer. We are 
very proud of the special per- 
son that you have become. We 
love you very much. 

Mom, Dad, and Kristyn 

Dear Michelle, 

You will certainly be wearing big shoes 
now! The competence and confidence 
with which you step into them is 
amazing to us. We love you and will 
miss you when you are away, we will 
adore you when you are home. We wish 
you Love and Happiness and Dreams 
Come True. You don't need luck, you 
are making your own. 

Mom, Dad and Mike 

...to take on the world! 


rom the days when you wore 
ats 24/7, to the first time you 
layed your saxophone, you 
avebeen a source of entertain- 
nent and joy for your family. 
Ve are very proud of who you 
re and everything you have 

.ove. Mom and Dad 

Dear Kylie, 

Go into the world knowing you 
have our love and support. 

Mom, Dad, Tom, Leah & Erin 


Set your goals, follow your 
dreams, and keep believing 
in yourself. Don't lose your 
sense of humor. We are proud 
of you. 


Mom and Dad 


You have grown to be an amaz- 
ing young man. Continue to 
reach for the stars, you have 
such a bright future ahead of 
you. We are so proud of you. 

Love Mom, Steph, Joe &: Biz 


bu have brought us joy and hap- 
iness throughout your childhood. 
Ve' ve enjoyed your passions, from 
arney, whales, and horses to rim- 
ing and Latin. You have our deep 
jve and support as you fearlessly 
hape your passions anew in col- 
ge and throughout your Life. 

4om, Dad, Branwen & Morgan 

Darling Jennabug, 

In the blink of an eye, our de- 
lightful little girl has become 
an amazing young woman. 
Continue to work hard, laugh 
often, dream big, and follow 
your heart which is truly made 
of gold. We cherish and adore 
you, and always will. 
Love you count the stars. 
Mom, Dad, and Evman3 

To Cindy, 

Seems like yesterday when 
you were this small. Years have 
flown by and we are so proud 
of you. Happy days to come. 
Always remember "Wacky 


Mom and Dad 

We couldn't be mot& proud oTyour 

accomplishments and success as a 
young man. Your hard work and 
dedication have paid off; we have 
truly enjoyed being a part of your 
years at NHS and watching you 
and your class grow into a fantastic 
group of young adults. 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Kaytie & Kris 

Sending you off... 

jiigidtulations Katie! 

We're so proud of the won- 
derful young woman you're 
becoming. As you take these 
next steps, stay strong, deter- 
mined and l<eep your integrity. 
Be happy and always know we 
love you. 


Mom, Dad & Brian 


Your intelligence; insight; strong 
wUl; inner strength; conscientious 
ness; sense of humor and loyalty t(i 
others, will guarantee you succes.'.; 
in life. Your love of music will keep j 
you happy. Rock on! 



Mom, Dad and Ed 

Dear Lauren- 

Don't ever lose your spirit of 
adventure. You are awesome. 
May God bless you in all that 
you do. 


Mom, Dad, Sarah, and Duffy 


Fast forward 17 years. Here we 
are writing this heart filled note 
to say "thank you"for hanging 
in there through both painful 
and joyful times. It is not easy 
being a kid today. You made 
it!!! Look left or right, we will 
always be there. 

Mom, Dad, John and Troy 

Determined, cheerful and kind 
are just some of the words that 
describe you! We are so very 
proud of you! 


Dad, Mom and Jake 

Dear James, 

From "presenting Jamie" tc 
bass man we have cherishec 
the years with you. May you 
always find happiness with 
music and in life! 

Congratulations and Love, 
Mom, Dad, Kevin & Emily 


Your strong will and deter- 
mination were evident even 
before you could speak a word. 
Don't lose this gift, you will 
accomplish all your heart's 
desires. Best of everything to 

Much love. 

Dad, Mom, Taryn & the 

Never "Jim," "Jimmy," or 
"Jeamus." Just and always 
"James" from as soon as you 
could talk. Make and keep good 
friends. Work as hard as you 
play. Do good works. 
We are very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, and Caitlin 

...to take on the world! 


bu mean the world to us. Good 
ick as you take on your own 


lorn. Dad, 

4att, Kevin, and Gregory 


Our lives have never been dull 
with you around. Your huge 
personality and beautiful smile 
will forever be in our hearts. 
Believe in yourself and your 
future will be amazing. 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, and Jacki 

^ ' " r ■ H If 


wow... thehallsof NHShavebeen 
silenced! You are one step closer 
to a time in life where you will no 
longer be a number.. .measured by 
GPA or test scores. There is an en- 
tire UNIVERSE out there anxious 
to greet you., .show 'em the money. 
We already miss the class of 2008 
posse. "NEVER Give Up." 


Mom, Dad, Jess, and Jeremy 


May your future always be 
this bright! 

Love, Mom 

ongrats- so far so good, 
here is more inside you than 
ou dare to believe. Be 
iecisive. Choose wisely. We 
ove you. 

Before you hit the highway... 

I still see you as this sprite- 
magical, exuberant. So now 
Glenda use your magic to make 
your dreams come true. You are 
a loving, strong, determined 
young woman. Share your 
talents. Love your Ufe. 

Don't forget to remember me! 


You have brought so much joy to us 
from the very day you were born. 
We're so proud of all you have 
become. Smile forever. Always 
believe in the beautiful person you 
are- "inside and out." We always 
will. We hope you dance. 

We love you very much. 
Mom, Dad, Curtus, Gretchen (Pe- 
dro & Rocksi, too!) 


We are so proud of all your accom- 
plishments. Remember to keep 
reaching for the stars but don't 
forget to stop and smell the tlowers 
on the way We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Laura, Jack, Joe, and 

Sending you off ... 


i_)ur first child, we have enjoyed 
watching you grow into the 
beautiful young woman you 
are today. Always remember: 
dream big & never give up! 


Dad, Mom, Dennis & Robbie 


You have worked hard to succee 
in areas you thought weren't po; 
sible. We are proud of the youn 
man you have become. Stay tru 
to yourself, focus on your goal 
and don't look back. 


Mom, Dad, Cono and Elmo. 

Dear Cameron, 

You have filled our home with love, 
happiness, and joy. You are a wonderful 
son, brother, and uncle. We are proud 
of your accomplishments and good 
judgment. Your determination and 
thoughtful ways will guide you. Thank 
you for all the wonderful memories. 
Follow your heart and dreams and 
believe in yourself. We wish you all 
the success you deserve. 

We love you Cam, 

Mom, Dad, Joy, Meredith, and Matt 


I am so very proud of the 
wonderful person that you 
are. From the day you were 
bom you have inspired me and 
taught me the depths of love. 
Work hard, have fun and reach 
for the stars... 
I love you button 



It seems like yesterday I help 
you, my beautiful miracle, in 
my arms. Now you are grown 
and graduating, and I couldn't 
be more proud. 
Work hard, play often. 
Love much. 
Love always, 

Congratulations and Love, 
Dad, Erin, Anthony 

These are the days now thai 
we must savor, 
And we must enjoy as we car' 
These are the days that will 
last forever. 
You've got to hold them ir 
your heart. 

Van Morrison 


Mom & Dad 

Dear Shelly, 

You never did "stay between the 
lines," but managed to succeed in 
your own way. Your free spirit and 
infectious laughter have always 
been a bright spot in our lives. Con- 
tinuc to be your own person and 
tnke! Remember the tree; family, 
school, and everything else. 
We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Matt, Jim, Rach, and 


Since the day you were born, 

you have taken every step in 

life with quite strength. 

We could not have asked for 

a better son, and are so proud 

of the independent young man 

you have become. 

Always stay strong. 

Love always Mom, Dad, Jaime 

and Charlie 

...to take on the world'!^» 

ear Steven, 

doesn't seem that long ago 
at you were that bright eyed 
le year old. You have shown 
how to face adversity with- 
it blinking an eye. We are so 
oud of you and can't wait to 
e where life takes you. 

ad. Mom, Alex, Kathleen and 


Desde el primer momento de 
tu nacimiento, cerraste un ojo 
a tu papa, lo que te hizo su 
compafiera inseparable. Tus 
lindos ojos, tu inteligencia y 
tu alegrfa nos ponen orguUo- 
sos de ti. We bewonderken je 
doorzettingsvermogen, je terke 
persoon. Carpe diem! 
Besos, Mama en Papa 


We are all so proud or yotl. You 
have grown to be a very indepen- 
dent, generous, hardworking, and 
loving young lady. Continue to al- 
ways be the person that you are! 


Mom, Dad, Jen, Maggie, Kevin, 
Emma Liz, Amy, Kerry, 
and Michael 

We knew you were extraordinary 
when at 2 years 9 months you sang 
songs from "The Sound of Music" 
during your preschool interview. 
Skiing, cheerleading, coaching, 
academics, you do everything well 
and with style. Congratulations 
"Bugsy," the best is yet to come! 


Mom, Dad, Justin and Jessica 


Vhen you were a little girl our wish 
or you was that you would never 
ose the beauty of your optimism 
)r your kindness of heart. Our 
vish came true. Every day you 
)less us with that smile, go share 

t with the world. Our wish We 

lope you dance! 


4om, Dad and Kathryn 


Thanks for all the wonderful 
memories and for bringing such 
joy into our lives. Where did those 
18 years go? You've grown into a 
beautiful and intelligent young 
woman, and have worked hard 
to get where you are. Now it's 
time to follow your dreams. Aim 
high, work, persevere, and you 
will succeed. 

With love & pride. Mom & Dad 

Dear Matt, 

"Fortune smiles lipoh Our first 
effort." (Virgil) 

From your first step to the first 
day of the rest of your life, you 
have kept us amazed and so very 
proud of you! Congratulations to 
our first-born on many jobs well 

Mom, Dad, Caroline, and Lexi 

Dear Davy, 

You're the BEST! Tltese years have 
flown by, how did you grow up so 
quickly? It seems like yesterday we 
were sending you off to kindergarten 
on "the big yellow school bus." You 
have become a wonderful, kind and 
talented person and we are so very 
proud of you. Congratulations David! 
Loads of love is sent your way for the 
exciting road ahead. 

Mom, Dad, and John 



Sending you off... 


You are a bright, caring young 
man and a loving brother. You 
have a tremendous sense of 
self but more importantly you 
have a good heart which will 
guide you as you move forward 
in life. 

With love and pride. 
Dad, Mom and Alyssa 


Stay focused as you reach 
for your dreams. Remembei 
you can do anything you se' 
your mind to, and we will bi! 
with you all the way! We are 8(1 
proud of you. All our love. 

Aunt Deb, Uncle Julio, Erik 
Gerson, George, Jessica, Derek 
and Connor 


You are a great joy to us. You 
have a wonderul nature and 
much to share- - sense of humor 
and wit, kindness and caring, 
leadership, quick mind, depth 
of soul . Continue to make good 
choices. WE LOVE YOU. 

Dad, Mom, and the sibs. 


We are so proud of you. You 
have grown into a great young 
man. May the road to life be 
filled with everything you have 
dreamed of and more. We wish 
you the best. 


Mom, Dad, Jon & Victoria 

You've got what it takes— talent, 
temperament and drive— to 
take the world by storm! Give 
it all you've got! 
Be true to yourself, your 
friends, and your family and 
don't forget to enjoy all that 
life has to offer. 

We love you. Bub! 

Mom, Dad, Tim and Katie 


You were ready to spread your 
wings and fly from a very 
young age. Please remember 
when you pack those bags 
to bring along your beautiful 
heart, your integrity, your 
strong character, your prin- 
ciples, your faith and most of 
all our endless love. 
Mom, Dad, Ryan & MaryKate 


We are very proud of you. 
Good luck. 


Mom, Dad, Shane and Chloe 

Colin O'Shaughnessy 


We have watched you grow 
and turn into a wonderful, 
happy, loving young man. Stay 
true to yourself, work hard, and 
enjoy the journey of Life. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Ryan & Ian. 

...to take on the world! 


lank you for being you! You 
ing so much joy, laughter and 
ippiness into our lives. 

are so proud of all your 
xomplishments at NHS. We 
e certain that you will suc- 
■ed in everything life has in 
ore for you. 
'e love you always, 
om. Dad, Kathleen & Rachel 


Don't ever lose your individu- 
ality, charm, sense of humor 
and kindness. And don't ever 
forget how proud we are of you, 
and how much we love you. 


Mom, Dad, Ryan and Andy 

Congratulations Eric, 

We knew this day would come 
and we are so proud of you. 
Work hard and you'll succeed 
in what you choose. Play hard 
and do wha t you love— ski, fish, 
and surf, and ski some more. 
Be happy. 

Love you always. 
Mom and Dad 

ear Fede, 

love you for what you are: 
ith your great enthusiasm, 
our immense joy for life, your 
!.ense of duty and how much 
"ourage you have. All of that 
las allowed you to achieve 
'your great American dream" 
nd now that noble flag of stars 
and stripes is a little bit yours. 
A.d majora! 

Dear Andrew, 

You have made us so proud of all 
of your accomplishments. Your 
intelligence, sincerity, compassion, 
and zest for life will take you 
anywhere you desire. Always 
remember to believe in yourself 
and never stop dreaming. 


Mom and Dad 


You're a fun person. We have 
lots of GTs! You are skilled at 
many things such as sports. 
Keep up the great work. WE 

Love always. 
Family & Friends 

Dear Jason, 

Here you are a senior in high 
school. I'm so proud of you. I 
know it's been tough. You've 
had your ups and downs, 
good year and not so good 
years. But I always knew you 
could do it. Keep up the good 
work. I love you. 



Congratulations! We're so proud --r 
of you. Thank you for past years of 
joy and many more to come. 


Mom and Dad 



e askid 

What bothers you most 
about the senior girls? 

'They take five minutes between every play in 
-Mr. Devine 

"They're always yelling." 
-Nick Daley 

"When they say 'YEAH SENIOR GIRLS!'" 
-Kara O'Connell 

What bothers you most 
about the senior boys? 

"They give dead arms. " 
-Tommy Dwyer 

"They're all the same person." 
-Kyla Silk 

Nothing bothers me about the senior boys..." 
-Mr. Willis 

Who's the most intimidating 
senior boy/girl? 

"Joe Burm." -Kate MacDonald 
"Sallie Hardy. " -Liz Dwyer 
"Michele Lewis. "-Molly Broderick 
"Ryan Paine. " -Molly Cox 

Describe the senior class 
in one word. 

"Crazy. "-Krista Prouty \jQ j/y^ 
"Entertaining." -Caroline Barry ^1 

"Cocky. " -Pete Bailey 
"Memorable." -Mr. Bradshaw 

..^^^Mhat senior lingo most 
annoys you? 

'Honestly concerned. ' 
-Charlie McKitrick 

"Chidding. " 
-Jason Connolly 

"Vm scared!" 
-Tori Mansfield 

-Derek Cyr 

"People saying everything in that annoying 
melodic tone all the time. " 
-Mr. Schelvan 

What will you miss 
about the seniors? 

'Their company. " -Bobby Stravinsky 
"Their athletic ability." -Mike Steele 

That legit makes me sad to think about..." 
-Carley McManus 

'^i don't know the school without this class.' 
-Ms. Saniuk 

1 jr 


Lola Adeola Adebanjo 

Christopher Joseph Allen 

Big Al Slim Beast 

Michael Edward Anderson 

Mikey A 

Winter Track 1-3; Softball 1-4; 
Football Manager 1; Soccer 
Manager 1-2; Field Hockey 3-4; 
Amnesty, Diversity, Best Buddies 

"Have it your way. " -Burger King 

"I just urnnm ride." -Brianna Raab 

"Just do it." -Nike 

Its been a long ride, like 10 years, and we're finally 
seniors. But ya its been real haha log but ya I've 
had a good time and I want to give shout outs to 
all my teachers and coaches, thanks for putting up 
with my behavior. Thanks to my family for giving 
me money and stuff, and my brothers and sisters 
for always being there to talk to. Thanks to all my 
friends. Love all you guys and hopefully se^ you 
all at reunions so i can brag about how success- 
ful I will be. Art 1-love, Swartz period 1-love. Oh 
yah, aisc) thanks to my friends for putting up with 
my crap too. Anyways, Tobi, behave, Sar, stay fly, 
and class of 09, stay outta trouble. But lata hataz, 
I know you people will miss me. I will see you 
guys later. Oh yah, 8th grade B team soccer and 
basketball-love and Mich good luck and thanks. 
Ward's plants bombs away! This is why we dont 
play games. HAHA to many good times. Jgray's 

Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4 

Thank you to all my friends who made 
my high school years a good time. All my 
coaches who helped me on and off the 
field. And especially my mom, dad and 
my sisters Jen and Jaci. Thanks and good 
luck to the class of '08. 

Cross Country 1; Winter Track 1; 
Enviroment Club 1 

"Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, 
wind braces us up, snow is exliilnrating; tlici 
is really no such thi>jg as bad weather, only 
different kinds of good weather" -]ohn Rush 

Thank you mom and dad for helping me get 
through high school. We most certainly suf- 
fered our good and bad times, but they never 
stopped reminding me how what I do in high 
school will determine my future. Thanks mon 
for working with me on major projects. I may 
have come up with the idea but 1 can't say no 
to a "little" help. Thank you to all my teach- 
ers for helping me succeed in class and stay 
motivated. Still waiting for you to come back 
to Norwell High TK! Rock on man! Mr. Willis 
classes are golden. I dont mind his lectures ar» 
theres nothing like a documentary to start off! 
the day. Lastly, high school may not have beelj 
the best days of my life, but it certainly has 
provided some great memories to look back c 
in the future. Best wishes to the class of 08' ar 
everyone else! 


Marissa Additon Andrew 

Tross Country 1-4; Winter Track 
; Spring Track 3; Dance Team 1-4 

Live -antliout regret." -Anoiiyiiioits 

hank you '08 for these past four years, 
hey have been great & never short of 
Kcitement. Good luck with everything you 
II do in the future. Thanks cross country for 
n amazing 4 years, you guys always bring 
smile to my face. Dance Team, you have 
een amazing, we really achieved a lot as 
jptains. Thank you Mom, Dad & Jonathan 
)r everything. Also, thank you Mimi, you 
ave helped me so much, even before high 
:hool. I love you all!! : ) 

Robert Charles Ankner 

Ank, Bo, Anksports 

Tennis 1-4 (capt.); Basketball 1-3; 
Golf 1; National Honor Society 
3-4; Peer Ed 3-4; Best Buddies 1-4; 
Young Republicans 1 

"Everybody loves success, but they liate suc- 
cessful people." -jolin McEnroe 

Thank you to all my friends, you know 
who you are, we have had a lot of fun times 
together, and there are many more to come. 
Good times- BC games. Red Sox, Patriots, 
ping pong rivalry with Henry, boating, 
wiffle ball series, vidding dynasty with 
Henry. Dad-thank you for everything you 
have done for me, and being the best role 
model a son could ever ask for. Mom-thank 
you for being a great mom, and always 
keeping me on the right track. Thank you 
to all my coaches, especially Mr. Swartz 
for always keeping tennis fun. Kathryn- 
thank you for being a great sister, I really 
appreciate everything you've done for me. 
Ry-thanks for always making me laugh, 
and for being a good brother. Mom, Dad, 
Kathryn and Ryan thank you for supporting 
me-I love you all. NHS tennis-continue the 
dynasty! Class of 2008-good luck in life!-Rob 

Jonathan Kent Aprea 

Amnesty International 1-4; JSA 
1-4; Sailing 1-4; Ski Team 2-4; 
Environment 3-4; Halyard 1-4; 
Latin Club 1-2; Film Club 3-4; 
Music Club 2 

"After I go out this door, I may only exist in 
the minds of nil my acquaintances. I may be 
an orange peel." -Theodore McArdle 

"Let all the children boogie." -David Bowie 

You will all be recieving your thank you's 
in the mail. 

Michael Brian Arnold 




Amanda Anne Aroyan 


Julie Rose Arria 

Juhes, Jules, StooUe 

Football 1-4; Ski Team 2-4; 
Robotics 3-4 

"Good friends loe have, oh and good friends 
ive lost, along the way. In tliis great future, 
you can't forget your past; So dry your tears, I 
say. " -Bob Marley 

"My momma always said: life was like a box 
of chocolates. You never knozo what you're 
gonna get." -Forrest Gump 

First off, I'd like to thank all my friends 
for all the good times these past four 
years. Mike and Emily, thanks for always 
being there for me. 1 love you guys. 
Herm, you're pretty much the only reason 
I made it through these past four years. 
Thanks for all the help and support. Ms. 
V, thank you for all your help with getting 
me into college. Mom and Dad, thanks for 
putting up with me for the past 17 years 
and for always supporting me. You guys 
are the best. Courtney, good luck with 
school. Stay focused and work hard. 1 
love all of you. Good luck class of '08! 

Cheerleading 1-3; Art Club; 
French Club 

"Make art, not excuses." -Mr. Papadonis 

First of all, I love you daddy and deeds! 
You guys never gave up on me. I hope I 
grow up to be as great as you. Momma- 
thanks for being there. I wuv you. Muh 
gurlies! You guys are great and so much 
fun! Time was well spent with you! Never 
change! Thank you Mr. Pap and Mrs. Noi- 
seux. You taught me to let go and believe 
in yourself. I love AP art! Armenian pride 

"Laugh, Choose -with )hi rcgni. Apprccintc i/oii 
friends. Continue to Icani. Do what you love. 
Live as if this is all there is. " 
-Mary Anne Rndiitncher 

"If you're not doing what you love, you are 
wasting your time." -Billy ]ocl 

Thank you to ex'eryone who has been then 
for me these past four years. Mom-thank 
you for all your advice and support and 
putting up with me! Dad- 1 will always be 
your little girl. I love you guys! Kris and 
Bill-thanks for dealing with me and being 
there. Love you. Kaybo-14 years and still 
going. Lindsey-no one is crazier than you! 
Lizzy- You've always been there to make 
me laugh. Cole-High School-I love yt)u. 
Jill-"we'll never find another." I couldnt 
have imagined going through high school 
without you! love you! Salllie- 1 better kee^j 
getting those phone calls. I can never be 
mad : ). To the girls and guys: you've madi 
high school an amazing experience and I 
know you will all do amazing things. "We''' 
gone our own ways and I know it's for tht| 
biest, but sometimes I wonder if I'll ever 
have friends like you again." Good luck : 
class of '08! 

Emily Baylor Ash 

Eiu, AsJilee, Ashkenazy, Memily 

Dance Team Mascot 1-4 

don't really know what to say here; it 
doesn't seem like our turn to write this 
/et. I could never remember everyone 
o thank, so I decided to mention my 
avorite 5 people. My mom and dad, who 
lave been there for me through every- 
hing, and always will, thank you. I love 
/ou. Thank you for letting me be myself, 
attoos and all. Thank you, dad, for all 
he help with the artwork, couldn't do 
t without you. Thank you, mom, for all 
■)f our talks and all of your support. And 
hank you for moving me to Massachu- 
setts, if we hadn't, then I never would 
lave met the other 3 most important 
people in my life. Jess and Laura, I love 
,'ou both so much, you've helped me 
hrough so much and made me happier 
han ever. Oliver, Otto, my blue haired 
3oy, whatever I call you, I love you. You 
lave taught me how to love, and for that 
can never thank you enough. Love you. 
Thank you all. 

Katherine Rose Bailey 

Soccer 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4; 
Basketball 1-2 

"Wc all take different paths in life, but no 
matter where ive go, we take a little bit of each 
other with us everywhere." -Tim McGraw 

First of all, thank you mom and dad for 
supporting me in everything I do and 
always being there no matter what. I 
love you guys. Thanks Pete for putting 
up with my morning moods and making 
sure my coffee didn't spill. Good luck 
with the rest of HS. Liz, thanks for paving 
the way with mom and dad. I love you 
both. To the girls and guys, thanks for 
all the good times and making the last 4 
years unforgettable. You guys are amaz- 
ing. Tim D, thanks for all our adventures 
and always making me laugh. I'm going 
to miss you so much, I love you. Thanks 
to my Africa group for the best summer 
of my life. Italy 07'-No Grazie! Thanks to 
all my teachers and coaches for helping 
me along the way! Good luck herd '08, 1 
love you all! 

William Patrick Barrett 

Bill, Dub-B, Bones, Bootstraps, 
Billingsley, Noodle, Tallsun, 

Basketball 1-4; Football 1-4; Best 
Buddies 1-4; Yearbook 3 

"He\i guys, oh Big Gulps huh, nlright...zt'ell see you 
later." -Dumb & Dumber 
"A flute with no holes is not a flute, but n donut 
with no hole is a danish." -Caddyslmck 
"Harness in the good energy, block out the bad. 
Harness, energy, block, bad. It's like a carousel. You 
put the quarter in, yon get on the horse, it goes up 
and down, and around. Circular, circle. Feel h, go 
with the flow. " 
-Happy Gilmore 

I would like to thank my mom for being super- 
woman basically, and for guiding me through 
my life. Thanks Dad for always being there 
for me, for teaching me about good music and 
always being up when I come home at night to 
talk to. Pat, thanks for all the good times over 
the years, just keep on being yourself and have 
fun during the rest of high school. I would also 
like to thank all of my teachers and coaches 
for all that you have taught me over the years. 
Lastly I would like to thank my friends for all 
of the good times we had and hopefully will 
keep on having, there's no way I could have 
made it without you. And in the words of the 
great Billy Madison, "Peace, I'm outta here!" 

Jaclyn Diane Berg 


Susan Marie Bitetti 


Matthew Paul Breen 

Breen, Bean 

Cheerleading 1-4 (capt.) 

"// / control myself I control my destiny, if I 
control myself 1 control my tomorrow, I got to 
change today, cause this is now. " -Hatebreed 

"All the damage we have done, our time is 
running out, are you the one to change it?" 

I want to thank my family. Mom and Dad 
if it weren't for you guys I don't think 
I would have gotten to school on time. 
Thank you for everything and I love 
you guys. To my sister Jenna 1 hope you 
have as much fun as I did at my time at 
NHS. Good luck! 1 also want to thank 
my friends for helping with my ups and 
downs. You guys made school so much 
fun, so many good times. Last but not 
least I want to thank Pete, you gave me 
so much strength between our relation- 
ship and even cheerleading, I love you! To 
my future cheerleaders, 1 wish you good 
luck. I hope you guys can go far or even 
farther. 1 also wish you guys get more 
appreciation than we ever did. 

Tennis 1-4 (capt); Student Gov 1- 
4; Surf Culture 1-4; Best Buddies 
2-4; Peer Ed 3 

"Be yourself, be pleasant, play hard, and have 
no regrets." -jimmy Buffett 

Thanks to my friends for making these a 
great four years. Thanks to all my teach- 
ers and especially Ms. Field with her 
endless supply of Reeses cups. Thanks 
to those who have always supported me, 
even when it meant driving to Worcester 
at 6 am. Mom & Dad- 1 am so grateful for 
everything you've done for me, 1 couldn't 
have asked for better parents. Sara & 
Sammy- you guys are the best. I would 
not be the same person without you- Love 
you guys. Good luck '08! 

Basketball 1-4; Soccer 2-4; Tennisr 
2-4; Football 1; Baseball 1 

"Obviously." -Nick Scott 

1 would like to thank all of my teachers 
and coaches that I've had over the years. 
I would also like to thank my parents for 
always being there for me. My broth- 
ers Bill and Tim for putting up with me. 
Thank you to my friends for giving me 
memories 1 will never forget and turning 
some things that probably couldn't have 
been fun without you into an awesome 
time. Hopefully more good times to 
come! Kylie- thank you for being such 
a great person, always being there for 
me, and giving me someone to rely on. 
Sunday buddies! And thank you to ever\ 
one else and good luck to everyone in thq 
class of 2008! 

Michelle Lee Buckler 
M.C. Buck, McBiick 

Cheerleading 1-4 (capt.) 

"it's not ill tlic stars to hold our destiny but 
in ourselves." -Shakespeare 

To my parents, I would like to thank you 
for always believing in me and assur- 
ing me that no dream was unattainable. 
Michael- thanks for being my #1 fan, keep 
working hard. Bananna and Grampa, 
thanks for all the support. To all of my 
cheerleading coaches, thank you for 
continuously pushing me to my potential 
.ind beyond. CD girls thanks for being 
my second family. Norwell cheerleaders- 
keep working hard, you are capable of so 
much! All of my friends, thank you for 
.ilways making me laugh and for shoul- 
ders to lean on. I'll never forget all of our 
fun times. Christopher, thank you isn't 
enough for all the times you've been there 
for me. I couldn't have done it without 
vou and 1 know that whichever paths we 
may choose you will always be in my 
heart. To the class of '08- 1 wish you all 
nothing but the best. 

Jonathan Paul Buckley 

JBuck, Buck 

Football 1-3 

"You Imvc four years to be irresponsible here. 
Relax. Work is for people with jobs. You'll 
never reuieiidwr class time, but you'll remem- 
ber time you loasted hanging out with your 
friends. So, stay out late. Go out on a Tuesday 
with your friends "when you have a paper due 
Wednesday. Spend nwncy you don't have." 
-Tom Petty 

Thank you to all my friends for making 
high school a great time. Also thanks to 
all my teachers, especially Rheault for 
helping me out over the past four years. 
Mom and Dad thanks for putting up with 
me. Jeremy and Jess, thanks for support- 
ing me. Thanks Helm. 

Patrick James Gartland Burke 

PJ, Peej, Pablo Juice, Captain PJ, 

"What you feel only matters to you, it's what 
you do to the people you say you love that 
matters." -The Last Kiss 

"There is no Morrocco, there's never been a 
Morrocco." -Almost Famous 

"I guess." -Garth Algar 

During what has definitely been the most 
important years of my life so far I want to 
thank the people who have contributed 
to the person that I am today. My Mom, 
Dad, and Keith for always supporting 
me during all the stages of my life. I 
want to thank all my friends that I have 
gotten to know over the years especially 
Friendly Frank, Jimmysleazack and the 
three amigos. Also I want to thank Aimee, 
Andrew, Dennis and teachers that have 
influenced me. Congratulations every- 
body and I wish everyone the best! 

Joseph Thomas Burm 

Football 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4; Ski 
Team 1-4 (capt) 

"Character is higlier tlwn intellect. A great 
soul will be strong to live as well as think. " 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I would like to thank all my friends for 
the good times we have had. I would also 
like to thank my coaches for helping to 
shape me into the person I am. Thanks 
Joanna for always being there for me, I 
love you. Thanks Mom, Dad and Kristyn, 
you shap>ed me into the person I am 
today, I love you guys. Good luck class 
of 08. 

Kevin Patrick Caldwell 
Kev, KC, Nate 

Cross Country 1-2; Winter 
Track 1-4 (capt); Spring Track 
1-4 (capt); Soccer 3-4; Band 1-4 

"A person is a success if lie gets up in the morning 
and gefs lo bed at night and in tietiivat does irliat he 
imnis todo.~ 
-Bob Dylan 

"Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every opett eye 
is not seeing. " -Bill Cosby 

"That's untimely." -Cltristoplter Cavano 

I have to thank all the people who helped me 
these last four years and put them on one page? 
That's practically impossible...lhene's a lot of 
people. Thank you Mom and Dad. You are tw o 
of the reasons I've made it this far. I'm proud to 
have you as my parents! Thank you to all my 
teachers and coaches, especially Ms. Fox and 
Mr O'Briant. Your guidance and support won't 
be fofgotten. Thank you to all my friends! Wow 
you guys are great people to have in my life 
and I can't thank you enough for being there. 
Hey Michael. So noiv that college is the place to 
be for the class of '08 1 say goodbye to e\ eryone 
who helped me get this far Good luck in the 
future '08 and Pete Baile\' make sure you don't 
run too much. 

Jill Marie Cammett 

Soccer 1-4 (capt); Lacrosse 1-4 
(capt); Winter Track 1,3,4 (capt.); 
Basketball 2 

"When your hourglass runs out of sand, you 
can't flip is oivr and start again. Take ez'ery 
breath Cod giivs you for what it's loorth. " 
-Kenny Chesney 

Mom and Dad we gel in our little tifs, but it 
was all because \'ou pushed me to be the best 
person I could be. Thanks, I love vou. Lindsay 
Meredith, and Richard, you guvs couldn't hav 
led me down a better path. I lo\ e \ ou all! Best 
of luck! Thanks to my boys and girls for all 
the unforgettable laughs and making c\ cry- i 
thing an adventure. Ky- "There are just some ! 
people that make you laugh a little louder, 
smile a little brighter, and make your life a litti 
better" Thanks for always being there. I'll mia 
you! Jubes- )'ou ha\ e been there for me e\ ery 
step of the way! We will never find another I 
Still expect those calls at 4 am. I love you! To 
my soccer girls- the best e\ en Remember that | 
inch will be the freakin difference between 
winning and losing. Good luck next year Kat^ 
"YEAH WHAT" haha keep it real onlhe field. 
Love and luck. Congrats and goixi luck class t 
'08. It's been a great ride. I'll miss you all! 

Maya Valentina Campbell- 

lFS 4; Cross Country 4; Swim 
earn 4 

Mm/ nil those thing that lend you through 
fe be remembered, cherished nnd persoml- 
:ed. Those memories mnke you the wny you 
'e nnd feed your soul." -Anonymous 

hank you to my host family for opening 
leir home to me and making me feel like 
daughter and sister. Jody, Dan, Taylor 
id Noah, I won't ever forget you. Thank 
ou to my family in Belgium for helping 
le make this dream come true, 1 love you 
•) much! Thank you to all those people 
ho made me feel welcome and appreci- 
:ed. To my cross country team: thank 
ju for making me feel part of the team 
nee day one. Thank you Marissa for all 
le rides home and thank you Federica 
)r sharing this whole experience with 
le. You are all now in my heart and I 
on't forget you! 

Emily Ann Campbell 

Basketball 1; Winter Track 2; 
Cross Country 2-4; Spring Track 

Through my four years at Norwell High 
School, I have met a lot of great friends and 
teachers! I would def. like to take this opportu- 
nity to say thank you to my wonderful parents, 
they supported me in school and sports. They 
never gave up on me. They always knew 
what to say or do to make me happier! I love 
you guys! My brother Jake is another person I 
would like to thank! He has always been there 
for me no matter what! Have an amazing next 
two years! I know you will! I love you! All my 
teachers that got me through school especially 
my first grade teacher Mrs. Hammond who 
never stopped believing in me! My friends- so 
many good times with all of you. Katie (Best 
friends always), Courtney, Taylor, Stephanie, 
and Quinn where would I be without you girls! 
Heather (143) going to miss you in homeroom 
every morning. Good luck next year in college 
girls! All my XC friends thanks for making 
it an amazing three years especially Clare, 
Cassie, Maya and Bridgette! Emily, so many 
good times just riding in the car and going to 
water country last summer! Class of 2008, good 
luck in the years to come! 

Michael Thomas Carey 

Careif, M'Carey, RJ 

"I feci the fuel rushing through my veins, in 
sujiburn nnd inflames, you can take on the 
world, it's all in your brnin." -311 

"Be it your guide is so much to love, you cnn 
hide your love it's true, it's the freedom game, 
you cnn see it every dny, 'cause your freedom 
ain't free." -Sublime 

Thank you to my family and my good 
friends... Arnold, Walshy boy, Frank, 
Charse, M-woody, Marc, AJ, Coyne, 
J-Dow, Greta, and to the 2 we miss the 
most... Brian and Sween I love and miss 
you both, thanks for everything. Thank 
you to the Moore's, you have always 
been there for me, for all of your support 
throughout high school. And Marshall 
you taught me a lot and always make 
me laugh thanks brotha. Arnold so many 
good times and driving around doing 
nothing haha fun times man. Finally Dad 
and Mom, you pushed me through high 
school and helped me so much I love you 

Christopher David Catalog 
Mr. President 

Class President 1-4; Mock Trial 
2-4; Cross Country 1 

Cody Thomas Cavicchi 

Codefire, Skipper Slayer 

Golf 1-4 (capt.); Hockey 1-4 
(capt.); Lacrosse 1-4 (capt.) 

Eric William Chiasson 

Chaise, Oiaisedaddy, Chiasson, 
Chaisedaddy Fresh, T-Bear 

Football 1-3 

"A whole world looks to sec what we will do. We 
cannot fail their trust, we cannot fail to try. " -John 
F. Kennedy 

Thanks to all of my amazing family and friends 
that I owe all my success to, for if it weren't for 
all of you I would not be the person I am today. 
To my Mom & Dad for always working hard to 
make sure I had the best opportunities. To my 
little sister Sarah for putting a smile on my face 
& getting a laugh out of me, no matter what. To 
my bro Drew for being not just a brother that 
I can trust, but a friend I will no doubt have 
fore\ er. To my Nana for being there for me 
with your powerful love & support, through 
all the hardest times, and for being one of my 
best friends. To Kathleen, my girlfriend and 
my best friend, I wouldn't be half the man I am 
today without your love & support. There has 
been no one that has helped me more & been 
a greater part of my life. "Where the middle of 
nowhere is somewhere." 07-23-04. And to all 
my other friends that have been a part of my 
life long before high school &will be a part of 
long afterward. Summers with Frank, Prebs, 
Walshie, and my bro (The Administration) and 
of course Laffin thanks for a great senior year. 
It's been fun, thank you and good luck. 

"To^ive auythiug less than your best is to 
sacrifice the gift. " -Steve Prefontaine 

Would just like to thank all of my team- 
mates and coaches, hockey it was a good 
time. Thank you to all of my friends it 
was a good four years. Thanks to the 
Aizenstadts and the Snells for providing 
me with my other two homes. Thanks 
to Mrs. Rheault, Ms. Schad, Ms. Saniuk 
and thank you Mr. Paine who helped 
me through sports for four tough years. 
Would also like to thank Tay for always 
being there for me for the past two years, 
going to miss you next year. Finally thank 
you to my parents. 


"Feelin' real great cause the weather's mild 
so you reevaluate your personal style: what 
makes you laugh; stand apart; what makes 
you feel good; 'wliat's in your heart." -311 

I'd like to thank my family and friends for 
always being there for me and helping me 
become the person I am today. I would 
never have made it without you guys, 
MCBalla, MP, AP TD, KD, MC, PS, MF, 
EH, LF, KP AM, LMJ, and also the class 
of '08. I'd also like to thank the Moore 
family. 1 can't explain how much you 
guys mean to me, thank you for every- 
thing. BAM, we had many good times 
that are completely unforgettable. Rest 
Easy Buddy. 

Amelia Anne Cimini 

Ciniini, Cimi-C 

soccer 1-4 (capt.); Softball 1; 
Winter Track 1; Spring Track 2 

'Take your victories, ivlmtever tliey may be, 
iierisli them, use tliem, but don't settle for 
hem." -Mia Hamm 

want to thank my family for being there 
or me and pushing me to do my best. 
Zara- thank you for all your help and for 
5eing a good influence on me. Friends- 
hanks for making these past years unfor- 
gettable. I'll miss you all next year. Soccer 
adies- you have made fall my favorite 
ime of the year. "Don't stop believing." 
rhank you to my teachers and coaches for 
ill you have done for me. To the class of 
08, good luck next year! 

Daniel Joseph Clune 

Big Texas, Kloon 

Football 1-2; Lacrosse 1-4; 
Basketball 1-4 

"You're tlie best girl that I ever did see, the 
great Larry Bird jersey 33, when you take a 
sip you buzz like a hornet, Billy Shakespeare 
wrote a whole bunch of sowiets." -LFO 

"Young man, the power's in your hand; slam 
your fist on the table and make your demand; 
you better make the right move; youth is the 
engine of the world." -Matisyalni 

Good times with my friends playing 
backyard sports and hanging out . Thanks 
to all of my coaches and teachers for 
giving life lessons I can use for the rest 
of my life. Thank you Cole School for 
making me a man. And of course thank 
you to my family for doing everything for 
me, I love you guys. Oh ya, thanks to Lois 
for being such a great cat. 
Thanks Helm 

Patrick James Cole 

PC, Sizzle, Koala, Godson, Andy, 
Mountain Drew, Water rat 

Football 2; Bowling Club 3 

"The ultimate measure of a man is not 
where he stands in moments of comfort and 
convenience, but where he stands at times of 
challenge and controversy." 
-Martin Luther Khig, jr. 

"Look dawg I don't roam with the poodles. 
Difference is that Vni eating in Rome and 
you're eati)ig Roman noodles." -Lloyd Banks 

First of all, thank you mom for always 
being there when I needed you. Dad, 
thanks for all of the advice you have 
given me over the years. Also thank you 
Steve for always being cool and annoying 
in a good way. Thanks to all of my friends 
for all the good times, especially Helm I 
know you would take a bullet for me. To 
all my teachers, thank you for putting up 
with me. Finally good luck to all of the 
class of '08 it has been a wild ride and I 
hope it doesn't end here. 

Heather Marie Conway 
H-Con, Heath, Conway 

Halyard 1-4; Robotics 1-4; Math 
Team 3; Track & Field 3-4; Field 
Hockey 1-4; Lacrosse 1-2 

"/ am on my way, I can go the distance, I 
don't care how far, somehow I'll be strong. 
I know every mile will be worth my lohile, 
I zi'ould go most anywhere to find where I 
belong. " -Hercules 

"We cannot be consumed by our petty 
differences anymore. " -Independence Day 

I'd like to thank my parents, and the 
rest of my family, for encouraging me 
throughout high school, and pushing me 
to become my best. I love you very much. 
Team "Three Fo' Eight" what is there left 
to say? Going across the nation to win, 
and finally conquering Beantown Blitz, 
Herm and Kwol to the best lunch of my 
life, it's been an awesome ride. I'll never 
look at a frisbee the same way again. To 
all my friends, we had our good times. 
Totes and soup doodles aside, you guys 
mean more to me than you'll ever know, 
and 1 wish you all the best. Gimme a 
HOORA 2008, we've done it! 

Matthew Tortorella Coyne 



"How we spend our days is how we spend our 
lives." -Annie Dillard 

I would like to thank my Mom and Dad 
for sharing the good times and their love 
and support through the worst of times. 
Ditto for my brothers John and Troy. I 
want to thank my friends Marc & AJ P., 
Evan D., Chris R., Kevin D., Pete W., Mike 
C., Chais Daddy Bill & Billy I'd like to 
thank all of you for helping me through 
high school, and for all our fun times and 
memories. R.I. P. my good friends B.A.M. 
and Sween. I had some of the best times 
of my life with you guys. You will always 
be loved and missed. "Good friends are 
hard to find, harder to lose and impos- 
sible to forget." -unknown. And finally, 
thank you for showing me that life isn't 
easy and that we must be prepared for 
anything. I am going to miss these years 
we had together. I love you guys. 

Jennifer Joan Cronin 

Soccer 1-4 (capt); Lacrosse 2-4 
(capt.); Basketball 1-3; Softball 1 

"if you're feeling frightened about -what coiuc- 
next, don't be. Embrace the ujicertainty and 
allow it to lead you places. Don't ever waste 
time 'with regret. Spin wildly into your next 
action. Enjoy the present, each moment as it 
comes, because you'll never get another one 
quite like it." -Anonymous 

Thanks to my family and friends for leading 
me through these wild four years! Mom and 
Dad- 1 love you guys, thanks for putting up 
with me and pushing me to succeed., without 
you I wouldn't have made it this far. Christina-jj 
work hard and have fun- you're an awesome 
sister. The crew- way too many crazy times 
to even count! Jojo, Meg, KK- DC LOVE, 
without you guys I honestly don't know what | 
I would do. Kacey- you're an awesome cousin!| 
NHS GIRLS SOCCER #U- nmnzin<i four years 
that I will always remember! ...Eastern Mass 
Champs+ State Finalists '06.. "don't stop 
believing." ..NHS GIRLS LAX 2 time State 
Champs! /Spanish class oh god. Much love 
and luck to everyone. LATAHHH NHS! 


Sarah Elizabeth Dargon 

Dargori, Sed, Sd, Sa, Snssparella, 
Dragon, EI Nino 

Tennis 2-4; Gymnastics 2-4; Cross 
Country 1; Basketball 1; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Peer Ed 3-4; 
Student Gov 3-4; French Club 2- 
4; Best Buddies 2-3 

"Lcnni from i/cstcrdni/, live for today, hope for 
kvnorrow." -Albert Einstein 
"Follow i/oiir heart, kid, and i/oii'll neivr go 
vroiig. " -The Sandlot 

To my friends- thanks for all the fun we've had, 
j;ood luck. Italy '07- best trip, great memories. 
Teachers & coaches-thanks for all your help. 
?ed Sox- thanks for winning the 2004 World 
ieries. To my family- thanks for always being 
here for me, I couldn't do it without you. 
,ove you all. Laura-you'll always be my best 
riend. Jack- thanks for being such a sup- 
■)ortive & awesome brother. Joe- thanks for 
ilways making me laugh. Boo- you're so sweet 
k spunky. I couldn't ask for 4 better siblings, 
hanks for all the good times, you'll all do 
;reat. I love you. Mom & Dad- you inspire me 
o work harder. Thanks for pushing me, believ- 
ng in me & not letting me gi\ e up. I love you 
wo so much. NHS- it's been fun. Good luck & 
Iream big. 

David Daniel Dawson 

Triple D, Dawson 

Golf 1-3; Track 1-2; Robotics 1-4; 
Paintball Club 4 

I want to thank my mom and dad for 
always helping me and my brother for 
being a part of my life. All my friends: 
Frank, Jason, Kevin, Paul, Oliver, Dave, 
Da\ id, Brandon, Peter, Mark, Eric, good 
times. Good luck to you all and thanks 
for everything. Mrs. Boyer thanks for 
everything you've done to help me the 
past four years. Thanks to all my teachers 
who pushed me to succeed. Mrs. Doyle, 
I had fun on the exchange and in French. 
NHS has been a blast and I'm gonna miss 
it along with the class of '08, the best class 
ever. We've been together for many years 
and they're been a blast. Peace out NHS. 

Shannon Rose DeMatteo 

Swim Team 1-4; Peer Ed 3-4; Best !j 
Buddies 1-2 

"You nun/ sny I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the onhf 
one." -John Leniion 

"Hocc did it \fet so late so soon? It's night before 
it's afternoon. December is liere before it's June. My 
goodjiess Iwie the time lias flewn. Hoiv did it get so 
late so soon?" -Dr Seuss | 

First I'd like to thank my mom, for always j| 
being there and helping me in so many ways, ' 
and my dad, for always supporting me and 
believing in me, thanks, I love you both. Erin, 
you are an amazing friend and sister, thanks so 
much. Anthony, I know I can always count on 
you to be there for me. I also want to thank all 
my teachers and coaches, who always pushed 
me to do my best, thank you. To all my friends, 
I wouldn't have made it here without you. Ij 
You ha\'e made these past years unforgettable, 
thanks for always being there. Katie- we have 
been best friends forever and I know that will l 
never change, thanks for all the good times, I 
love you. Andrew- you're an amazing person 
and friend, thanks for everything. Ally- no 
matter what I know you're always there for 
me, love you. Thanks to everyone that has Ij 
touched my life inside or outside of NHS. Con- ' 
gratulations class of 2008, we made it! 

Daniel Joseph Dempsey 

Dcinps, D-Trnin, Qiieso Grande 

Jessica Foley Denayer 

Jess, Jessie, Denayer, Shorty, Cookie, 

KiLEiGH Ann Donoghue 

K Don, Ki Don 

Hockey 2-4 (capt.); Golf 2-4 
(capt); Baseball 2-4 

To my family, thank you for always 
being there for me especially my parents. 
Pops, thanks for always pushing me to 
work harder, even when 1 didn't want to. 
Thanks to all my friends there is no need 
for intros, you know who you are.Whitey, 
Henry and my brother Mike great wiff 
servers. Finally thank you Mr. Paine for 
everything you did for me while I was at 
Norwell High. Thanks to everyone I left 
out and good luck in the future. 

Cheerleading 1-4; Winter Cheer- 
leading 1-2, Art Club 3-4; JSA 2, 4 

"We might be laughing a bit too loud, Oh, but that 
never hurt no one." -Billy joel 
"Celebrate we will for life is short but sweet for 
certain." -DMB 

"Though 1 know I'll never lose affection, for people 
and things that went before. 1 know I'll often stop 
and think about them." -The Beatles 

Thank you mom for being a mother and a father 
to me (and for being great at both). Secondly, 
thank you for constantly pushing me to be the 
best and for reminding me that I am, in fact, 
smart, even when I don't act like it. You are my 
best friend, my mentor, and my greatest fan. I 
love you, mom. To Nana & Pop, thank you for 
spoiling me and for teaching me so much about 
life. You have no idea the impact you have had. 
To Pam and Dave, thanks for being there and for 
taking care of your little sis. Thanks to Katie for 
being my family even when 1 felt like I had none 
and for putting up with me for 15 years. You are 
more than a best friend to me, you are my sister. 
To Cindy, thanks for always knowing what to 
say. Jackie, you are crazy. But thats okay because 
you're always up for a laugh and for a good 
time. Thanks for being my partner in crime ;-). 
Thanks to all the teachers who not only made me 
learn, but also think. To everyone else, you know 
who you are. Love you guys. See you soon. XO 

1 ^ 

Cross Country 1; Soccer 2-4; | 
Basketball 1; Softball 1; Lacrosse i| 
2; Track 3 , 

"/;; this great future, you can't forget your 
past. " -Bob Marlcy 

To my family- thank you for everything. 
Mom & Dad for pushing me to be the bes» 
I can and believing in me unconditionall\jl 
I love you both. Brian and Adam, you areij 
amazing brothers and I love you for it. Toi 
all my girls- thank you for being who youf 
are. Remember to always smile and be 
yourselves because you are all beautiful 
inside and out. We've always managed toP 
have fun on our crazy adventures. I love 
you all. To my guys- thanks for always 
making me laugh, you're awesome. Love ^ ' 
you. My soccer girls - the best ever- one . 
love. NHS teachers, thanks for getting t 
me here. Class of '08-thanks for these 
unforgettable years. Congratulations and ' 
best of luck. 

William Robert Doolan 

Will, Bilhj-Bob, Scnmm 

iurf Culture 1-4; Film Club 3-4; 
joccer 1-2 

Diih." -jomthmi Aprcct 

The things i/ou oum end up owning you." 
Tyler Dunicn 

It's only after we've lost everything that were 
fee to do anything." -Tyler Durden 

'hanks to everyone this year for a good 
ime. Thanks Blair, Montoya, Cole, Nick, 
:ach, Kevin, Pzark!, WeeBiff, Sarah, 
jwynne, Lauren, Nick, Steve, Jon, Chris 
^eaney, Mike Kauff, JOB, Shane, Nick, 
/lorn. Dad, Lady, PETE!, Nick, Dan Dan, 
■uUi down!, Jwein Yeah, Nick and every- 
ne else. Yeah... 

James Edward Dow 

Jimmy, Jimmy Doiv, 

Winter Track 1-4; Spring Track 1- 
4; Golf 1; Amnesty International 
3-4; JSA 3-4; Jazz Bandl-4; Band 4 

'"Where do uv go from here nnd lohat did i/oii 
do xoith the directions? Promise me no dead end 
streets, nnd Til giiareentee -we'll have the road..." 
-Billic loe Armstrong 

"I guess..." -Garth Algar from Wa\/ne's World 

Over already? Yeah I guess it did go by pretty 
quick. Some things I would have never been 
able to get by without are my friends, family and 
music. I'd like to thank Paul, good luck hope we 
stay in touch as long as possible, Eric, for sick 
jams and complaining about people asking for 
rides, PJ, music talks. Also, my music buds AJ, 
Chuck, Kraven, Pete M, Pete W, Nick T, Colin 
B, Dave H, Danny C, Q and especially Paul and 
Eric. I'd also like to thank my mom and dad 
for the support, Emily for being the best sister I 
could have asked for, and Kraven, Yes Kraven, 
for many jam sessions, car rides, baseball games, 
wrestling matches, hockey games. Dinners gone 
so horribly wrong, and anything else we have 
done to annoy people. And finally I would like 
to thank anyone who has listened to me, be a 
fortune cookie or listen to me ask a question that 
they just answered. Good luck everyone! I bid 
you a very fond farewell. 

Steven Andrew Doyle 

Drama 1-4; Ski Team 1-4; 
Robotics 1-4; Young Republicans 
1-2; Sailing Club 1-4; Film Club 

"/ have something to do before the end. I must 
see it through." -J.R.R. Tolkien 

Thanks to my family for all your support, 
thanks to Joanna for putting me in yovir 
thank yous, thanks to Emperor Palpatine, 
Rufus ShinRa, Hannah Montana, and 
Aragorn for your money, guidance, and 

Elizabeth Marie Duggan 

Liz, DBonib 

Decibelles 1-4 

Thank you Mom & Dad for supporting 
me and helping me in everything I did. 
Love you guys. Kathryn- thanks for being 
the best sister ever. I'm really gunna 
miss you! To Lisa and Kenny- thanks for 
being my second family and pretending 
like 1 was one of your own. Its meant a 
lot these past 14 years. Evbev- Thanks 
for being the brother I never had and 
always making me laugh. Jenna- words 
can't describe what we've done and been 
through these past 14 years. You're my 
best friend and always will be. Love you! 
And to all my girls- 1 couldn't have asked 
for a better group of friends. We've had so 
many good times, 1 know I'll never find 
another group that could ever come close 
to you guys! As for the herd of '08, good 
luck and have fun! 

Paulina Dyko 

PniilWnJl, Pniiliiinlinn, Linn, Linka 

Cheerleading 1-4; Art Club 1-4 

"Tlie price of nin/tliiiig is the amount of life 
\/oii exchange for it." -Henri/ David Tlioreau 

To all of my family, friends, teachers and 
even strangers, who have helped me gain 
enough knowledge to direct me towards a 
new, challenging path for me- Thank you. 

Cameron Christopher Evans 

Cniu, Snjuoset, Belbrniit, Ron, 

Football 1-4 (capt); Basketball 1- 
4; Baseball 2-4; Best Buddies 1-4 ' 

"Life's like a novel with the end ripped out. 
The edge of a canyon with onhj one way \ 
do'wn. Take what you're given before its gone.i 
Start lioldiiig on, keep holding on. " 
-Rascal Flat'ts 

First and foremost I would like to thank '| 
my parents for always being there to 
support me through the good and bad 
times. 1 am thankful for the person they 
have raised me to be. Also to my brother 
and sisters thank you for all the guidance! 
help and for always pushing me through || 
tough things in life. To all my friends, 
thank you for all the good times spent 
together whether it was on the playing 
field or just hanging out and hopefully 
the road doesn't have to end here. Lastly 
thank you to all my coaches and teachers 
who have put up with me over the years. 
I am truly grateful. Most importantly Mr. 
Paine for always being there right by my 
side from the travel soccer days until now 
Thanks Class of '08 and Good Luck. -Carm 

Andrew Jacob Ewing 

Big Ew, Ezu-Dog, Jeff Begin 

Robotics 1-4; Golf 1-2 

"History will be iiind to mcjor 1 intend to 
write it." -Sir Winston Churchill 

The past four years at NHS have been an 
experience that 1 will never forget. I have 
had some great experiences and bad too. I 
have had some amazing classes, teachers and 
experiences. When 1 think back to NHS in 
the future, I will always remember Norwell 
Robotics, Team #348. 1 took part in building 
four robots and too many resurrections of Big 
jimmy. I have been a Scout, Human Player, 
Coach, Secondary Driver, Director of Opera- 
tions and Team Leader. 1 have gone to Boston 
(Putting!), Manchester (Big Jimmy), Orlando 
(The Hotel??), Cleveland (Dumpster Diving), 
New York (#1), Atlanta (MARTA Guy, "Get out 
of my Base", "Checkers, If McDonald made 
unhealthy food") and New Orleans ("All y'all 
want cheese"). I cannot thank Herm, Kwol, the 
Browne's, Mr. Nycz, Mr. Spradlin and all the 
other mentors and sponsors enough for giving 
me the opportunity to take part in this great 
program. My life has truly been changed by 
this high school by the good, the bad and the 

Kelly Marie Fanning 

Band 1-4; Amnesty International 
1-3; Pep Band 1-3 

"Life takes you through lots of tough rhythms 
and beats, but just like in music, the show 
must go on." -anonymous 

Thank you to all my friends, family and 
teachers who helped me through high 
school. Thank you to all my friends, 
especially: Martha, Ronny, Jason, Joe 
Lewnard, Meg, Michelle, Steve, Mike, all 
of my music buddies at NEC and GBYSO, 
all of my coworkers at Payless, and all 
my bassoon buddies I met through South 
Shore Conservatory. Thank you to all 
my music teachers who have helped me 
get to where I am now in my musical 
career: Janet Underbill, Lynda Jacquin, 
Don Bravo, Ben Bolter, Jackie Devoe, Mr. 
Anthony, Mr. O'Briant, Mr. Weller and 
many more. And last but not least thank 
you to my mom and dad for always sup- 
porting me, especially in my music. 

Thomas Kehoe Finkenstaedt 

Fink, Stinky Finky, Finkbags 

Football 1-4 (capt.); Basketball 

"You know I was thinking ive could go back 
home, have some di)uier and maybe pop in the 
Sisqo CD." -Will Ferrell 

Thanks to all my friends who really know 
how to have a good time. Kate, James, 
Lindsay thanks for all your help. Mom & 
Dad thanks for dealing with everything 
all these years. Appreciate all the help 
from my teachers & coaches. Good luck & 
thanks for all the good times. 

Nicholas Richard Fiore 

Nick, Fiore 

Soccer 1-2; Robotics 1-2; 
Wrestling 3; Track 2-3 

I would like to thank everyone that has 
been a part in my life. First I will start 
with my parents, you guys have always 
been pushing me to be the best I can be, 
and my sister Jaime, you have been a 
big inspiration and have always been 
fun to be around. Also to all my friends, 
you've been great and you have always 
been there for me especially you Liz. And 
finally I would like to thank all the teach- 
ers I have had in the past years at NHS. 
Congratulations to the Class of '08. 

Allyson Michelle Fitzgibbons 

Fitzy, Ally, Al 

Field Hockey 1-4; Dance Team 
1-4 (capt.) ; Best Buddies 1-4; 
Peer Education 3-4; Deaf Culture 
2; Art Club 3-4 

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If 
you can dream it, you can become it. " 
-'William Arthur Ward 

First of all I would like to thank my parents 
for always being there for me and helping me 
throughout my journeys. You guys are the best, 
I can't thank you enough. Thanks to all my 
teachers who have pushed me and helped me 
to succeed throughout high school. Thank you 
to all my friends who have made high school 
worthwhile. The group- we've had some fun 
times this past year and I know there will be 
plenty more to come. To all my friends, I'll 
never forget the great times we have had and 
I can't wait to make even more memories with 
you all! Erin- thank you for not only being my 
sister but my best friend, muah! And lastly to 
the clas of '08, Good Luck. PEACE 

Mark James French j 

Football 4, Wrestling 3-4; Track 
3-4; Jazz Band 3-4 

"If you never try, then you're already given 
up. " -Tomas Kalnoky 

I would like to thank all the teachers in Nor- ■ 
well High School for making my school daysj 
easier throughout the years with your friendll 
gestures and kind hearts. I would like to thai! 
Coach Sullivan for making me a key part of 
the football and wrestling team. I would like-i 
to thank Mr Lantier as well for giving me twi 
great track seasons. 1 would also like to than!. 
Mr O'Briant for integrating me into his jazz 
band, and teaching me all that I wished to 
know about music. My friends deserve a lot 
my thanks too, for keeping me happy on dov 
times and supporting me in whatever I do. 
Most of all I would like to thank my aunt Fre, 
and Uncle Jay, who are the only reason this 
could all happen, and I am forever grateful fii 
everything they have done for me. 

Nicholas Alan Gacicia 

Cheech, Chai/ch 

GwYNNE Margaret Gallagher 

Pengun/mie, Egg 

Michael Lawrence Genatossio 

Geno, Mikey G, Chesta 

Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-4 (capt.); 
Robotics 1-4 

'Life is not divided into semesters, you don't 
^et summers off, and very few employers are 

■ nterested in helping you find youself." 

\ -Bill Gates 


^irst I would like to thank my family. 
[ VFom and Dad, thank you for support- 
« ng me through every challenge that 
li have faced. Jon thanks for being my 
lest buddy. And Ro, thanks for your 
jnconditional love. I have so many good 
Tiemories from my childhood and high 
ichool that I could not possibly list them 
J ill. Thanks to all of my friends for making 
t a wild, interesting and memorable ride. 
I 3ood luck to class of '08!!! 

Cross Country 2-4 (capt.); Winter 
Track 2-4 (capt.); Spring Track 
1-4 (capt.); Math Team 2-4; 
Amnesty International 1-4 

"We )iever know how high we are, Till ive are 
called to rise; And then if we are true to plan. 
Our statures touch the skies." 
-Emily Dickinson 

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful 
lot, nothing is going to get betttcr. It's not." 
-Dr. Seuss 

Thanks so much Mom and Dad for being 
the great parents that you are and for sup- 
porting me in everything I choose to do; 
you don't know how much I appreciate 
it. Branwen and Morgan- thanks for being 
great sisters and my most trusted fashion 
consultants. To my friends- you're one 
amazing group of people and 1 wouldn't 
change you for the world. Nobody but 
you guys could make doing nothing so 
much fun. To XC- I love you guys almost 
as much as 1 hate grassloops. Good luck 
next season! And thanks class of '08 for all 
the great memories! 

Basketball 1-4 (capt.); 
Baseball 1-4; Cross Country 3 

"Play like Toine, the most versatile player in 
the NBA." -Antoine Walker 

Thanks Mom and Dad for always being 
there. Thank you brothers and sisters for 
supporting me. All my boys and girls, 
the basketball, baseball and soccer teams 
thanks for making all these four years 

Nicholas Francis Genatossio 
Nick, Nick G 

Cross Country 2-4 (capt); Basket- 
ball 1; Baseball 1-2; Winter Track 
2-4; Spring Track 3-4 

Thanks mom and dad for always being 
there for me. Thanks Laurie, Samantha 
and Tom for all your support. 

Joanna Devin Ghilardi 


Soccer 1-2; Basketball 1; 
Lacrosse 1-2; Field Hockey 3-4; 
Peer Ed 3-4 

"If you don't after what you xoaut, you'll 
never have it. If you don't ask, tlie answer is 
always no. If you don't step forivard, you're 
always in the same place." -Nora Roberts 

Mom & Dad every day with you was 
an adventure but 1 couldn't have done 
it without you, thanks for everything! 
LaLa and RayRay thanks for giving me 
something to look up to. You two are the 
best!!! SD thanks for always "doing the 
fighting." Italia '07 thanks everyone for 
making it special. Thanks to the friends 
who made my time at NHS something 
worth remembering!! Three princesses <3 
Good luck with everything... Weee thanks 
for being there and good luck next year... 
Congrats class of 2008 and good luck class 
of '09!! 

Sean Andrew Good 

Goodie, Seamj B. Good, Scaiiy Bnby 
Good, Seainj Baby Good Daivg, 
S money, Debbie 

Student Gov 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; 
Football 1-4; Baseball 1-2; Sprini, 
Track 3-4 , 

"Some will win, some ivill lose. Some are ho 
to sing the blues. Oh the movie never ends, , 
goes on and on and on and on." -journey 

"/ know how you feel." -Lauren Harrison 

Hey thanks guys its been reel, we keep it fres 
all trew da fowa yurs hur at NHS. Thank you' 
all for having me as your vice president for a 
great 3 years. Thanks to the football for keep-' 
ing me involved through my injury & thank.'^ 
the wrestling team for just always being then 
when 1 need a friend. Thanks mini zoo for 
keeping me in check. Thanks egg for telling i 
what to do & both of u for taking jokes too fn 
Number 3 ur always there for me e\ en vvhcni 
may not want u to be. Jimbo great per.sonaliti 
Kevco lets throe sum discus. Sharp tooth u &. 
ur mom are very nice & fun. Gretchen Wiene 
u really do know everything. Voted most likt 
to b lanky. Just everyone who reads this ill m. 
u all. Ned Butler (quitter) I hart you nick lyle.i 
143 dan van ur a drop out but ur all gunna b" 
the leaders of the school next year so yall bat 
step up. 

Jenna Marie Gray 

JGrni/, ], Mullet 

ioccer 2-4; Winter Track 1-2; Soft- 
)all 1-4; Dance Team 1-4; Sailing 
Zlub 1; Field Hockey 1 

/ fi^iDT life's a gift ami I don't intend on 
'nsti)ig it." -Titanic 

would like to thank my loving family for 
Ivvays being there for me. Mom, my best 
riend; Dad, my hero- you are the most caring 
nd supportive parents. I can't thank you 
nough and I love you count the stars. Ebaby- 
ou're an amazing little brother, I'll always 
a\ e your back. Thanks for always being able 
1 make me laugh. Marie, Bill, and Kat- thank 
oil for being my second family - 1 love you. 
iz, you're the best. Thanks for putting up 
l ith me for all these years! Thank you to all 
ny amazing friends for countless memories, 
'.rowing up with you has filled my life with 
o much fun and laughter Soccer girls- "Don't 
top belie\'ing!" Italia '07- amazing. Ms. 
harpe, Ms. Gilmore, and Nurse Smith- 1 can't 
ill you how much I appreciate all your help! 
o so many wonderful teachers- thank you for 
'Oth the academic and life lessons you have 
Hight me. Herd of '08- reach for the stars! 
iood luck and congratulations! Love, Jenna 

Matthew David Gunville 

Mntt, Giiuville, Giiustock, 
Pistol town, Mattxj Guns 

Robotics 1-4; Tennis 1-4; 
Student Gov 3-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; Golf 1-2; Stage Crew 

"M).' Tn/ Not. Do or do not. There is no try." 

Thank you to my family, teachers, and 
the Class of '08, for making my 4 years at 
NHS unforgetable. Thank you mom and 
dad for all of your help and support. To 
my sister, Alyssa, good luck with the rest 
of high school! Thanks to all my teachers 
who helped me get through school. To the 
Class of '08, 1 won't forget the great times 
we had, the homecoming wall meetings, 
spirit week and all of our class trips. A 
special thanks to Herm, Kwol, and the 
rest of the robotics team for all the good 
times, playing halo in the airport, putting 
in the hallways at hotels and at Bean- 
town and staying at school until 1:00 a.m. 
finishing the robot, and all the other good 
times. Go Three fo' eight! Thank you to 
anyone I forgot and... Congrats Class of 
'08! Good luck, I couldn't have asked for a 
better class. 

David Laurence Haber-Mattie 

Robotics 2-4; Paintball Club 3-4 

"If yon want a thing done well, do it 
yourself" -Napoleo)! Bonaparte 

I would like to thank the high school for 
all of the friends I made and the teachers 
that helped me. Also, I would like to say 
that the high school was a great place and 
I've had a lot of fun. 


Nicholas Richard Hager 

Band 1-4; Navigator 2-4; Ski 
Team 3-4; Film Club 3-4; 
JSA 1; Music Club 2; 
National Honor Society 3-4 

"/ may not have gone where I intended to go, 
but I think I have ended up ivhere I needed to 
be. " -Douglas Adams 

"Praise be to Nero's Neptune, the Titanic sails 
at Dawn, and everybody's shouting, which 
side are you on?" -Bob Dylan 

"I'm very proud of you Bob Dylan." 
-Cynthia Gooding 

I'd like very much to thank everyone, so 
much in fact, that I will. Thanks to my 
teachers for a perfectly tolerable four 
years. Thanks to my family for their 
unending support. Thanks particularly 
to my parents for changing my name to 
Cole, good call on that one. To my friends, 
good luck to you all. At the risk of ram- 
bling, I'll cut this short. So long, Norwell 
High School, and thanks for all the fish. 

Katherine Stillman Halowacf 

Katie, Kate ' 

"Remember, tlic greatest gift is )iot found in 
store nor under a tree, but in the licarts oftr, 
-Cindy Lou Who 

Dear Mom and Dad, thank you, and 1 love 
you. Mom, thank you for putting up with me 
& always being there for me and Dad, I've 
learned so much from you and I'll always be 
your little girl. Brian, even if I think you're th' 
most annoying brother EVER, I still love you 
more than anything and I know you're alway 
going to be there for me and I hope you knov- 
I'll always be there for you, too. I can't believi 
I'm actually going to college in a few months 
All of my girls, I'll miss you the most. We've 
had some ridiculous times, I can't emphasize 
that enough. Shannon, you're the best friend 
anyone could ask for & 1 love you so much...\ 
can still go to Marshfield during the summer." 
PJ, I love you too, I know you'll always be in 
my life. Class of 2008, good luck to everyone^ 
We're all done and high school is actually ; 
over! It flew by but 1 know everyone will do 
amazingly in whatever you choose. Thanks H 
everyone who has guided me through the pa 
four years. '08 I'll miss you! 

Jennifer Dawn Hanson 

Jen, Boo, Jesim, Zol, Jenny Penny, 
Dnwnifer, Stormin' Mormon 

Zheerleading 1-3; Peer Education 

for / had seen a vision; I knew it, and I knew 
'lat God kneiv it, and I could not deny it, 
citlter dared I do it." -Josepli Smith 

It's easier to leave than to be left behind." 

lom and Dad, "Thank you kindly" for 
aising me to be the person I am and 
?T providing me with everything I've 
eeded. Kerstin, Lee, Mark, and Carin, 
lanks for being great examples for me 
nd sharing all you've learned to aid my 
rowth. Mandalyn and my other friends, 
lanks for being like my sisters and stick- 
ig together through good times and bad. 
immy J, thank you so much for support- 
ig me and helping me these two years, 
bu've become my best friend and my 
etter half. I'll never forget you. Thanks 
gain all. I've made it this far and look 
irward to future good times to add to 
le past ones. 

Sallie Secor Hardy 

Pans, Shardy 

Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1,2, 4; Soft- 
ball 1; Lacrosse 4 

"If the cops conic, I'm out." -Coriunc Perry 
"Live everyday like your birthday. " 
-Paris Hilton 

"Don't stopj believing." -Journey 

Thanks mom for always being there for me and 
being my best friend. Thanks Dad for support- 
ing me and making everything all right. The "Big 
Girl/' you're a champion. Tom, thanks for show- 
ing me a good time and being the best big brother 
My teachers thank you for putting up with me 
and showing me the way. All my ladies, thanks 
for being the best part of my life. From Ching 
Chong, to the "Red Class," to the "Pink Ladies", to 
the Senior Girls. We finally made it through all the 
good times and memories. My 4 years of soccer 
with Emo and Pat have been amazing ride. Girls 
Soccer 07, thank you for the best last year Love 
you girls so much & "Remember the Name." Girls 
Soccer '06, love you girls so much. "Don't Stop 
Believing." Thongpaithoons, thank you for being a 
part of my life and being my second family. I hope 
you butter all your milks to come. Thanks Lizzy 
for being there for me since our ghetto years in 
fifth grade. I love you and "shake dat laffy taffy." 
Good Luck to Mr Swartz first period Geometry 
Class. Julie, you can never be mad at someone 
who makes you laugh. I love you Shnunu. Class 
of '08 we finally made it, good luck. I love you all 
and I'll be seeing you all later Vinal love, peace. 

Lauren Rebecca Harrison 

LHarr, Harrison, Mini Zoo 

Lacrosse 1-2; Winter Track 2-3; 
XC 1-4 (capt.); National Honor 
Society 3-4; Peer Ed. 3-4; Best 
Buddies 1-4 

"/ can do all things through Christ who 
strengthens me." -Philippians 4:13 

Mom and Dad, thanks for all your love and 
support in all I have done; for coming to every 
ceremony, game, meet, or concert no matter 
what else you had to do. Thank you for raising 
me in such a strong home and giving me a firm 
foundation in my faith. I am so lucky to have 
parents as great as you. Thanks also to S.Harr- 
my sister, my friend. Thanks for always being 
there in the situations only a sister can help 
with. You are such an amazing role model that 
I have always tired to live up to and hope I can 
some day imitate-maybe without the duster 
though. I would like to thank my teachers for 
pushing me to always do my best. Thanks to 
all my friends for making high school so much 
fun. Whether we are just watching a movie or 
jumping on a moon walk, the memories are 
endless and full of laughter. Thanks for putting 
up with my "jokes" and getting me through 
everything else- I'd be lost without you. Good 
luck wherever you end up next and remem- 
ber you'll always be in my heart and prayers. 

Melissa Jane Hearns 

Meliss, Lissa 

Field Hockey 1-4; Tennis 2-3; 
Snowboard Club 1-4 (pres.); Surf 
Culture 1-4 

"The only constant is chmi^e." -Anoni/ntous 

Thank you to everyone who has been a 
part of my life growing up in Norwell. 
The lessons you have taught me will stay 
with me wherever life takes me next. 
Thank you to all the friends who have 
been there from the beginning and all 
the friends I have made along the way, 
you have made me who I am and I could 
never repay you enough for everything 
you've done for me. Kileigh, words don't 
begin to explain. Marissa, we will rule 
the world. Alyssa, thank you for always 
being reliable. Kiley, thank you for being 
a paradox. Africans! Love you all, thank 
you for sharing such an incredible experi- 
ence with me. Thank you to my family 
for always providing for me and putting 
up with me. Thank you NHS for all the 
opportunities, good luck everyone! 

Kevin Farrell Helm 

Mini-bcnst, LCG, Helm Slice, Nice 
Eyes, Mustafa, Patties, Kevin at the 
Helm, Hurricane Helms, Grand Theft 
Helm, 20,000 leagues under the Helm 

Student Gov. 1-4; Best Buddies 1- 
4; Bowling Club 2-4; Football 1-4 
(capt); Basketball 1-2; Lacrosse 
1-4 (capt.) 

"The pessimist complains about the wind. 
The optimist expects it to change. The leader 
adjusts the sails." -John Maxwell 
"Ma, can roe get some meatloaf!...Mom, the 
meat loaf!" -Wedding Crashers 

First, I want to thank my friends. Thanks for 
all the good times and turning nothing into 
something. The wiffle ball games and the end- 
less amount of welts we played, seemed crazy 
at times and maybe they were but they were 
always a good time. To the Africa and Italy 
crew- thanks for everything and don't forget it. 
Thank you to all my teachers and coaches for 
always being there and helping me out. Finally, 
thank you to my parents and my brother and 
sister. 1 couldn't have done it without you. 
Thanks for always pushing me and being there 
for me. 1 could always count on seeing you 
guys at my games. The last 4 years have been a 
lot of fun, don't forget them, but good luck and 
make the next 4 even better! 

Colin Martin Henry 

Chen, Clieury 

Soccer 1-4 (capt.); Winter Track : 
4 (capt.); Spring Track 1-4 (capt.) 

"Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, oi 
an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually i 
will subside and something else will take its 
place. If I quit, however, it lasts foreve^." 
-Lance Armstrong 

I would like to thank my mom, my dad, 
and my brothers for all the support they 
have given me over the past four years, 
would also like to thank the teachers an 
the coaches I have had during my high 
school years. Last but not least, 1 would 
like to thank all my friends for making 
high school a good time: summer wiffle 
ball series, all night halo 1 and 2, long 
ping pong battles with ank, and many 

Cory Robert Himberg 

MicAELA Katharine Hines 

Cynthia Ann Horigan 

Himberg, Himbe, Berg, Hirnbe Hustle 

Mic, Hans, Hines Ward 

football 1-4; Hockey 1-4; 
Jaseball 1-4 

7 ftniili/ believe tlint any iiinii's finest liour, 
he greatest fiilfillineiit of all that he holds 
'ear, is the nwinent when he has worked his 
•enrt out i)i a good cause and lies exhausted 
n the field of battle- victorious." 
Vince Lonibardi 

would like to thank my parents. They 
lave done so much for me with going 
my games and other things. I want to 
hank my brothers for being there for me. 
hanks to everyone of my teammates that 
have played with making every year 
;reat. Thanks everyone for a great four 

Field Hockey 1-4; Swimming 1-4; 
Diving 2-4; Baseball Manager 3- 
4; Football Manager 4; Surf Cul- 
ture 1-4; Student Gov 1-4; Dance 
Team 1-4 (capt.) 

"I can finally say, this has all been wonderful 
but noio I'm on niy way." -Phish 
"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but 
in ourselves." - William Shakespeare 

I can't believe we finally made it! Thanks to all the 
people who have made these years the best. To my 
friends, so many great times. Red Sox games, swim 
meets, Africa '06. You all have made these years 
incredibly fun and filled with laughter. Mom & 
Dad, we don't see eye to eye on everything but you 
never fail to support and love me through all of my 
endeavors. Ryan, sorry again about your tooth, but 
it was going to fall out anyway. MaryKate, thanks 
for being an amazing sister and for being the big- 
gest dork I know! Have fun in high school, you'll 
love it! Saniuk, Ms. Fox and Sandra thank you 
for all that you have done for me, I'm grateful for 
everything that each of you have taught me inside 
and outside of the classroom. Lastly, the Napolita- 
nos and Moores, thank you for opening your hearts 
and homes to me and for becoming my second 
families. Good luck class of '08! Go Sox! 

Cheerleading 1-2; Art Club 2-4 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world. 

First of all, I'd like to thank my parents 
for all of the love and support that they 
have given me in these last four years. 
To all my friends, thank you for making 
these past few years such a memorable 
experience. Amanda and Katherine- 
though we've spent our high school years 
apart, I have always considered you 
two of my best friends, thanks to much 
for being there. Jess- for over ten years 
you've been a great and reliable friend, 
thank you for always being there for me. 
To all my friends and peers, I wish you all 
good luck and success in your futures. 

Kendall Phillips Kellaway III 

Killer K, Kendall Frickin' Kellaway 

Katherine Moran Kelly 

James Michael Kelly 


Football 1-4 (capt.); Wrestling 1-4 
(capt.); Lacrosse 1-4; Student Gov 

"There is no security in this life. There is only 
opportunity." -General Douglas MacArthur 

Thanks to my family for putting up with 
me and for always being there! Thanks to 
my friends for some solid times. Thanks 
to ail my teammates. Josh Adams for 
being a junior, and good luck to all the 

Field Hockey 1-4 (capt); Basket- 
ball 1-2; Tennis 1-4; Diversity 1-4; 
Best Buddies 1-4; Newspaper 3-4 

"Celebrate we loill 'cause life is short but 
sweet for certain. " -Dave Mattheios Band 

Mom & Dad- thank you so much for always 
being there for me and supporting me with 
everything I have done. You guys are amaz- 
ing. Maura & Meghan- even though we three 
are completely different people, you two have 
been two of the biggest influences on me and 
have taught me so much, thanks for being 
such great role models and big sisters. To my 
friends- we always manage to find a good time 
no matter where we are, thanks for everything! 
1 couldn't ask for better friends. Log, Jcrone & 
Jojo- D.C. room forever. Way too many good 
times. You girls have always been there for 
me and are like sisters to me, much love and 
thanks! Julie- no matter what, you deserve 
the biggest thanks for always being there for 
me and putting up with me through every- 
thing, you're truly an amazing person. Thanks 
for everything. To all my teachers- thanks! 
Couldn't have done it without you! Good luck 
herd '08! We finally made it! 

Cross Country 1-4 (capt); Bas- 
ketball 1; Winter Track 2; Spring 
Track 1-3; National Honor 
Society 3-4 

Thanks to all my friends who have made 
these past four years better than 1 could 
have ever imagined. To the Group, and 
more importantly, my best friends- high 
school wouldn't have been nearly as fun 
without you! Thank you Kathleen for 
your encouragement and reassurance, 
and thank you Rachel for dragging me 
out of bed every morning. To Mom and 
Dad- thank you for supporting me with 
everything 1 do, 1 love you. To the class ol 
2008: good luck with everything you do, 
it's been fun! 

Alicia Jayne Kent 

Slia, Lccsli 

"ross Country 1-2; Lacrosse 1-2; 
ield Hockey 3; Gymnastics 2; 
Vinter Track 1; Best Buddies 2-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4 

Take what i/oii cniifroiu your dreams, make 
will as real as ain/tliing. " 
Dave Matthews Band 

Congrats 2008! Dad and Jen thank you 
3 much for everything. I couldn't have 
otten this far without you and I love 
ou! Mom and Mike thank you for 
Iways being there for support. I love you 
nd always miss you. Clara, baby baker, 
ou are the best friend a girl could have 
nd 1 love you. We will always be friends 
o matter what. Callie, Kenzie, Parker, 
iddie. Bailey, I love you guys so much 
nd 1 will miss you next year! Britt and 
iWie, my new fam, you are the best and I 
■)ve you and will miss you. Thanks to my 
ests who have always been there for me- 
:S, BS, LT, CP, MT I don't know where 
.■e'll be in 10 years but 1 hope we will still 
e friends. LOVE -Alicia 


Marie Kathryn Keohane 

Field Hockey 1-4 (capt.); Basket- 
ball 1-2; Lacrosse 1-4 

"No matter how much we hurt tliem, tlie 
people with us at the end of the day- those are 
the ones zvorth keeping." -Grey's Anatomy 

Congrats class of '08, we finally made it. First 
I would like to thank my parents. Dad- thanks 
for the endless support and lo\'e you've given 
me and for always being able to make me 
smile. I love you and I'll always be your little 
girl. Mom- thanks for always being my best 
friend and my role model, and for sticking 
by me at my my most unlovable moments. 
I'll love you forever, for always and no matter 
what. Shamus and Lily- thanks for always 
being there. Shamus thanks for helping me 
with all my troubles. Lily I'm sure you'll be 
able to hold down the fort, and just remem- 
ber I'm always here for you. Love you guys. 
Finally thanks to all my friends who made 
the past four years truly unforgettable. The 
laughter, tears, heartaches, and joys that we've 
shared truly have been the best times of my 
life. You have all made a huge impact on my 
life and have given me the best memories pos- 
sible. You will always be in my heart. Con- 
gratulations Herd '08, may you find happiness 
in ail you choose to do. 

Patrick Thomas Laffin 

P-Laf, Laff 

Baseball 1-4 (capt.); Soccer 1-4; 
Basketball 1; Track 2; Peer Ed 
3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; 
Robotics 3-4; Best Buddies 1-4 

"To the ivoiid you may be one person, but to one 
person you may be the world. " 

Thank you to everyone at NHS that made me feel 
so welcomed and accepted when I first moved 
liere freshman year. Thanks to everyone that 
visited me or took the time to call or write me in 
the hospital; it means more to me than you will 
ever know. Thank you to Cory for being my first 
friend and helping me adjust. Ryan Paine for 
being my best friend and showing me the ropes. 
Thanks to my crew, Dempsey, Whitey, & Mikey, 
for all the great times. Chris, thanks for always 
being there for me to talk to. Thank you Mr 
Jacobs, Mr. Browne for being such great teachers 
and coaches, but more importantly, great friends. 
But the people that I owe the most thanks to are 
my parents. Everything I do well is a reflection of 
my being raised by the best parents in the world. 
I cannot even describe how much I love you and 
how much thanks you deserve. And last but not 
least thank you Erin for always being there for 
me to talk to, watch a movie with or vent to; you 
are my best friend and always will be. I love you 
Dad, Mom, and Erin more than you will ever 

Andrew Robert Lawrence 

Robotics 1-2; Football 1; Karate 

'"But you didn't prove that vanilla was the 
best.' 7 didn't have to. I proved that you're 
ivrong, and if you're wrong, I'm right.' 'But 
you still didn't convince me.' 'It's that I'm not 
after you. I'm after them.'" 
-Thank You For Smoking 

I would like to thank everyone that has 
ever passed through my life and touched 
it in a good or bad way. Thank you for 
making me who I am today through 
learning what I like about people and 
what I dislike, adding their ideas and 
ways of life to my own person. 1 thank 
you all. 

Andrew James Lawson 

Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Best 
Buddies 1-4 

Thank you to my Mom, Dad, big sister 
Sarah and my Bridgey-Bee. 1 love you 
all. Thank you to Ms. Field for English 
class, "Hoop Dreams" and always being 
there to help, Ms. Rheault (lazy bones and 
pokey puppy), Ms. Schad and Ms. Boyer 
for making school (and work) fun! Thank 
you Ms. Scott (pal), Ms. Lutchman and 
Ms. Ingeme for keeping me in line and 
helping me when 1 needed it, Ms. Mclnnis 
for taking care of all the other stuff! Thank 
you Mr. Browne-man for four years of 
science and varsity soccer... you are the 
best... Mr. T-man for JV soccer and fresh- 
man basketball, Mr. Hannigan for JV Bas- 
ketball... 1 loved it all! Mr. Paine for your 
driving lessons, special deliveries and 
support.. .thanks! Thank you Mr Devine 
and Ms. Keating for your help and your 
patience! To my classmates, my team- 
mates, my buddies, thanks for always 
being there for me. 1 couldn't have done it 
without you. You are the best. 1 will miss 
you. Good luck to all my buddies. 

Jeffrey Paul Leary 

]eff, Goon, Slirooin 

Golf 1-4; Basketball 1-3 

"The greater danger for iiuKt of ;/s lies not ii. 
setting our aim too high and falling short; In 
in setting our aim too low, and achieving oiii 
mark." -Michelangelo 


I want to thank all my teachers who hav' 
given me a great education for the past 
four years, thanks to all my friends for 
the good times throughout my life. Thar 
you Mom, Dad, and Aidan for supportii 
me and everything else, 1 love you guys. 
Good luck in the future class of '08. 

MiCHELE Catherine Lewis 

Slwlh/, Shell-Bell, Petri, Lezv, Mich, 
Shelly Lew Who 

Field Hockey 1-4 (capt.); Basket- 
ball 1-4 (capt.); Softball 1, 2, 4; 
Track 3 

Aiiotlur tnrnin^'^ point, a fork stuck in the road. 

fmu'^rahs you In/ the wrist, directs you where to 
i ;o. So make the best of this test aud dou't nsk why. 

7's not n question but a lesson learned in time. It's 
, ■oiiietlii)i<^ unpredictable but in the end it's right. I 
^ lope i/ou had the time of your life. " -Green Day 

Thanks to my family for all the love and good 
" imes. Mom and Dad thanks for always being 
here. I couldn't have done it without you. Jim 
ind Matt you are the best brothers in the entire 
\(irld. Thank you for always giving me good 
'd\ ice. Rach you are the greatest older sister. 
v\y freshman year was awesome because I was 
\ ith you. Thanks for the dance parties. Kacc 
•\ en though you are younger than me, you 
i.n e always been my "older" sister. These two 
ears with you have been amazing. You and 
sach ha\ e always been my very best friends. 
lo\ e you all so much! LP drivers ed was 
;reat.... Betty and Timmy. I'll miss you! Ayo Jon 
hanks for the raisinets. To all the '08ers good 
uck in whatever you do. To my teammates on 
he Field Hockey, Basketball and Softball teams 
hanks for the memories. It's been fun! 

Ryan Jeffrey Lind 

Ri/n/, Magnificent, Ryguy 

French-American Exchange 3 

"Tinic enjoyed wasting was not time wasted." 
-John Leiiiioii 

I can't thank enough those who have 
helped me and prepared me to be who I 
am today, and who I will be tomorrow. 
It's hard for me to reflect on my four 
years of high school and put it into a 
thousand characters. My family- Mom, 
Dad, Hannah, Josh, Nana, they've all put 
up with me and will always be here for 
me. Even if my car breaks down (eight 
times, actually) and I'm two hours away 
on the Mass Pike or somewhere in NH. 
Amanda-Lee, you are ridiculous but I'll 
love you anyway. I don't know what I 
would do without you around. Joanna 
Ghilardi, you don't need to aspire, you've 
already become the most awesome 
FRIEND ever. Nina Hrebenko and Rachel 
Stanton are simply red and ridiculous. 
Ashley Dole, you're one rambunctious 
individual but somehow I'll manage. I 
don't think there's any good way to end 
this, so I'd also like to thank the academy. 
You stay classy, world. 

Meghan Kathleen Logue 

Log, Meggy 505, Plug 

Field Hockey 1-4 (capt.); Lacrosse ! 
1-2; Swimming 1-2; Tennis 3-4; | 
Best Buddies 1-4; Diversity 1-4; | 
Yearbook 4 ! 

"So just live, make mistakes, have wonderful 
times, hut never second guess who you are. " ;. 
-Sex and the City 

Thank you to all my friends for the 
unforgettable memories, best of luck in 
the future. Love you all! KK, JC, JT- D.C. 
love, way too many laughs, thanks for 
everything. RED CLASS- stay wild! Best 
times. Schad, Nurse, M. Field- thanks for* 
all your support the past four years. Jen, 
Kev, Ame, Ker, Liz- thanks for helping 
me through everything, I love you guys. 
Mike- good luck the next three years, 
you're a great brother and a great friend. 
Em & Mags- you got a long way to go. 
I'll always be here for you guys. M & D- 
thank you for your love and support, you 
are amazing parents, love you both. NHS 
FH/Tennis- good luck next year. Class of 
2008- Congrats! We did it! 

Thank you to everyone who has made 
my high school experience so great. Most 
importantly, to my friends. Thanks for 
all of the good times. Good luck to all of 
you guys in the future. Thanks to all the 
teachers and coaches for all of your help 
these past four years. A special thanks to 
Mr. Willis for everything you have taught 
me on and off the court. Mom, Dad, and 
Caitlin, thank you for your constant sup- 
port in everything I do. Good luck class of 
'08 and thanks for everything. 

My high school experience has been 
challenging, but also lots of fun. There 
are several people who I would like to 
thank for helping me to work towards a 
very bright future. So thank you to all my 
teachers and coaches, family and friends 
for all the knowledge and encouragement 
you have given me. There were three 
people who helped me more than anyone 
else. I would like to thank Mrs. Blum- 
berg for helping me whenever 1 asked, 
no matter how busy she was. Finally, my 
father who has always supported me 
and my mother who has always looked 
out for my best interests. 1 sure hope my 
college experience will be as great as my 
high school experience. 


Thanks to all of my teachers that have 
supported me this past year: Ms. Saniuk 
Ms. Ward and Ms. Cortright and special 
thanks to Ms. Field for supporting and 
believing in me. Mr. Devinc: Thank you 
for caring and treating me fairly. We 
had some interesting conversations and 
debates. n 

Mom and Dad: Thank you for never 
giving up. 

Peace Out 

Cassandra Jean Maynard 


diversity 1-4; Field Hockey 1-4; 
)ecibelles 2-4 

If the world could reinnin witliin a frame 
ke a painting on a imll, I think we would see 

t '/(' beauty then, and stand staring in aive. " 

L. Zonor Oberst 


"his year really did fly by like I was told 
' : would. Thank you to my mom and dad 
)r always being there when I needed 
ou the most. I wouldn't be where I am 
v'ithout you guys. Thank you Jacki, for 
ispiring me to be the best I can be. All 
ly friends, I am going to miss you all, I 
m lucky to have you guys. Good luck to 
\ eryone, I hope you all succeed in what 
ou choose to do. 

Stephanie Caitlyn McBain 

Voice 1-4; Amnesty International 
3-4; Halyard 3-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; French Club 2-3 

"/ hope you never look back but you never 
forget all the ones who love i/ou in the place 
you left." -Rascal Flatts 

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll 
land among the stars." -Anonymous 

First of all, thank you Mom, Dad, & Janice 
for always supporting me and believing 
in me, without you I would never have 
been able to achieve all that I have. I love 
you guys so much. Thank you Jaclyn 
for being both a good sister and a good 
friend. Thank you to all my friends- Erica, 
Chelle, Sephie, David, Heather, Emily, 
you've made the past four years so much 
fun. We've had some great times together- 
Sox Games, our frequent tennis games, to 
name a few. And to the class of '08- Con- 
gratulations and good luck! 

Michael Patrick McCarthy 

Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1; Winter 
Track 2-4; Spring Track 1-4 

"Impossible is just a big word thrown around 
by small men who find it easier to live in the 
world they've been given than to explore the 
power they have to change it. Impossible is 
not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a 
declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. 
Impossible is temporary. Impossible is 
nothing. " -Muliammed Ali 

I want to thank my parents for always 
being there for me. I will miss their love 
and support in college. I want to thank 
my friends for all the good times. I 
finally want to thank my sister, Erin, you 
always have been there for me when I've 
been sick, needed help in school or just 
wanted to hang out! Good luck next year 
to the boys soccer team. Thank you all for 

William Paul McCarthy 

Bilhf, Wild Bill 

Baseball 2-4 

Jason Michael McGuire 

Wrestling 1-4; Lacrosse 2-3; 
Ultimate Frisbee 4 

LiNDSEY Marie McNamee 

Softball 1-4 

I'd like to thank my aunt and uncle for 
putting up with me so I could go to 
school here, also my friends and the rest 
of my family. Thanks to the teaching staff 
also for being there when we needed 
them. Good luck to everyone and I wish 
you the best. Have a great year juniors, 

"And ill the end, it's not the years in your life 
that count. It's the life in your years." 
-Abraham Lincoln 

Congrats! Class of '08. We did it. Through 
all the tough times, I thank many people 
for how they have supported me. First 
of all, my mom, we did it together. Sorry 
if I get mad sometimes but believe me, 
I would be nowhere without you. Mrs. 
Rheault- four years of high school with 
your help has been absolutely awesome. 
If I didnt' have your assistance, it would 
have been such a boring four years. All 
our memories in your class won't be 
forgotten. HAHAHA!! Crazy funny times. 
Also for your "ear pulling" discipline, 
(you will never beat me in a race). Next, 
my brother, three years with your help 
through high school has been appreci- 
ated. I'll still need help in the future. 
Finally, all my friends. Wicked fun times. 
You know who you are. Brian, BAM, 1 
still miss you. You always have a place in 
my heart. Thank you everyone! 

First I wanted to say thanks to my 
parents for pushing me. 1 know I hate it 
but it paid off and I appreciate every- 
thing you ha\'e done for me, I love you 
guys. I also wanted to say thanks to my 
boyfriend. Pete, 1 could never thank yoi 
enough for what you've given me. You 
changed my life in so many good waysi 
you were there for me when things 
got rough, you pushed me to do my I 
best, you'\ e done so much for me and I 
appreciate everything. I've had some o* 
the best times these past couple years. 
You're amazing. 1 hope nothing but thcv 
best for you and 1 lo\ e you so much. To 
my friends thanks for everything and 
good luck next year. 

Sam Nathan Mehr 


Track 1-4; Football 2-3; Pep 
Band 1 

"There is no I in 'teniii', but there is in 
■ 'win'." 
-Miclinel jordnn 


I "The idea of comedy is to make people laugh 
I' without iiialiing them puke." -Steve Martin 


V I cannot believe that my high school career is 
reaching its conclusion. Seems like yester- 
day I entered NHS for the first time. I have 
jj been privileged to have many great teachers 
along the way, but I must pay tribute Mrs. 
Boyer. She has taught me a lot over the four 
' years I had her, and I will miss her dearly. 
^ i would like to say thanks to all my great 
l friends, such as Danger, Matt Breen, Brandon 
i Wooten, Dan-Dan, Kevin Caldwell, James 
Long, and all of my teammates that I have 
been lucky to compete with, both on the 
football field, and in track. You guys are the 
best, and you all appreciated and understood 
who 1 am. I will wish luck to the juniors 
and underclassmen, as they complete their 
four year journeys. While I leave NHS, the 
memories will remain, as well as the lessons 
that I learned here. Lastly, no one will forget 
about me, and I will make sure this does not 
happen by resurfacing in the future. 

Persephone Jane Merrit 


"Till old enough to know better, but Vm still 
too ifoung to care!" - Wade Hayes 

"Trust uie frieiui, a hundred years goes by 
faster than you think, so don't blink." 
-Kenney Cliesney 

High school would have been much harder 
for me if not for my Mom and Dad. I love you 
both and wanted to say thank you for putting 
up with me. Even my little brother Parker, who 
was always there to tell me how he agreed that 
the school was indeed ridiculous, helped out 
somewhat. I also just wanted to thank my part- 
ner in crime, and my horse, Kingdcim Hearts. 
He never let me down, and though he won't 
ever be able to read this, he is a huge part of 
my life, and helped me the most through those 
times that 1 just needed someone to be there for 
me. 1 also can't forget to thank the teachers that 
helped me get this far, they deserve most of the 
credit for that. And to my friends, Stephanie, 
Erica, Chelle, and David, we've had some 
tough times, but we got through it. It's really 
hard to believe we're not going to see each 
other everyday anymore. Remember some of 
the good times- chicken wrangling, study par- 
ties, and Red Sox games- just to name a few. I 
love you guys! And don't forget- EURO 2012!! 

Alyssa Sue Mills 

Softball 1-4 (capt.); Winter Track 
1-2; Soccer 2 

"Truth is natural like a wind that blows, 
follow the direction no matter where it goes." 
-Third Eye Blind 

Over the past four years we have all 
grown up a lot since the days of middle 
school. To Mrs. Rheault, thanks for 
always being there to talk to & for giving 
us advice (even if we didn't like it). 
Thanks Mr. Browne for putting up with 
me and being a great coach for the past 
three years. And finally thank you to all 
of those who have always been there for 
me and I hope to keep in contact after 
high school. Good luck to everyone. 

Christopher Michael Montoya 

Montoi/a, Monty 

Jessica Grace Moore 





Sean Joseph Murphy 

Murph, S-Murda 

Soccer 1; Film Club 3-4 

"Make Ihe most of yourself, that is all there is 
of you. " -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Mom and Dad, thank you for always 
being there for me and steering me in 
the right direction; I couldn't have made 
it through this without your help. Jake 
and Jessie, thanks for putting up with me 
for all these years, and good luck with 
school; you're going to need it. Thank 
you to all of my teachers for pushing me 
and making sure that 1 gained a valuable 
education for the rest of my life. Thanks 
to all of my friends for being there and for 
all of the good times we have had. Here's 
a special shout out for everyone who was 
on the Italy trip: thanks for the great time 
and the memories. Thank you Michelle 
for always being there with me no 
matter what, you've helped me so much 
throughout the years. Good luck class of 
'08, it's been great. 

Swim Team 1-4; Spring Track 2-4; 
Art Club; Dance Team 1-4 (capt.) 

"Somehow ive'U make it cause that's what we 
do." -Red Hot Chili Peppers 

"Time, the past has come and gone. The 
future's far away, nozo only lasts for one 
second." -Hootieand the Bloivfish 

Thank you to all my friends who are 
always there for me and who have made 
me the person I am today. 1 don't know 
what 1 would have done without you 
guys. Gracie, good luck with the rest of 
high school, enjoy it. Aidan... you have a 
long way to go. Mom and Dad thank you 
for everything you both have done for 
me. The house is going to be a lot quieter 
next year. I've had so many good times. 
Good luck class of '08. 

Ski Team 1-4; Football 1; Lacros 
1,2,4; Latin Club 1-4; Young 
Republicans 1-4 

"Take your time, don't live too fast. Trouble 
will come and they will pass." 
-Lynyrd Skynyrd 

"Think positive and love your life. " -3VI 

Thank you to all of my friends for all 
the good times and making high schoo^ 
such a great experience. Joe Burm than) 
you for having the biggest truck and 
muscles around. Schlager thank you all 
the good times. Timmons thank you fo) 
the middle school years. Michelle thanl 
you for always being there, you'll alwa 
be special. Alyssa, you're one of my be? 
friends and a great sister, so many goot 
times, 1 love you. Mom & Dad thank \ i 
for always supporting me, 1 know I did 
always make it easy, 1 love you. Con- 
gratulations class of 2008. 1 wish the bet 
to every single one of you. j 

David Brian Murray 

Zhainsaiv, Lucious, Captain Ripples 

Michelle Lara Nadeau 

Chelk, Chellfisli, Ross 

Laura Jane Napolitano 

Nap, Nappy 

ootball 1-2; Track 2; Soccer 3; 
acrosse 1; Snowboard Club 1-4; 
urf Culture 1-4 

lo big or go home!" -Johnin/ Tsimaini 

A/lwii 1111/ attitude is riglit tliere is no dream 
extreme. " -Cliarles 

jfe is Russian Roulette... yeeliaa." 
yamiii Weston 

/hat an excellent four years! Thanks to 
/eryone who has contributed. Thank 
HI Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Jenine, 
en, and all the rest of the fam for push- 
ig me and dealing with me. Special 
lanks to all the gnar shredders who have 
->en to all the extremes with me. Finally 
lanks to the two most influential people 
) my life: Roxanne Murray and Drew 
lorrison! Keep life EXTREME everyone. 

Robotics 1-4; Drama 1-4; Math 
Team 2-4; Cross Country 2-4; 
Student Government 4; Peer Ed 
3-4; NHS 3-4 

"Why arc the red houses bigger ihan the green 
ones?" -Emily 

"Cnz my hips don't lie and I have a sexy back!" 

"/ haiv always considered die noo!<s more geometric 
while crannies are kinda free-form." -me 

I'd like to thank my parents- for helping me 
become the person I am today; Jason- for 
giving me a "yes I can" attitude; Patty- for your 
constant support & decorating sense; Allyson, 
Jason & Tina- for making me feel like we were 
fam all along; my extended family- for all the 
love you've given me & cheek pinches you 
haven't; Stephanie- essentially for making me 
laugh so hard it hurt; Erica- my style guru & 
HP informant; Sephie- for endless lemonade & 
cantering; Emily- for XC, "tennis" & monop- 
oly; Three Fo' Eight- for the best memories I 
have; FWP- for the inside jokes & green room 
antics; and my teachers- especially V-nac, 
Sharpe & Whelton- for some awesome classes 
& the occasional bit of knowledge. Congrats 
class of '08! 

Swimming 1-4 (capt.); Track & 
Field 2-4; Lacrosse 1; StuGov 1-4; 
Band 1-4; Pep Band 1-4; Art Club 
2-4; Surf Culture 1-3; Spanish 
Club 4; Dance Team 1-4 (capt.) 

"The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the 
face of adversity. Choosing right over wrong, ethic 
over convenience, and truth over popularity.. .these 
are choices that measure your life. Travel the path of 
integrity -without looking back, for there is never a 
wrong time to do the riglit thing." -Michael Moore 

I would like to thank everyone who has made 
me the person I am today. To my crazy friends, 
you guys are awesome! Many more gt's to 
come! Mom & Dad, thank you for all of your 
love and support! You have opened so many 
doors for me, I can't thank you enough for 
everything you've done. To my older brothers, 
Rob & Tom, you mean more to me than you 
could ever know. Thanx for all you've taught 
me! Julia- you are my inspiration, best friend, 
and the greatest sister I could ever ask for 
Good luck with the rest of HS, have fun! Love 
you all! Class of '08- Good luck! PEACE 

Michael John O'Brien 

Micky, OB, Trick Mick 

Rose Elisabeth O'Connell 

Colin Taylor O'Shaughness. 

Duck, Osli, Quack, O' Scraumessy , 

Ski Team 1-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; Peer Ed 3-4; Film 
Club 3-4; Billiards Club 4 

"Stay positive and love your life. " -311 

"Sometiiucs you're flush and sometimes 
you're bust, and when you're up, it's never as 
good as it seems, and when you're down, you 
never think you'll be up again, but life goes 
on. " -Blow 

-First off, I woud like to say tiiank you 
to my family. I couldn't have done this 
without you guys. To my sister, Megan, 
good luck with the rest of your years at 
Norwell. Thanks to the teachers who sup- 
ported me throughout my time in Nor- 
well. Thanks to everyone who ever went 
skiing with me and had a good time while 
doing so. Thanks to the people who went 
biking and dirtbiking with me. Thanks 
to all my friends 1 have chilled with over 
the past few years, you guys are great and 
high school wouldn't be any fun without 
you guys. Ski Team, keep on skiing fast. 
Thank God. Good luck and God bless the 
class of 2008! Make yourself- 

Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1-4 (capt.); 
Lacrosse 1-4 (capt.); Best Buddies 
1-4; Peer Ed 3-4 

"Don't stop believing." -Journey 

"School's out, memories past, don't ever 
doubt, our friendships will last." -unknoxvn 

I would like to thank my family, friends, 
coaches, and teachers for making the past four 
years unforgettable. Saniuk- you have always 
been there if 1 needed anything, thank you so 
much! To all my girls and guys- you guys are 
the best, too many laughs, too many memo- 
ries, all of which 1 will always remember. You 
have no idea how much you all mean to me. 
Marie, Melissa, Kato- you guys are amazing 
people and I don't know what I would do 
without you guys, I love you! James- 13 years, 
you're the best! Soccer '06 & '07- unforgettable 
seasons, love you all! Lacrosse- keep up the 
great work, loves! Kara- no roommate will ever 
replace you, love you & good luck! Mary and 
Janie- you have a long way to go: enjoy every 
moment of it, love you both! Mom and Dad- 
thanks for always being there and pushing me 
to be the best 1 can be, love you both! Congrats 

Hockey 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4 

"It's been a wild ride, I wouldn't clia)igc n 
minute, I can't slow down inside, guess tlu\ 
why I live it." -311 

"If I hadn't made me, I would've been madt 
somehow. If I iiadn't assembled myself, I'd 
have fallen apart by now. " -Incubus 

Yo whatup! ^ 
I just want to thank anyone that I've hi* 
out with the past four years. I want to 
thank my parents, for putting up with . 
the things I've done or been through, fv 
brothers, Ian and Ryan, for chilling wh< 
there was nothing else to do. I want to •■ 
thank all my friends, Cody, Dave, Marc 
AJ, Gmack, and anyone that hung out i 
Marc & AJ's basement. Lastly 1 want tOi 
thank Chris J. Sweeney. I know you're i 
here anymore, but I'll always be thinkii 
about you. Miss you man. Watch over i 


Kik, Chond, Svetlana, Electra 

Ryan Hamilton Paine 

Paine Train, Sergeant Paine 

Federica Panariello 


Crania 1-4; Amnesty Interna- 
ional 2-4; Student Government 
1-4; Snowboard Club 1-2 

Life is too short to be living somebody else's 
renin." -Hiigli Hefner 

o be honest, I think the majority of stu- 
lents would say they hated Norwell High 
ichool. But if everyone considered the 
)ast four years without the dreaded six 
lour school day, everything else wouldn't 
eem so wonderful in comparison. From 
he early days at the popular table in 
niddle school to La Bella Mafia and 
inally to when we all became friends, 
am grateful for my time at Norwell. 
b Lizzy, Greta, Sallie and Laura, thank 
ou for all the laughs and for letting me 
iractically live at all your houses at one 
>oint or another. Paul, thanks for being 
uch a good friend. Everyone from drama 
ind Melissa, thank you for being insane 
)ecause then I'm not alone. Thank you to 
5obby, he's going to be famous one day. 
'hanks to my Mom for everything. Love 
ind miss you forever Daddy. WOAH! 

Football 1-2; Soccer 3-4; Winter 
Track 1-4 (capt.); Lacrosse 1-4 

"If it isn't that piece of paper, there's some 
otiier clioice tliat they're gonna try and make 
for you. You gotta do what you want to do. 
Let me tell you tliis, the older you get the more 
rules they're gonna try and get you to follow. 
You just gotta keep on livin' man, L-l-V-l-N." 
-Dazed and Confused 

Thank you Mom and Dad, words can't 
express how grateful I am for everything 
you've done for me. Rachel, work hard 
and have fun, you're the best! To all the 
guys and gals that made these past four 
years the best time of my life, thank you. 
Thanks to the teachers that helped me out 
along the way. Good luck everyone, see 
ya around. 

Swimming 4; AFS Club 4; Italian 
Club 4 

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, liopefor 
tomorrow. " -Albert Einstein 

Spending a year in Norwell High School 
was one of the best experiences in my 
life. Feeling like a citizen of magnificent 
America for a year was fantastic. I have 
to thank my family who gave me an 
opportunity to spend this wonderful year 
and the wonderful family that hosted 
me: Robert, Gail, Courtney, Brittany and 
Robbie Bergquist who have made my 
year here even more special. I want to 
thank all the teachers because they not 
only taught me how to find the mass of 
an atom, or v^^ho was the third president 
of the USA, but they also taught me how 
to live like an "American girl." Among 
them I would like to thank especially 
Maya who shared this experience with 
me. Thank you for everything and always 
Viva L' America. 

Brian Christopher Parsons 

Wee Biff, Parsons, Pas, Parsonage, 
The Nidge, Parsonidge, The VJee Little 
Parsons, Parsley, Gator on a Stick 

Football 1; Basketball 1-3; Track 

"Yeah and it's over before you ktmu it, it all goes 
by so fast. Yeah the bad nights takeforeivr and the 
good nights don't eivr seem to last. " -Tom Petty 
"Rule 1t76: No excuses. Play like a champion!" 
-Vince Vaughn 

It's hard to believe that I am already at this 
point, writing my senior thank you message 
and preparing for life after NHS. These past 
four years ha\ e been some of the best years of 
my life, both in and out of school. First I'd like 
to thank my family for all their support. Mom 
and Dad, you guys have been behind me in 
everything 1 have done. You have been loving 
and supporting throughout the years, in both 
the good times and bad. To my brothers, Sean 
and Mike, we have had great times together 
I'll never forget. Thanks for everything. ITALY 
TRIP '07, greatest trip of my life. To all my 
friends, especially the group, I'll never forget 
the memories we made over these last years. 
All the times we shared and the lessons we 
learned can be taught through no book. Thank 
you to all the teachers who pushed me and 
just made all classes fun. Class of '08, thanks 
for the memories! and good luck wherever it 
is you go. 

CoRiNNE Elise Perry 

Cross Country 1-3; Winter 
Cheerleading 3; Winter Track 1; 
Lacrosse 1 

These past years have gone by so fast! 

Thanks Mom and Dad for always being 
there for me. Thanks Ross for always 
pushing me to do better. Thanks to all my 
friends for such good times. Alicia, Aliza, 
and Marissa- you guvs are the best. I 
LOVE YOU! Good luck class of 2008! 

Geoffrey Matthew Pisarkiewic 

Pzark, Zaz 

Soccer 1-4; Tennis 1-4 (capt.) 

"You can have cvcriftliing in life that i/ou 
xvant if you just give cuou;^li other people 
what they ivaiit. " -Zig Ziglar 

Late nights at Wendy's. S.O.'s. Tcnnis- 
2007 South Shore League Champs. 
France- essesspee. Summers in Vermont. 
Feng Shui. Tysons. "The Face." Goodfel- 
la's. Frank's Hotsaucc. Henwi. Nick. H.i 
Tournies. Yee. Thanks for all the memo- 
ries, they won't be forgotten. I would als 
like to thank my parents for putting up 
with me all these years. 1 know it wasn't 
easy. And to my brother, thanks for all tl 
guidance, no matter how much I though 
you were wrong. And to all my friends, 
thanks for the good times. | 

Laura Christine Powers 

LP, Laii, LPizzle 

occer 1-4; Basketball 1-2; 
oftball 1-4 (capt.) 

hope the days come easy and tlie moments 
■ss slow, and each wad leads you xvhere you 
mt to go and if you're faced xoith a choice 
id you have to choose, I hope you choose the 
\e that means the most to you." 
Rascal Flatts 

mgrats '08- To all my friends, thanks for 
aking these past 4 years amazing. There have 
■en so many good times and so many laughs, 
ouldn't ask for better, love you all! Mich- 
■tty & Timmy, we always laugh, I love it, 
anks for everything. Jenna- thanks for being 
Jreat friend & always being there. Period 
love ya! Thanks to my family for everything, 
om and Dad- thanks for always believing in 
e, I couldn't have made it without you. Lisa- 
)od luck with the rest of HS, time flies, have 
n. Joe-good luck with school, keep enjoying 
e and behave. Soccer & Softball girls- good 
ck, keep working hard & have fun! To every- 
le who has been with me since Cole, I'll miss 
)u! Class of 08- thanks for making HS unfor- 
•ttable! 1 have so many memories to take with 
e. Good luck & keep smiling. 

Kayla Marie Puricelli 

Kny, Kaybo 

Basketball 1; Fall Cheerleading 
1-3; Lacrosse Manager 1; Boys' 
Basketball Manager 4 

"Celebrate we will for life is short but sweet 
for certain. " -Dave Matthews Band 

To my family- Mom, thank you for your 
never ending support and confidence 
in me. Dad- thank you for always being 
there and for your famous Sunday break- 
fasts. Andrew- even though we fight, I 
appreciate everything you have done 
for me and always sticking by me. Love 
you guys xoxo. To my friends- thanks 
for being there through good and bad 
times. Julie-thanks for always letting me 
count on you since day one. 14 years! 
Lindsey- my sidekick/partner in crime. 
Never know what I'd do without you. 
Brian Adam Moore- 1 will NEVER forget 
you and the friendship we have. I miss 
you so much. Rest in Peace. To my teach- 
ers- thank you for everything. Class of 
'08- WE MADE IT! Love and Luck! 

Thomas Michael Quinn 

Q/ TQ, Q-Sta, Q-ness, Tommy Blaze, 

Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; 
JazzBand 2-3; Best Buddies 1-3 

"/ believe that music is a force in itself. It is 
there and it needs an outlet, a medium. In a 
way, we are just the medium." 
-Maynard James Keenan 

"Good things come to tliose who wait." 
-Kevin Helm 

To my family, Meaghan, Kevin, Liam 
and especially Mom and Dad, thanks 
for always being there for me. Thanks 
to all the teachers, coaches, and parents 
who have helped me along the way. To 
all my friends: Thanks for some solid 
sesh's in the 'well. Best of luck to the '09 
next year and to '08, good luck and have 

Brianna Shaughnessy Raab 

Bri, Raab, Raabi 

"There's a lot of beauty in everything. I think 
what makes life beautiful is the ability to 
acknowledge that." -Andreiv McMahon 

"Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted." 
-John Lennon 

Class of '08- we actually made it? Thank 
you all for the most amazing four years 
of my life. Mom, Dad, and Alex- thank 
you for always supporting my riding 
and being there for me, 1 love you. 
Lizzy, I don't even know what to say but 
thank you for everything. To everyone 
else whom I'm lucky enough to call my 
friends, I love you all so much. You guys 
made these past years worth while, thank 
you. Leah and Kyla, good luck next year 
girls- stay crazy. NHS, it's been amazing, 
much luck and love to the herd '08. YEAH 

Carolyn Margaret Reed 

Carrie, Care Bear 

Soccer 1-3; Cross Country 4; 
Student Government 1-2; School 
Council 2-3; Peer Ed 3-4; Tennis 
1; Basketball 1; JSA 1-2 

"All you need is love." -The Beatles 
"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; 
courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. " 
-Winston Churchill 

"Don't be scared to fly alone, find a path that is 
youroiim. Love loill open every door. It's in your 
hands, the ivorld is yours." -Christina Aguilera 

These past four years have been truly unforget- 
table. Thank you to all those who have helped 
make my high school experience memorable. 
To my teachers and coaches, thank you for 
pushing me further than I ever would have 
pushed myself. To my friends, you know who 
you are and I love each of you. Especially: 
to Marykate, the greatest friend a girl could 
ask for And to Hamish, I am thankful for 
the world you opened up to me. Colie, 311 
certainly knew how to write a summer of love. 
Mom and Dad, I am sincerely grateful for 
everything you do for me and for your contin- 
ued love and support. Colin Timothy, you've 
left some pretty big shoes to fill. Mitt has my 
support in '08. Good luck class of 2008, 1 wish 
you all the best! 

Frank Joseph Riccio 

tha Frankstn, Frieitdh/ Frank, Frank th 
Tank, Easy Going Frank (from the 90's 


"This can't last forever raise a glass togellu 
doesn't get much better, no better than this. 
-A Change of Pace 

1 would like to thank my parents for 
always trying to help me and letting 
pursue what 1 wanted to do. My friend 
PJ, Kevin, Mike, Marshall W., Otto, 
Colin, Pete W., and Pete P And to Mari 
Antonellis who I love more than anytht 
and 1 will always be there for you. To ai 
the fun and crazy times. Good luck Ed 
the following years of high school. Tha 
pretty much it. Good luck class of 2008 

Aliza Julia Ritsko 

Lizn, Lize 


Decibelles 1-4 (capt.); Tennis 1-4; 
Ihorus 1-2; JSA 1 

'Nobodi/ can go back and start a new begin- 
liiig, but anyone can make a new ending." 
Maria Robinson 

b my family, thank you for being my constant 
■ncouragement and support system over the 
vnst four years. If it weren't for your guidance, 
wouldn't be the person I have become today. 

[ft vloni- thank you for spending these past few 
ears at home with me; you've impacted me 
n more ways than you can imagine. From our 
ides to talks, you've never stopped being there 

1^ or me. We are so close. I love you. Dad- 1 don't 
>now how I would've made it through high 

' .chool without your hot chocolates- you're the 
'est dad a girl could get. I'll always be your 

B ittle girl, no matter what. Nathan- you've been 

(i ny role model since day one. You've kept me 
m track since the very beginning, and I'm so 
ucky to have you in my life. Never hold back, 
ou're an exceptional person. I love you all 
o much. To my friends, thanks for taking the 
■tress off and helping me through these past 
ew years. You're all so talented and will go so 
.ir in whatever you do. Ag- thanks for making 
ne smile. Congrats class of '08! 

Kevin Dinun Romero 

Designated Thinker, Sidekick of the 3 
Amigos, Spanish 

Football; Cross Country; Wres- 
tling; Track; Film Club; Ultimate 

I'd like to thank all my teachers who 
went the extra mile to help me succeed. 
Ms. Ward, Ms. Gilabert, T.K. (best class), 
and Ms. Sharpe- coulcln't have passed 
Latin without you. To all my coaches Mr. 
Sullivan and Lucarelli for not getting mad 
when I messed up. To my friends who 
have me fun. To my family for always 
supporting me and most of all God! 

Jennifer Lillian Ross 

Cheerleading 1-4; Wrestling 2; 
Wrestling Manager 2-4; Softball 2 

"Don't aim for success if you want it, just do 
what you love and what you believe in, and it 
will come naturally." -David Frost 

Thank you to my mom and dad for raising 
me to be the girl I am today. Thank you to my 
grandparents for always being there when 
I needed them. KristenMarzelli- we've been 
friends since second grade and we are basically 
related, I don't think I could ask for a better 
friend, you are there through thick and thin 
and I know you'll always have my back, love 
you thank you! KCHAT- we always have fun 
no matter what. You're off the wall and crazy 
sometimes but I still love ya. Justin S-you 
always know how to make me laugh even in 
the worst moods, you made high school actu- 
ally worth being there. Coach Julie-for pushing 
me and making me into the cheerleader I've 
always wanted to be and never letting me 
give up. CheerGirls- it's been an awesome 
four years. KH-for teaching me lessons that I 
needed to learn and to not let myself give up 
during the hard times. NQ- for making me the 
happiest I've been in an extremely hard time 
"wuv you" thank you. And everyone else that 
has been there for me thanks a bunch. 

QuiNN Victoria Sallee 

Drama 1-4; Chorus 1-2; French 
Club 2-3; Film Club 3; Navigator 

"/ can't give you a brain, but I can give you a 
diploma." -The Wizard ofOz 

Thanks to Heather Conway, you have 
been a great friend, I know we will 
always stay in touch. 
Thank you to Mr. Lacy and all the drama 
kids, there has never been a dull moment. 
Winter festivals!!! 

Thanks to Madame Doyle, Paris 2007 was 
a trip; we will always have "Le lips." 
Thanks to Matt, Emily, Taylor, and 
Stephanie- hanging out with you guys is 
always fun. 

Good luck to everyone in the Class of '08! 

JiLLiAN Rose Sarno 

Cheerleading 1-4 (capt); JSA 2 

"My wish for you is that this life becomes 
all that you want it to, your dreams stay 
big, your -worries stay small, you never need 
to carry more than you can hold, and while 
you're out there getting -where you're getting 
to, I hope you knoiv somebody loves you, and 
wants the same things too. " -Rascal Flatts 

Everyone says that the four years of high 
school are the best years of your life, and 
wow, they were right. I would have never 
made it through those years without my 
family. Thank you so much mom, Dad, 
Justin and Jessica for the never ending 
support, trust, and love. You guys are 
awesome. And thanks to my girls MB, 
GZ, JD, PD, MA, JB, JH, JG, SD, and CH. 
Through the good times and the bad I 
love you all. 1 don't know what I would 
have done without our friendships. We've 
had so many amazing times. ..prom, 
homecoming, Fridays, Italy, Crape night. 
States. To my cheerleaders and Coach 
Julie, you girls are the best. Thanks for the 
great memories. Good luck class of '08- 

Eric James Schlager 

Baseball 1; Ski Team 1-4 (capt); 
Young Republicans 3-4 

"The future is un-written." -Hurley 

"Those who knoio hoiv to think need no 
teachers." -Analog 

These four years at NHS have been grc.ii 
Going skiing every weekend, and chiliin 
with all my friends. Thanks to all my 
buddies and especially my family. 

Nicholas James Scott 

otty, Scotlami, Niglit Train, The Big 
Guy, Snorlax 

)otball 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4 (capt.) 

V/;t'n you're in jail, a good friend ivill bail 
u out, a best friend will be in the cell next to 
a, yelling 'That was awesome!'" -Unk)iown 

David Wei-Yin Siu 

Dave, SezLn/, Dsiii, Lechinois 

Amnesty International 1-4; Art 
Club 1-4; Environment 1-4; Hal- 
yard 2-4; Young Democrats 2-4; 
Sudent Gov 3-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4 

lanks Mum and Dad- for everything! 
u e fun Harry and don't do anything 
vouldn't do! Joe- it's been quite a 
le for twelve years! To Mr. and Mrs. 
irm- thanks for being my second family, 
tanks to all my friends- we had some 
illy good times. Good luck class of '08. 

"'What you do not iinvit done to i/ourself, do 
not do to otiiers. " -Confucius 

Thanks everyone for the good times. 
Chicken wrangling @ Gaffield park, trips 
to the beach. NOODEY PEOPLE figure 
drawing. Planting bulbs with Noiseux. 
AP ART. Trick or treating. Juan Carlo 
the Egyptian, Mario Party. Wii Parties, 
the Stache walks with the dogs. Movies, 
Chinatown & Quincy. Fishing/ "lobsters 
are drugs!" Cape Cod, getting lost in 
Paris, stealing corn and almost getting 
caught, Katiefest '07, Walk for Hunger, 
flowers in shoes, wall meetings, spirit 
week, trips to iParty. Souther's math class, 
taking people's senior pics, thanks SMcB, 
MA, and everyone else I forgot. Most of 
all thank you Mom & Dad for everything, 
and Sonia & Ryan. 

Kylie Jeanne Smith 

Soccer 1-4 (capt.); Basketball 1-2; j 
Winter Track 3-4 (capt.); Softball | 
1; Tennis 2; Lacrosse 3-4 

"Don't let the fear of striking out keep your i 
from playing the game. " -Babe Ruth ' 

First off, I want to thank my parents. i 
I love you and couldn't have done it I 
without you. I cannot thank you enough. 
Tom, Leah, and Erin- stay out of trouble [ 
and enjoy high school. Good luck, I love t 
you guys. Jill, we've been through it all 
and I still love you! Thanks for absolutely 
everything. Tandem- nothing but love, , 
always. Matt- thanks for always making 
me laugh, and putting up with my bad 
moods. You really are the best. To all my | 
friends, thanks for everything. I love i 
you all. Soccer girls- one love. Thanks to I 
all my teachers and of course all of my | 
coaches. And to everyone else, thanks for I 
an awesome four years. Good luck. 

Sarah Elizabeth Smith 

Zachary David Smith 

Melissa Erin Stard 

Field Hockey 1-4; Best Buddies 
1-4; Amnesty International 1-4; 
Peer Ed 3-4; Yearbook 4 

"Well, all I'm sai/ing is that I umnl to look 
back and say that I did the best I could xvhile 
I was stuck in this place. Had as much fun as 
I could while I iim stuck in this place. Plai/ed 
as hard as I could while I loas stuch in this 
place. " -Dazed and Confused 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Matt and Abby for 
making these past 17 years so memorable. 
To my friends, the group of us have had a 
lot of great memories and will have more 
to come. Good luck wherever you go and 
thank you for all the laughs. Congratula- 
tions and good luck class of 2008! 

Smithers, Minkiis 

Soccer 1-4; Hockey 1-4; Track 1-4 

"Heroes are remembered but legends never 
die." -The Sandlot 

Thanks Mom and Dad for supporting me 
all through high school. I couldn't have 
done it without you and you guys know 
me better than I let myself believe. Alex, 
work hard your senior years and try to 
not drive Mom and Dad crazy. Matt, 
make sure to try to get along with Alex, 
she is only around for another year and 
believe it or not you might miss her. To 
all my friends, thanks for all your sup- 
port and putting up with my bad stories. 
People always say that they can't wait 
to get out of high school and meet new 
people but I can't imagine there are better 
friends out there than you guys. Thanks 
to everyone I was ever on a team with. 
Good luck '08. 

Soccer 1-3; Softball 1; Track 2; 
Best Buddies 4 

"Ten years from now, lue may not remember 
what we did those nights or -what made us 
laugh so hard but ive loill always rcmcnibei 
who was there." -anonymous 
"You -would liaiK' thought that somewhere iii 
the last 12 years they -would have taught u> 
how to say goodbye." -anonymous 
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't look 
around once in a while, you could miss it." 
-Ferris Bucller 

Class of 08- We did it! It's been real and 
I would have to say we've had a pretty 
unforgettable four years. Special thanks 
the crew. I couldn't have done it withou 
you guys and I'm happy I have some- 
thing that makes saying goodbye so h.in 
You guys always found a way to make i 
laugh from where we are now all the vv,< 
back to our awkward stages. Mom and I 
Dad- thanks for always being there for 
me, supporting mc, and putting up will' 
me throughout the years. To Kyla- next I, 
year is going to fly by so good luck and) 
make the best out of it, much love. Gock 
luck '08! Peace out! 

Kelsey Marie Steele 

3ccer 1-4; Basketball 1-2; Soft- 
ill 1-2; Yearbook 4; Math Team 
4; Peer Ed 3-4; National Honor 
Dciety 3-4; JSA 2 

VjtTt' arc no constraints on tire Inmian mind, 
walls around the Iruinan spirit, no barriers 
our progress except tlwse xiv ourselves 
'ct. " -Ronald Reagan 

' everyone who has helped make these 
Lir years the extraordinary experience 
ey've been- thank you. My friends... 
anks for all the laughs, and for just 
ing the truly amazing people you are. 
lb- 1 love you "bro." Mom and Dad, 
ank you for everything you've done 
d continue to do for me. I love you 
ith more than you know. Stew, thanks 
r looking out for me and keeping me 
1 my toes. Mike, my best friend, keep 
1 everything you're doing. You've got a 
eat heart and I know you'll go far. '08, 
s been quite the ride. I think by now 
e'\'e all realized that life is short... so 
\RPE DIEM! Whatever you do, make 
re it brings you happiness. Good luck 

Justin Francis Sullivan 

JSull, Sully 

Baseball 1-4 

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the 
one less traveled by, ajid that has made all the 
difference." -Robert Frost 

"Life is too short to take seriously." 
-Kyrstin Draney 

There have been many people who have 
influenced me throughout my high school 
career. I first want to thank m^ parents 
for always being there for me no matter 
what. 1 also want to thank Jessie for being 
the best sister I could ever ask for. For 
my friends, Jason, we're not best friends, 
we're brothers. Thanks Fiore, I'll always 
be there for you man and Jenn, thanks 
for e\ erything. To the rest of my friends, 
thank you for always being there for me 
when I needed you. 

Matthew Richard Sullivan - 

Matt, SiiUi, Matt "I'm the man" 

Soccer 1-2; Indoor Track 1; Cross 
Country 3; Track & Field 1-3 

"/ have suffered defeat (pain, loss)/ still 1 push 
to the edge; never falter." -All That Remains 
"I feel like I have five pounds of tar in my 
lungs." -E-Tav 

First and foremost I would like to thank my 
parents for all the love and support they have 
given me over the past 17 years. Without your 
help, my success through my high school years 
would not have been possible. I love you both 
so much. I would also like to thank my sister 
Caroline for being an amazing sister to me, and 
also a great friend. I love you too sis. I would 
also like to thank all the teachers I've had in 
my four years of high school for giving me the 
knowledge that I now have. And also a special 
thanks to all of my best friends for all the great 
times and extraordinary memories: Eric, Dan, 
Nick, Mark, Paul, Frank, Otto, Kevin, Micky, 
Brandon, Serena, Sarah, Erin, Kelly, Dan C, 
and so many more. You guys are like family to 
me and you know I'd do anything for you. To 
all my buds in the younger grades, I wish you 
good luck. There's no telling where I'll be in 
the next few years, but regardless I look to the 
future with excitement. Good luck to every- 
body and thanks for all the amazing memories! 

Eric Matthew Taverna 

E-Tav, E.T., Tizzle 

Ski Team 1-4; Paintball Club 1-4; 
Art Club 3-4; Amnesty Interna- 
tional 3-4 

"It's been a wild ride, I wouldn't change a 
minute, I can't slow doion inside, guess that's 
why I live it." -311 

The four years I've spent at NHS have 
been great. Thank you to everyone who 
has made that possible. Good luck to 
Jack, My Bro, Brittany, Liz, Serena, Bri, 
Bridgette, and Maddie. You guys are 
great. Justion, Nick, Micky, Sulli, and 
everyone else we made it! Too many good 
times to count! Mom and Dad, much love. 
These have been the best four years ever 
and the next four should be even better. 

Brian Joseph Thompson 

BThomp, Thompson 

Soccer 1-4; Winter Track 2-4; 
Spring Track 3-4; Baseball 1 

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to 
go after it loith a club." -Jack London 

"Small opportunities are often the beginning 
of great enterprises." -Demosthenes 

First and foremost I'd like to thank my 
parents for raising me and always giving 
me every opportunity possible to succeed 
in life. Katelyn, thanks for being a great 
sister and friend to me. Good luck with 
your remaining high school years. Thank 
you to all my friends for making high 
school as fun as it was. Good luck '08! 

Elizabeth Anna Thongpaithoon» 

Lizzy, Liz, L Thong, LT 

Field Hockey 2-3; Basketball 1, 2, , 
4; Surf Culture 1-2 

"You have byniiis in your licmt. You have feet in 
your shoes. You can steer yourself in am/ direction 
you choose. You're on your own. And you knoxo 
what you knom You are the person who'll decide 
where to ^^o. " -Dr. Seuss 

Thank you- to all my friends thanks for makii 
these past four years unforgettabk'. Julie, Linti 
sey, Amelia, Kiley, & Brianna thanks for always |j 
being ready to have a good time. No matter 
what you choose to do you'll do awesome!! 
Emily, you'll always be like a little sister to 
me.. .have fun your last two years and be safe, I ; 
love you! The Hardys, thank you for being nn 
second home and always watching out for mv 
Sallie (Paris) thanks for being the best friend 
I could ever ask for and for ALWAYS manag- 
ing to make me laugh. My teachers, thanks fm 
putting up with me these past four years. Mi^ 
Rheault thank you for making such a big differ, 
ence in my life, you're one of the most ama/ing' 
people I know. To my family, Mom and Dad 
thank you for your endless love and support, 
I don't know where I'd be without you. I love 
you both so much! Joe and Jason thanks for 
keeping things interesting around the house. 
I'll miss you next year!! Adam thank you for 
constantly being there for me and always 
knowing how to make me smile, I love you so 
much! Congrats Class of '08... we made if!!! 


Erica Teresa Vermette 

irt Club 1-4; Amnesty 3-4; News- 
aper 3-4; Halyard 2-4 

r/?e Woc/c of marble yet Hucarved can hold 
tcforni of even/ thought..." -Michelangelo 

h my gosh, I can't believe I'm in the senior 
■ction now...eep! Well, first off, I have to thank 
y family for being supportive of me in my 
eative pursuits! I'd also like to thank all the 
achers that helped me navigate my way 
irough four years of academic craziness! And 
lally, my wonderful friends- no matter how 
any drama llamas escaped from the ranch, 
doesn't change the good times we all had 
irough the years! Stephanie, thanks for being 
1 awesome twin! Chelle- what would I have 
me in my moments of slacker need if you 
eren't there to mooch answers from? Sephie, 
v'o letters: RP! David, you are the most legit 
t-hating seaweed mermaid ever. And Ryan, 
en though you LOVE the drama llamas more 
lan lice, the cats are still LOL-ing. And finally, 
-1 like to thank those friends that I maybe 
idn't hang out with, but who made class/ 
hool/lunch a blast. You guys are awesome 
jople and I hope we stay in touch... Facebook, 

Taylor Elizabeth Walker 

Cheerleading 1; Drama Club 1, 3; 
AFS 1-4 (pres.) 

"Am/tliiiig can happen if yon let it, go and chase 
yonr dreams you won't regret it, anything can 
happen if YOU let it!" 
-Mary Popypins 

"It -was a ball, it was a blast, it -was a shame it 
couldn't last but every chapter has its end you must 
agree." -Dirty Rottoi Scoundrels 

"Because I kneiv you, I have been changed for 
good!" -Wicked 

I would like to thank the following people in 
my life. First of all, my parents, who have been 
nothing by supportive in all of my dreams and 
aspirations. Second, my little brother Noah, 
even though we don't always get along, I still 
love you, and will miss your nagging. I would 
also like to thank my friends, without you guys 
life isn't as exciting! Katie, Emily, Courtney 
LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Katina, Andrew, Kali- my 
Cohasset crew, LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I would 
also like to thank my friends and host family 
in New Zealand, you guys are always with me, 
and I love you and miss you! Last but not least, 
I would like to thank everyone at NHS, we had 
a great run and I hope everyone's dreams and 
aspirations come true! Good luck class of 2008, 
WE DID IT!!!! 

Peter James Walsh 

"Walk a darkened road and 

We will be our own light 

Our foundtation our core is strong 

Stand for what is right." -All That Remains 

"So many people have come and gone 

Their faces fade as the years go by 

Yet I still recall as I ivander on 

As clear as the sun in the summer sky." 


I want to thank my family for being 
there through good and bad times. I also 
want to thank my friends, so many good 
memories- M. Coyne, M, Carey, F.R., 
D.H-M, E.C., D.M., J.D., M.F., CM., B.E., 
M.A., Kendall, Billy M, P.W. and everyone 
else I didn't mention. Thank you to all the 
teachers that have given me knowledge 
all along the way. And of course Jackie 
who always makes me smile and keeps 
me happy. Rest in peace Brian Adam 
Moore and Andrew William Walsh and 
everyone else that has passed. 

Heather Beth Webb 

Heatlie, Heather Beth, HBeth 

Paul Orlow Webber 


Michael David White 

Wliitei/, Wliitacioiis, Stein 

Decibelles 2-4 (capt); Peer Ed 3-4; 
Cheerleading 1-3; Winter Track 
1; Shoestrings Studio Dance (8 

"Say goodbye to tlic oldies but goodies because 
the good old days weren't ahvays good and 
tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems." -Billy Joel 

I want to thank my family for being the 
people I could always count on. Thank 
you Mom and Dad for always listening 
and being there for me, and for teaching 
me the important things in life, you guys 
are the best. Thanks Curtis, for not only 
being the best brother but also my best 
friend. Thanks Gretch, for being the best 
sister and the goofiest person, you always 
make me smile. Love you guys! Curtis 
and Gretch good luck!! Also thanks to all 
my friends who've helped me through it 
all. You guys have always been there for 
me and I'm so lucky to have people like 
you in my life. Thanks for everything, I 
don't know where or who I'd be without 
you. And finally, congratulations to the 
class of 2008! We did it! 

Football 1-2; Hockey 1-2; Winter 
Track 3-4 

"Growuig up." -Bruce Springsteen 

First I would like to thank my family 
for all they have done! Mark, Jake, Luke 
thanks for being the best brothers I could 
ever have. I would like to thank all of 
my friends for all of the good times and 
always being there! Last but not least I 
would like to thank the Ferzocos for being 
like another family for me. Good luck to 

Golf 1-4 (capt.); Baseball 1-4; 
Hockey 1-3 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don 't look 
around once in a while, you could miss it." 
-Ferris Buellcr 

1 would like to start off by saying thank 
you to my parents for always being 
there for me. I would like to thank my 
sister and brother for helping me out 
and showing me a good time. I would 
like to thank my friends for all the gooc 
times and being there in the bad times. 
I would like to thank Colin Henry and 
Dan Dempsey in particular because of 
the great wiff series we had. 

Oliver James Wilgren 


Timothy John Williams 

Tim, T-Will 

Brandon Scott Wooten 

Woo ton, Wootie, Woots 

Football 1; Track 

I wanna thank all of my friends for 
having a ton of fun during high school. 
Frank, Jason, PJ, Kevin. Everyone 1 
haven't mentioned in my class. All of the 
awesome people I've hung out with in the 
lower grades. Colin, Marshall, and that 
whole crew. 1 wanna mention Captain PJ, 
Hasy goin' Frank from the 90's and side- 
kick Kevin for good times. I wanna thank 
my beautiful girlfriend Emily for making 
iiie so happy and for putting up with me 
when I'm not that easy to deal with. So, 
good luck to everyone and 1 hope I'll be 
seeing some of you in the future. 

Soccer 1-4; Robotics 3-4; 
Snowboard Club 2-4 

"You arc i/oiiiig and life is long and there is 
time to iiill today. " -Ko<^er Waters 

"Someone tries to liide liimself, down i)isidc 
liimselflie prays." -Chris Cornel! 

1 would like to thank all my friends at Norwell 
High. 1 can't thank you guys enough for what 
you have done for me. Mike and Zach, thanks 
for always being such good friends and always 
being there, good memories in New Hamp- 
shire and in soccer. Jen, thanks for always 
being there, i can rely on you for anything and 
always will. I can't thank you enough for what 
you have done for me, I am very grateful. 1 
mainly would like to thank my mom for being 
very supportive. Even when things were rough 
for either you or me, I could always count 
on you, even though I may not have always 
listened. I know I would not be where 1 am 
without you and for that I can't thank you 
enough. Again, thanks to everyone for being 
a part of my life and always supporting me. 
Congratulations and good luck to all of '08. 

Football 1, 3, 4; Basketball 1-4; 
Track 1-4; Diversity Club 1; All 
Star Track 3 

"When an opportunity presents itself take full 
advantage of it." -anonymous 

I would like to thank my parents for 
always being there for me and support- 
ing me. Also, I'd like to thank my friends, 
Dawson, Larry, Cheech, Webber, Laffin 
Danger, and Dan Van for making high 
school a fun time. 

Kristin Roberts Yen 

Gabriella Elizabeth Zangengo 

Gobi, Niii}^:^o, Zanun^o 

Daniel Steven Zyskowski 

Dan Dan, Caveman 

Swim Team 1, 3, 4 (capt.); Cross 
Country 3-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4 

"Everyday is n birllidaif." -Bob Ycti, Jr. 

Thanks to my family for supporting me 
in everything that I do. You have always 
been there for me and I could not have 
succeeded without you. Jayme, you 
have been a great sister and 1 wish you 
the best of luck in your last two years of 
high school. Thanks to my teachers for 
providing me with a great four years and 
preparing me for the future. And finally 
thanks to my friends for making these 
four years the best time of my life! 

Fall Cheerleading 1-4; Winter 
Cheerleading 1-2; JSA 1-4; Wres- 
tling Manager 3- 4 

"The trutli is. ..it zims the best of times. Mis- 
takes were made, hearts were broken, harsh 
lessons karned, but all of that has receded 
into fond memori/ now. We were therefor each 
other in a time in our lives that defined us nil, 
a time in our liivs that ive will never forget. " 
-Dawson's Creek 

Mom- I don't even know where to begin. Noth- 
ing Ccin explain all of the lo\ e and appreciation 
I have for you. Zak- keep it up, you're a great 
guy and I'm going to miss hanging out and 
watching mean girls with you. Healy- you set 
an amazing example for me to follow and I can 
only hope that one day I am able to do as well 
as you have. Cheerleaders- you girls taught me 
what hard work is about, I know that you will 
be able to go all the way Girls- it's been a great 
four years!! We've been there for each other 
through it all and I can't thank you enough 
for all the help you've given me. To the class 
of 2008- good luck with whate\ er comes your 

Football 1-2; Winter Track 3; 
Spring Track 1-4 

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have 
to see the whole staircase, just take the first 
step. " 

- Dr. Martin Luther Kiii;^, jr. 

I want to thank everyone that has helpt 
me throughout my whole life includ- 
ing my Mom & Dad, my sister Steffany 
Sandy, Ellie and Gary and I'am and Let 
Thank you all so very much, I couldn't 
have done it without you. 

Congratulations class of 2008! 
Good luck! 



"Go confidently in the 
direction of your dreams. 
Live the life you have 
imagined. " 

-Henry David Thoreau 


JlCivays in Our Hearts. . . 

..when Robert Pop 
pulled the fire alarm 
..Giga Pets 
..8th grade dances 
..8th grade chorus 
..Beanie Babie 


..butter popping 
..the Tom Petty concert ' 
..Barrett s Haunted House 
. Jenna's toe in Italy 
..junior high lunch tables 
..when Kato drove on the 
middle school field 

...offroading and getting stuck in 
in the woods \ > 
...when Lola broke Ms. 
Kjilabert's cabinet - 

...the red class ^^^w^M 
...when Ian Lynch jumped oiff the 

...when Julie broke the wall in 
Spanish class ^m. 
...soccer girls stJ^Rfinalists - 

"don't stop believing" 
. . .Jenna's dance party 
...the rope swing 
...France & Italy 2007 x 
...Washington, D.C ■HH 
...when Lizzy chugged a gaflo^r 

.black top recess/ the wall 
.when Melissa choked at Kylie's milk 
.flouride Friday ...Jimmy Kelly Day 

..overflowing home-ec sinks ...Camp Bourndal^ 
^.when Mike fell into the mjer ...Spice Girls 
on his dirtbike yJlJjfPl . . .both techno raves 

..the uh-oh feeling ^^^^^ ...the old Nickelodeon 
..Hug your knees and say ...Lauren fainting in tech-ed 

"I love myself" ...the manover 

..Channel 3 in ...Vinal School 

Washington ...Cole School 

Song: Buy You a Drank by T- Pain 6c Yung Joe 


Band/Artist: The Fray and Taylor Swift 
Radio Station: Kiss 108 FM 
Movie: Superbad 
Actor: Channing Tatum 
Actress: Jessiea Alba 

^ TV Show: Laguna Beaeh 
f ^2 Book: Harry Potter Series 

Restaurant: Unos Bar and Grill 
m Clothing Store: American Eagle 

NHS "Common Phrase": "I'm legit scared of what a 

nub you are...chidding!" 

Girls' Trend Item: Vera Bradley and UGGs 

Boys' Trend Item: Plaid Shorts and Timberland 





Boys' Lacrosse 

The 2007 Boys 
Lacrosse team 
was led by senior 
captains Kenton 
Magown, Barry 
DriscoU, and Dave 
HasselL The season 

started off very 
well, but the team 
faced some difficul- 
ties toward the end. 
Overall, it was a 
good year. 

Back Row: John Collins, Kevin Tierney, Dan Ferzoco, Justin Snell, 
Tom Dwyer, Craig Pacella. Middle Row: Paul Donovan, Ryan Paine, 
Nick Scott, John Flaherty, Dave Hassell, Ryan Tierney. Front Row: Joe 
Burm, Kevin Escano, Kenton Magown, Barry Driscoll, Cody Cavicchi, 
Kevin Helm, Sean Mcintosh, Coach Flannagan. 

Girls' Lacrosse 

Back Row: Jill Cammett, Katherine Bailey, Kylie Smith, Olivia Huie, 
Jen Cronin, Rose O'Connell, Kara McGrath, Justine Sullivan, Kate 
MacDonald, Lexi Bates, Kara O'Connell, Coach Kent, Coach Schad. 
Front Row: Elizabeth Hathaway, Jenelle Verrochi, Katie O'Hara, 
Molly Dwyer, Maddie Doyle, Melissa Duffney, Liz Williams. 

The 2007 Girls' Lacrosse 
team had a tough start 
to the season with many 
new players. Led by 
senior captains Molly 
Dwyer, Katie O'Hara, 
and Liz Williams, the 
team worked hard to 
have a winning record 
and make it into tourna- 
ment. They lost in the 
South Sectional Finals, 
but had an overall great 

Boys' Tennis 

Last year the boy's varsity 
tennis team went 16-0 in 
the regular season winning 
the South Shore League 
title for the 14th year in 
a row. They went on to 
become the South Sec- 
tional champions for the 
second year in a row and 
lost to Winchester 3-2 in 
the state Semi-finals. Cap- 
tains were Ryan Sweeney 
and Andy Bogaty. 

Back Row: Wes Linehan, Clay Ferguson, Rob Ankner, Mike Kramer, 
Geoff Pisarkiewicz, Alan Grant, Coach Swartz. Front Row: Tim Healy, 
Keegan Allahyarian, John Anderson, Matt Breen, Ryan Sweeney, 
Andy Bogaty, Matt Gunville, James Vafiades, Tim Dalferro. 


Girls' Tennis 

Back Row: Nina Hrebenko, Aisling Williams, Kelsey Rossini, Emily 
Davies, Hilary Wiggins, Claire Preble. Middle Row: Hannah Sparks, 
Ashley Hanlon, Sarah Sargon, Megan Logue, Aliza Ritsko, Melissa 
Hearns, Katherine Kelley. Front Row: Susan Bitetti, Rachel Thomas, 
Marissa Dalferro, Coach Field. 

ipp'^ -- ^ 


The Girls' Tennis team 
enjoyed an awesome 
2007 season led by senior 
captains Rachel Thomas 

and Marissa Dalferro 
and junior captain Susan 
Bitetti. With an impres- 
sive 15-5 record and a big 
win over rival and co- 
league champ Cohasset, 
they pulled out another 
South Shore League title. 
Also had a great show- 
ing the state tournament, 
defeating Scituate in a first 
round battle. Great season 


2007 was a good year for 
the Clippers. The team 
won its final regular 
season game to qualify for 
the State tournament and 
beat Avon before being 
eliminated by Westport. 
Senior captains Andrew 
Aizenstaedt and Charlie 
Cannone led the team 
on and off of the field.A 
group of 10 seniors con- 
tributed to the successful 
season but a strong junior 

and sophomore class is 
ready to take over in 2008. 


Back Row: Colter Miller, Bill McCarthy, Justin Sullivan. Third Row: Andrew 
Aizenstadt, Bob Manning, Mike Genatossio, Pat Laffin, Liam Feldstein. 
Second Row: PJ Senatore, Joe Guerra, Mike White, Mikey Verrochi, Cam 
Evans, Dan Dempsey. Front Row: Coach Jacobs, Tim Begin, Charlie Can- 
none, Cory Himberg, Chris Dawson, Domenic Palmariello. 

The '07 Clipper softball 
team had a respectable 
season, going 5-13. It 
was led by seniors Abby 
Scott, Hayley Mayfield, 
Liz Ropi, and Casey 
Tobin. Coach Browne 
also has a talented 
group of underclassmen, 
including Alyssa Mills 
and Laura Powers, who 
he expects will step up 
in the 2008 season. 


Back Row: Liz Ropi, Mr. Paine, Alyssa Mills. Second Row: Amanda 
Mendonca, Haley Mayfield, Laura Powers, Abby Scott, Lindsey 
McNamee. Front Row: Casey Tobin, Jenna Gray, Coach Browne, 
Tori Mansfield, Lola Adebanio, Jane Lifters. 

Boys' Track and Field 

The Boys' Spring Track 
team had a successful 2007 
season, led by senior cap- 
tains Tim Caldwell, Dan 
Greene and Steve Burke. 
Juniors Colin Henry, Brian 
Thompson and Brian 
"Wee Biff" Parsons also 
achieved records in their 
events, helping the team 
finish with a strong 4-2 
record. With much return- 
ing talent, the boys' team 
looks forward to another 
great 2008 season. 

Back Row: Colin Gunning, Curtis Webb, Chris Geany, Brandon Wooten. Seventh Row: Noppani 
Saothayanan, Dan Zyskowski, Zach Zanengo. Sixth Row: Adam Donoghue, Nick Caira, Gordon 
McGuire, Kevin Romero, Nick Fiore, Parker Merritt, Jack Wilson. Fifth Row: Kevin Caldwell, 
Colin MacGillivray, Jimmy Kelly, Brian Parsons, Mark French, Michael Preble, Brian Thompson, 
Dan Greene. Fourth Row: Nick Titelbaum, Doug Kauff, Stephen Herling, Paul Bohan, Matt Isiha 
Sean Good, Billy Dooley. Third Row: Matt Smith, Jim Stack, Pete Bailey, Pat Kelly, Peter Prange, 
Evan Barger, Charles Raymond, Chase Marr. Second Row: Christian Mclnnis, Jason Connolly, 
Connell Ainslie, Frank Cannone, Forrest Detwiler, Andrew McDonald, Jimmy Dow, Coach Lanti 




Girls' Track and Field 

fi n I n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M I M 1 1 1 1 ! 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 / 

!ack Row: Lizzie Bella via, Nicole Weiler, Sarah Kulik, Brenda Halloran, Taylor Aizen- 
tadt. Third Row: Bridgette Shea, Petra Janssen, Laura Napolitano, Jessica Moore, 
aleigh Donoghue. Second Row: Marykate Spillane, Laura Dargon, Heather Conway, 
mily Flynn, Erin Callahan, Emily Campbell. Front Row: Hope Goslin, Sarah Palmer, 
ialey DeMarco, Cassie Pacella, Michelle Macheras, Julia Napolitano. 

Girls' Spring Track had a suc- 
cessful 2007 season, led by 
captains Michelle Macheras, 
Taylor Huie and MaryKate 
Spillane. Taylor Huie shone yet 
again in the hurdles and jump- 
ing events, helped by talented 
newcomer Taylor Aizenstadt and 
consistently phenomenal jumper 
Laura Napolitano. The distance 
squad was led by speedy junior 

Gwynne "the Gazelle" Galla- 
gher and sophmore Brenda "the 
Loch Ness Monster" Halloran. 
MaryKate Spillane headed up 
the throwing squadron, assisted 
by fabulous junior Jess "the Cat- 
apult" Moore. The team looks to 
improve for the 2008 season with 
so many returning stars. 


spirit Week 


JV Sports 

The Boys' Golf team had 
their second straight 
undefeated season in 
2007, going 14-0. The 
team was led by senior 
captains Cody Cavicchi, 
Dan Dempsey, and Mike 
White. Though the team 

did not do as well as 
they would have hoped 
in states, they had great 
performances in every 
match and had an over- 
all excellent year. 

Boys' Soccer 

Led by captains Colin 
Henry, Michael McCar- 
thy and Tim Williams, 
the varsity boys' soccer 
achieved an overall 
record of 11-5-3. Despite a 
few setbacks, with some 
amazing wins towards 
their record, they quali- 
fied for the tournament. 
The season ended with 
a heartbreaking loss, but 

the team continued to 
show enduring strength 
as they had the whole 

Back Row: Coach Brown, Bryan Carton, Mike Kelly, Tony Ferzoco, Jason Connolly, 
Nick Carton. Third Row: John Flaherty, Curtis Webb, Connell Ainslie, PJ Tribuna, 
Owen Cox, Nathaniel Bates. Second Row: Pat Laffin, Brian Thompson, Ryan Paine, 
Zach Smith, Kevin Caldwell, Manager Jen Hanson. Front Row: Andrew Lawson, 
Geoff Pisarkiewicz, Tim Williams, Mike McCarthy, Colin Henry, Matt Breen. 

Girls' Soccer 

At 16-4-3, the girls' soccer 
team won its fourth con- 
secutive South Shore 
League Title and ulti- 
mately won its second 
straight South Sectional 
Title as well. The team 
was led by captains Kylie 
Smith, Jen Cronin, Jill 
Cammett, and Amelia 
Cimini. The team's ten 
seniors will be sorely 
missed, but a talented 
group of underclassmen 
are expected to step up for 
the 2008 season. 

[Back Row: Krista Prouty, Kate MacDonald, Jill Sheeran, Tori Mansfield, Emily 
^lynn, Kara O'Connell, Coach Emerson. Second Row: Molly Lodigiani, Kelsey 
^teele, Kileigh Donoghue, Jenna Gray, Rose O'Connell, Emma Erickson. Front Row: 
aura Powers, Kylie Smith, Amelia Cimini, Jen Cronin, Jill Cammett, Sallie Hardy. 

The football team 
enjoyed another success- 
ful season, compiling 
a 7-4 record. Although 
plagued by injuries, 
the senior-laden team 
overcame with the help 
of some talented under- 
classmen. Seniors Kevin 
Helm and Cam Evans 
were the sparkplugs of 
a high-powered Clip- 
pers offense in key wins 
against Scituate and 



Back Row: Kevin Quinn, Clay Ferguson, CJ Whitcher, Matt Kwasnik, Justin Weintraub, Trent Taylor, 
Paul Donovan, Mike Steele, Pat Barrett, Brian Moore, Doug Kauff, Dan Regan, Forrest Detwiler. Third 
Row: Jim Stack, Tobi Adebanjo, Chris Greene, AJ DeBenedictis, Zach Tehrani, Anthony DeMatteo, Mike 
Fanning, Colin Duffney, Dom Wooten, Tim Breen, James Waters, Jeremy Buckley, Nick Lyle. Second 
Row: Ted Greene, Brandon Wooten, Dan Van Leuvan, Christian Mclnnis, Josh Adams, Mike Fiore, Jon 
O'Leary, Sean Lahiff, Matt Geogan, Josh Himberg, Mike Lodigiani, Mark French, Andrew Maraget. Front 
Row: Mike Arnold, Bill Barrett, Chris Allen, Nick Scott, Cory Himberg, James Long, Cam Evans, Kevin 
Helm, Tom Finkenstaedt, Kendall Kellaway, Joe Burm, Nick Gacicia, Sean Good. 


1 1 

Back Row: Mikayla Pagnini, Vikki Pagnini, Laura Farinick, Emily Mullen. Second 
Row: Maeve Shea, Kayla Chatfield, Kaela Mahoney, Jayme Yen, Sarah Harding. 
Front Row: Jenn Ross, Jill Sarno, Michelle Buckler, Jackie Berg, Gabi Zanengo, Jess 

Led by captains Jackie Berg, 
Michelle Buckler, and Jillian 
Sarno, we had a great season 

competing in the Braintree 

High School competitions 
placing third, and the South 

Shore League tournament 
placing fifth. The girls 

worked hard preparing for 
competiions and pep rallies, 

attending gymnastics, and 
cheering on the varsity foot- 
ball team every Friday night. 
The dedication and integrity 

of these cheerleaders pro- 
duced yet another successful 
season for the Norwell Clip- 
pers Cheer team. 


Boys' Cross Country 

Back Row: Ryan Taverna, Tyler Price, Zach Cadman, Kevin 
Lawrence, Mike Day. Front Row: Jimmy Kelly, Todd Selby, 
Nick Genatossio, Wilton Childs. 

■'4 V '^^ 


Girls' Cross Country 

The girls cross country season 
ran their way to another 
League Championship and 
undefeated season. Captains 
Lauren Harrison and Gwynne 
Gallagher led a strong varsity 
team consistmg of mostly 
seniors, including Kristin Yen, 
Marissa Andrew and new- 
comer Carrie Reed. They were 
helped by promising freshmen 
Alexa Daniels and Morgan 
Gallagher. The team's future 
looks strong, should injuries 
not sideline talented runners 
Nicole Weiler and Brenda 
Halloran. The team garnered 
6 league all-stars and looks 
forward to another successful 
season next year. 

lack Row: Rachael Wolfson, Sarah Palmer, Emily Palmer, Heidi Gordon, Olivia Huie, Alexa 
)aniels, Lisa Powers. Third Row: Kelly Hudgins, Katie Dempsey, Katie Howard, Cassie 
acella, Melissa Riley, Grace Wallace, Caroline Barry, Shannon Mahoney, Kaitlyn Thompson, 
•econd Row: Liz DriscoU, Claire Murphy, Amanda Mentala, Kelly Mahoney, Nicole Wheeler, 
irenda Halloran, Morgan Gallagher, Elizabeth Hurley. First Row: Laura McPherson, 
laya Campbell-Martinez, Emily Campbell, Gwynne Gallagher, Lauren Harrison, Marissa 
utdrew, Kristin Yen, Kim Baranowski. 


Field Hockey 



Ski Team 

The Ski Team had an 
outstanding season as both 
teams came in first place in 
the AJ McEachern Division 

of the Ski-East League. 
Captains Joe Burm, Micky 
O'Brien, and Eric Schlager 
led the boys' team and 
captains Kara McGrath 
and Kelsey Rossini led 

the girls' team. Both 
teams competed at the 
MIAA Alpine Skiing State 
Championships. The team 
looks forward to another 
promising year with many 
strong skiers on the team. 

iack Row: Coach Grant, Mike Logue, Chris Geany, Nick Caira, Joe Burm, Eric 
u hlager, Eric Taverna, Micky O'Brien, Steve Doyle, Jon Aprea, Cole Hager, Coach 
schlager. Second Row: Rebecca Hathaway, Natalie Parys, Chris McGrath, Haley 
)cMarco, Meg Matarazzo, Kelsey Rossini, Kara McGrath, Emily Flynn, Justine Sul- 
\ \ an. Front Row: Alyssa Gunville, Michaela Nichols. 

The wrestling team has 
taken great strides over 

the past few years and this 
year was no exception. 
Led by senior captains 

Nick Gacicia, Kendall Kel- 

laway, and Sean Good, the 
team took third place in 
the league with a record 

of 3-2-1. Sean Good, Kevin 
Romero, and Ned Butler 
received the League All- 
Star title. Six wrestlers 
placed at the Sectionals 
Tournament, with a few 
going on to states. 


l lllllllllllllllllllllttt^- 'mm ill l ll llll l llll llll lH ^ 

Back Row: Sean Good, Ryan Taverna, Tobi Adebanjo, Brad Cunio, Mark French, Jimmy 
Cavanaro, Coach LucareUi. Third Row: Coach Sullivan, Jon O'Leary, Zach Thomas, James 
Waters, Jon Shontz, Mike Fanning, Christian Mclnnis, Liam Dennigan. Second Row: Matt 
Geogan, Garrett Murphy, Frank Cannone, Tyler Sheedy, Matt Lauria, Rob Kourafas, Tom 
Garvey, Evan Canata. Front Row: Manager Gabi Zanengo, Jon Gacicia, Nick Lyle, Nick 
Cunio, Kendall Keliaway, Nick Gacicia, Andrew Maraget, Kevin Romero, Ned Butler, Man- 
ager Lauren Harrison. 



The winter cheerlead- 
ing team, led by senior 
captains Jackie Berg and 
Michelle Buckler, enjoyed 
supporting the basketball 
team this season. Despite 
being composed of many 
new cheerleaders, the girls 
worked hard, building 
skills and preparing for 
a successful season next 

'ack Row: Chandler Anthony, Vivy Larason, Kathryn Malloy. Second Row: 
a via Toomey, Chappie Scheller, Jillian Naughton. Front Row: Amanda 
urley, Jenna Berg, Ms. Keating, Jackie Berg. Not Pictured: Michelle Buckler. 

Boys' Basketball 

Girls' Basketball 

This season the Lady 
Clippers had a fresh start 
with a new coach and an 
entirely new team. Led 
by three seniors, Michele 
Lewis, Rose O'Connell, 
and Sallie Hardy, the team 
played hard throughout 
the season, beating former 
number one seed Carver. 

They finished 9-11, not 
quite making the tourna- 
ment, but overcame the 
odds put against them. 

Back Row: Kelly Mahoney, Sallie Hardy, Michelle Devilly, Michele Lewis, Brianna 
Geary, Rose O'Connell, Kara O'Connell. Second Row: Taylor Aizenstadt, Kathleen 
Doyle, Marissa Schlueter, BB Murphy, Kate MacDonald, Brooke Alman. Front Row: 
Coach Marani, Coach DiTomaso. 


The Norwell Hockey 
Team had a very sucessful 
season this year, going 16- 
4-1. They went 12-0 in the 
league and won the South 
Shore League for the third 
season in a row. The team 
won some very big games, 
tying Division I State 
Champs Duxbury and 
beating Division II State 
Champs Hanover. The 
team was led by a good 
group of five seniors, but 
made a quick exit from the 
State Tournament against 


Back Row: Coach Hurley, John Finnigan, Josh Adams, Mikey Verocchi, Colin 
O'Shaughnessy, Cory Himberg, Dan Dempsey, Cody Cavicchi, Pat Johnston, Zach 
Smith, Tyler Tocchio, Ryan Brown, Mr. Paine, Coach Doyle. Second Row: Garrett 
Duffy, Drew Fitzmaurice, Owen Cox, Tony Ferzoco, Rob Bigger, Josh Himberg, Con 
nell Ainslie, Mike Driscoll, Christos Koutrobis, James McAteer. Front Row: Ryan 
Tierney, Clay Ferguson, Jeremy Buckley. 

Girls' Track 

The Lady Clippers had a 
great season led by four 
seniors, Jill Cammett, 
Kylie Smith, Gwynne Gal- 
lagher, and Jenna Gray. 
Although they had an 
extremely small team, they 
gave it their all every meet 

and ended up beating 
one of their biggest rivals, 

Quincy, by one point. It 
was a great season and the 
team is looking great for 
next year. 

Back Row: Rachel Wolfson, Rachel Hayes, Kylie Smith, Gwynne Gallagher, Carley 
McManus, Emily Palmer. Front Row: Jill Cammett, Katie Dempsey, Lily Cyr, Erin 
Callahan, Brittany Garrity, Jenna Gray, Morgan Gallagher. 

Boys' Track 

I Back Row: Shane Donlan, Pete Bailey, Ben McTigue, Trevor Brake, Nick Carton, 
Nathaniel Bates. Fourth Row: Colin Gunning, Doug Kauff, Charlie McKitrick, Colin 
Henry, Bryan Carton, Jason Connolly. Third Row: Trent Taylor, Matt Kwasnik, Chris 
Greene, Nick Daley, Matt Macheras. Second Row: Nick Cannone, Jim Stack, Zack 
Zanengo, Pat Kelly, Evan Newby, Ryan Paine. Front Row: Brian Thompson, Jack 
Wilson, Eric Scott, Pat Collins, Ted Greene, Adam Donoghue. 

The Norwell boys' track team 
had a phenomenal season with 
a deceiving 0-6 record in the 
tough Atlantic Coast League. 
Head turning performances 
by the Greene twins and the 
usual dominance by the speed 

demon Colin Henry. The 
4x400 team had a great season 

with its fast lineup of Brian 
Thompson, Ryan Paine, Brian 
Carton and Colin Henry. Led 
by the senior captains, Kevin 
Caldwell, Brian Thompson, 
Jimmy Dow, Ryan Paine, and 
Colin Henry the team sent 6 of 
its outstanding athletes to the 
State Championship in Boston. 

t I ' 


The swim team had an 
amazing season this year, 
qualifying 3 relay teams 
for sectionals and send- 
ing 2 relay teams and 2 
individual swimmers on 
to states. Captains Laura 
Napolitano and Kristin 
Yen led the girls' team to 
a 9-2 record, and captain 
Adam Baxter led the boys' 
team to a 7-4 record. With 
the majority of the team 
being underclassmen, the 
team can expect to con- 
tinue to grow immensely. 

Swim Team 

1 ill Ml 

Back Row: Megan Cavano, Marykate Hines, Grace Moore, Victoria Richardson, Jane Liffers, 
Bridget Lawson, Emily Mandigo, Kimberly Baranowski, Elizabeth Hurley, Lauren Con- 
naughton. Third Row: Federica Panariello, Julia Napolitano, Maya Campbell-Martinez, 
Nicole Harper, Rachel Carrillo, Laura Napolitano, Jess Moore. Second Row: Kristin Yen, 
Maggie Hynes, Shannon DeMatteo, Micaela Hines, Heidi Gordon, Adrienne O'Leary, Kristyn 
Howard, Clare Murphy, Kaleb Rogers. Front Row: Dan Caldwell, Corbin Foucart, Adam 
Baxter, Steve Herling, Mike McCarthy, Brandon Morrison, Shane Carey. 

Swim Team 

The swim team had an 
amazing season this year, 
qualifying 3 relay teams 
for sectionals and send- 
ing 2 relay teams and 2 
individual swimmers on 
to states. Captains Laura 
Napolitano and Kristin 
Yen led the girls' team to 
a 9-2 record, and captain 
Adam Baxter led the boys' 
team to a 7-4 record. With 
the majority of the team 
being underclassmen, the 
team can expect to con- 
tinue to grow immensely. 

Back Row: Megan Ca\ ano, Marykate Hines, Grace Moore, Victoria Richardson, Jane Liffei 
Bridget Lawson, Emily Mandigo, Kimberly Baranowski, Elizabeth Hurley, Lauren Con- 
naughton. Third Row: Federica Panariello, Julia Napolitano, Maya Campbell-Martinez, 
Nicole Harper, Rachel Carrillo, Laura Napolitano, Jess Moore. Second Row: Kristin Yen, 
Maggie Hynes, Shannon DeMatteo, Micaela Hines, Heidi Gordon, Adrienne O'Leary, KrisU 
Howard, Clare Murphy, Kaleb Rogers. Front Row: Dan Caldwell, Corbin Foucart, Adam 
Baxter, Steve Herling, Mike McCarthy, Brandon Morrison, Shane Carey. | 

Back Roiv: Todd Selby, Tyler Tamburo, Nick Caira, Stephanie McBain, Erica Vermette. Third Roiv: Jimmy Kelly, Gwynne Gal- 
lagher, Sarah Smith, Jon Aprea, David Siu, Rachel Stanton, Annie Bossa. Second Roiv: Ed Riccio, Caroline Chessia, Heidi Gordon, 
Stephanie Sousa, Nina Hrebenko. Front Row: Kay tie Kellaway, James Dow, Tristan Elliot, Amanda Mendonca. 

Back Roiv: Mr. Whelton, Kelsey Rossini, Amanda Metalha, Justine Sullivan, Ruth Diaz, Ms. Ward, Chappie Scheller, 
Front Row: Dom Palmariello, Jon Gacicia, Federica Panariello, Taylor Walker, Maya Campbell-Martinez. 

Back Row. Tracy Hill, Olivia Koon, Tyler Tamburo, Nick Caira, Jenny O'Brien. Second Row: Laura Napolitano, Erica Vermette, 
Nina Hrebenko, David Siu, Jimmy Kelly. Front Row: Kate MacDonald, Jessica Moore, Tristan Elliot, Stephanie Sousa, Annie Bossa, 

Rachel Stanton. 

Back Row: Nick Caira, Andrew Thomson, Evan Barger, Chris Cubellis, Ed Riccio, Peter Graney, Wes Linehan. Fourth Roiv: Myles 
Biakesee, Brett Bernard, David Afienko, Richie Smith, Corbin Foucart, Connor MacDonald, Shane Hager. Third Rozv: Melissa Riley, 
Jen Brunjes, Alexa Kourafas, Will Doolan, Kevin Caldwell, Cole Hager, Laura Napolitano. Second Row: Chris Geany, Doug Kauff, 
Matt Kwasnik, Stephen Herling, Trent Taylor, Alex Ray, Tim Dalferro, Jason Connolly. Front Roiv: Emma Ray, Lauren Connaugh- 
ton, Kelsey Wheeler, Bridget Lawson, Zach Cadman, Monica Hanley, Stephanie Sousa, Maria Tsekeris, Hope Goslin. 

IB(gSft IBlSKsldlScg! 

Back Row: Andrew Lawson, Pat Laffin, Sarah Kulik, Lola Adebanjo, Rebecca Hathaway. Third Row: Caroline Cronin 
Molly McDevitt, Sarah Smith, Allyson Fitzgibbons, Christina Cavanaro, Justine Sullivan. Second Roiv: Bridget Lawsoi 
Rachel Carrillo, Alex Psota, Nicole Harper, Olivia Bourque, Grace Moore. Frout Rozv: K.C. Lewis, Melissa Riley, 

Chappie Scheller, Meghan Fitzgibbons, Haley DeMarco, Ashley Donlan. i 

Marshall Haskins, Jeff Leary, Mr. Bradshaw, Micaela Hines. 


Back Roiv: Corbin Foucart, Chris Geany, Mike Steele, Charlie McKitrick. Second Row: Nathan Kingston, Todd Selby, 
Mr. Goniatis. Front Roiv: Mike Kelly, Brendan Cosgrove, Dodger Scheller, Dan Burke, Matt Macheras. 



Back Roiv: Tracy Hill, Emily Palmer, Laura Dargon, Laura McPherson, Alex Saunders. Fourth Row: Emily Campbell, Bridget Shea, 

Frica Knudsen, Nick Cunio, Mike Buckler. Third Rozv: Devin Lotterhand, Morgan Gallagher, Ashley Hanlon, Chappie Scheller, 
\m inda Mendonca, Caroline Cronin, Leigh Capello. Second Roiv: Lily Cyr, Kathryn Duggan, Haley Demarco, Corinne Perry, Shian- 
dra Cardosa, McKenzie Hagney. Front Row: Vyvy Larason, Jenna Berg, Kayla Toomey, Caroline Chessia. 

Back Roiv: Jenna Gray, Allyson Fitzgibbons, Laura Napolitano, Micaela Hines. Front Row: Sarah Eaves, Alex Saunders 
Ashley Donlan, Ms. Criss, Jess Moore, Julia Napolitano, Hannah Hayes. I 

Back Roiv: ]ayme Yen, Lily Cyr, Caroline Barry Cory Conley, Haley DeMarco. Front Row. McKenzie Hagney, Heathc 

Webb, Liz Duggan. 

IF(fi)t5iiiliii WnM IPllaiycgif 

Back Roiv: Molly McDevitt, Caroline Cronin, Andrew Devine, Mr. Lacey, Connor Kane. Second Row: Lee Benzaquin,)' 
Rachel Stanton, Annie Bossa, Nina Hrebenko, Nick Titelbaum. Front Row: Todd Selby, Quinn Sallee. 

Back Row: Chris Cubellis, Emily Flynn. Second Roiv: Justine Sullivan, Michelene Hearn, Sarah Kulik, Lola Adebanjc 
Front Row: Christina Cavanaro, Lizzie Bellavia, Amanda Mendonca, Mr. DiTomaso. 

Back Row: Alex Ray, Mike Kelly, Chelsea Constantino, Jackie Daniel, Mr. Goniatis. Second Roiv: Francesca Gratta, 
vcitie Tavares, Aly Price, Kaela Mahoney, Liz Clapp, Rachel Hayes. Front Row: Michelene Hearn, Lizzie Bellavia, Owen 

Cox, Nick Carton, Dodger Scheller, Jason Connolly. 

Back Roiv: Tyler Tamburo, Nick Caira, Jon Aprea, Kevin Lawrence, Nathan Kingston. Fifth Roiu: Ryan Byrnes, Ryan Mullen, Zacli Cadman, Mcgha 
Fitzgibbons, Tristan Elliot, Corbin Foucart, Shane Hager, Julia Napolitano. Fourth Row: Andrew Devine, Lee Benzaquin, Nick Titelbnum, Nina Hro 
benko, Rachel Stanton, Annie Bossa, Erin Callahan. Third Row: Kathleen Doyle, Emily Flynn, Ashley Donlan, Todd Selby, Molly McDevitt, Justine 
Sullivan, Christina Cavanaro, Jimmy Kelly. Second Row: Conor Kane, Trent Taylor, Matt Kwasnik, Dodger Scheiler, Owen Cox, Mr. Whelton. Frank 
Roiv: Stephen Herling, Rebecca Hathaway, Mike Steele, Keegan Allahyarian, Charlie McKitrick, Dereck Cyr, Gywnne Gallagher, Ms. Sharpe. | 

Back Roiv: Conor Kane, Ned Butler, Chelle Nadeau, Nick Caira, Gywnne Gallagher, Kelsey Steele, Molly McDevitt. Frotit Row: 
Chris Hines, Nathan Kingston, Mr. Souther, Corbin Foucart, Nick Titelbaum. 

Back Row: Mikayla Luciw, Tracy Hill, Nathan Kingston, Corbin Foucart, Patrick Hill, Alexi Martel. Second Roiv: Chandler Anthony, 
Dillon Fitzgerald, Hannah Sparks, Andrew Walsh, Jillian Skinner. Front Roiu: Ashley Holland, Taylor Walker, Chris Cataldo, 

Andrew Lawrence, Julianne Holland, Kristina Gilberti. 

Back Row: David Siu, Stephanie McBain, Heather Conway, Erica Vermette, Kelsey Steele. Second Row: Gywnne Gallagher, Sarah 
Smith, Alyson Fitzgibbons, Matt Gunville, Andrew Ewing. Front Row: Micky O'Brien, Pat Laffin, Jimmy Kelly, Jon Aprea, 

Cole Hager. 

Back Roiv: Chase Marr, Nick Cannone, Kevin Cyr, Boyce Leavitt, David Dawson, David Haber-Mattie. Front Roiv: ]o\ 

Shontz, John Saunders, Ms. Noiseux, Shane Carey, Christian Cunnif. 


Back Row: Christina Cavanaro, Micky O'Brien, Pat Laffin, Kelsey Steele, Erica Vermette, Lee Benzaquin, Shannon DeMatteo. Third 
Roiv: Justine Sullivan, jon Aprea, Sarah Smith, Allyson Fitzgibbons, Leigh Cappello, Brianna Geary, Kevin Cyr. Second Roiu: Tim 
Dalferro, Nicole Weiler, Kelsey Rossini, Michelene Hearn, Katie Tavares, Aly Price, Molly McDevitt. Front Row: Heather Webb, 

Brenda Halloran, Mike Kelly, Owen Cox, Nick Carton, Lizzie Bellavia. 

Hack Row: Ewin Barger, Chris Cubellis, I'eter Grant-y. Fourth Row: Andrew Tln)mson, Da\ id Afienko, Richie Smith, Ciirbin Foiicart, Connor Mac- 
Donald, Shane Hager Third Row: Jen Briinjes, Alexa Kourafas, Will Doolan, Ke\ in Caldwell, Cole Hager, Laura Napolitano. Second Row: Melissa 
I'iiley, Chris C.eany, Dong Kaiiff, Stephen Herling, Alex Ray, Tim Dalferro, Jason Connolly. Front Row: Lauren Connaiighton, Kelsey Wheeler, Bridget 
Lawson, Zachary Cadman, Monica Hanley, Stephanie Sousa, Maria Tsekeris, Hope Goslin. 

Back Roiv: Chris Delugan, David Haber-Mattie, Zachi Thomas, Andrew Lunn, Matt Gunvilie, Ryan Mullen, David Afienko, Andrew 
Ewing, John Ward, David Dawson. Third Row; Justin Weintraub, C.J. Whitcher, Matt Argiro, Ryan Byrnes, Alex Henning, Pat- 
rick Byrnes. Second Row: Tim Malley, Heather Conway, Chelle Nadeau, Sephie Merritt, Charlie Raymond, Monica Hanley, Maria 
Tsekeris, Chris Hines. Front Roiv: Mike Arnold, Kathryn Duggan, Cory Conley, Hillary Kitchen, K.C. Lewis, Kris Mcintosh. . 

Back Roiv: Todd Selby, Joe Mazzeo, Brad Prouty, Mike Steele, Matt Dromeshauser. Third Row: Derek Cyr, Laura Napolitano, Julial 
Napolitano, Kaytie Kellaway, Tyler Tamburo. Second Row: Charlie McKitrick, Chris Geany, Dan Burke, Adam Baxter, Dave Murrnx 
Front Row: Brendan Cosgrove, Marshall Haskins, Melissa Hearns, Matt Kwasnik. 

iack Row: Heather Conway, David Siu, Matt Gunville. Third Row: Melissa Riley, Alyssa Gunville, Liz Dwyer, Emily Davies. Second 
Row: Marykate Hines, Julia DiMartinis, Ashley Donlan, Rebecca Hathaway, Kathleen Doyle, Erin Callahan. Front Row: Nicole 
Weiler, Kelsey Rossini, Tim Dalferro, Brenda Halloran, Nick Carton, Lizzie Bellavia. 

Julie Arria, Kelsey Steele, Sarah Smith, Jimmy Kelly. 

Back Row: Michael Kelly, David Siu, Nick Russo. Front Roiv: Elizabeth Bellavia, Tim Dalferro, Gywnne Gallagher, 

Jimmy Kelly. 

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i I 

1 1 1 1 1 Ui^t 1 1 1 LLJtl 

Back Roiv: Keegan AUahyarian, Mike Steele. Front Rozv: Kelsey Steele, Micky O'Brien, Pat Laffin, Jimmy Dow. 

Julia Napolitano (Vice President), Kathleen Doyle (Secretary), Kara O'Connell (President), Ashley Donlan 

(Historian), Rebecca Hathaway (Treasnrer). 

David Siu (Historian), Kevin Helm (Secretan/), Chelle Nadeau (Treasurer), Chris Cataldo (President), 

Kendall Kellaway (Vice President). 


Congratulations to the 
Class of 2008! 

May your community service follow you into 
the next phase of your life! 

Colors f OF tke ca rrse 

Sf. Helen Pan ^^fp 

faPher Ma^iiire, PmP&r 



Congratulation s ! 


Shannon DeMatteo, Federica Panariello, Maya Campbell-Martinez, Mike McCarthy, 

Laura Napolitano, Micaela Hines, Kristin Yen and Jess Moore 

Thank you Coach Fox and Coach Schad! 
The NHS Swim Team, Founded 2004 


New England CuRTAiNa?' 

1^^^ ^^^^^ ^^H^^tf A ^^^^^^^^ M . I iriM^^ i» ^^^^M fci i-^a 


wiD io-». i>ams,Fiu.sAt io->. sum ij s 

Class of 2008! 


ClfOIT umoN 

Crescent Credit Union 
Congratulates Norwell High 
School's Kelsey Steele, 
and the Class of 2008. 

Drop in and visit our Norwell Branch 
Manager, Joanne DeFeo, and her staff for 
all your banking needs. 

Located in Norwell 
85 Pond Street, Route 228 

Congratulations Sean 
And Class of 2008 

May you olways 
Find fun and adventurel 

Good Brothers 


781 .331 ,6300 / 781 ,337 8358 FAX / 800.734.3034 

JACCaur Cave and Best wisfies, 
VcuC Mam, laura, Qerry, Zack amfJAnnie 

Norwell Fire flghters 

^ Local 2700 
P.O. Box 472 Norwell, Massachusetts 02061 


Class of 20(18 

Congratulations on all 

of your 

accomplishments ! 

Best of luck m your 
future endeavors. 


Congratulations girls! 
Best wishes to the class of 2008! 



Class of 2008 

th^r(\\i^x%\\\^ avoffable fo f/iose who live or 
work in Norfolk and Plymouth Couniies, 
Dorchesfer, and any fan)ily member. 


'Credit Union 

100 Quincy Ave. • Quincy, MA 02169 
617.479.5558 • www.qcu.org 


////, Katherine, Julie, Lizzy, and Marie 
from all of your friends 



124 Washington Street (Route 53) 
NonveU, MA 02061 
Tel: 781-878-7850 - Fax: 781-878-7853 

Open for Lunch, Dinner & Take-Out 7 Days a Week, 
We also offer full service catering for everything "From Barbeque to Black Tie. '* 

Good Luck Next Year! 



Class of 2008 

Wzf/z thanks and appreciation 
to Norwell High School 

Kate, Lindsay, James and Thomas Finkens 

Congratulations to our 
2008 Parker Street grads! 




m& this life becomes all that you want it to. 
Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small, 
Yo u^^ ^m need to carry more than you can hold, 
■/iMBB^ /'/ g you're out there getting where you re getting to, 
^^^^^^Sknow somebody loves you, and wants the same things too 

My Wish Lyrics - Rascal Flatts 



We love you Robby. You make us proud! 


Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Kathryn 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 
Kendall, David and the Class of 2008 

Class of 2008! 

Best Wishes 
and Good Luck! 

The Morwell Police 

Congratulations To 
Our Graduating Seniors 

Susan Bitetti 
Amelia Cimini 
Shannon DeMatteo 
James Dow 
Nicholas Fiore 
Mark French 

Katherine Halowack 
Alicia Kent 
Ryan Lind 
James Long 
Cassandra Maynard 
Michael McCarthy 
Jason McGuire 

Aliza Ritsko 
Jennifer Ross 
Zachary Smith 
Matthew Sullivan 
Brian Thompson 
Kristin Yen 

The Church Hillers